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  1. Has anyone had any issues with the quality of this new top yet? I bought it for my son, he wore it Friday and Sunday and there are already three bobbles on the back of it. I’d noticed this with last seasons black away top too. Bobbles like hell in the wash, even when washed inside out etc
  2. The well, the well, the well, the well tommys the king of Motherwell best well Xmas Carol for me…. Tommy coyne’ “The(Noel Noel)King of Motherwell”
  3. I’ve got three tickets for the Annan game I’ve been charged for and I can’t attend if anyone is interested? Club are pretty slow the now to react to emails and calls and the form for a refund didn’t work for me? Rather just punt them to someone if they are interested than wait on a refund? Still to check bank but was overcharged for QOS game so I’m assuming this’ll be the same. 3 adults. Edit: I’ve tried a different link I was emailed today and it seems to have worked to apply for a refund. The one I got last week didn’t work.
  4. Wallace_MFC


    Right that’s a bit knee jerk. Much more to the Well performance than that. 3-0 down at home two weeks in a row to a team we could/ should be beating. Performance is pathetic. In an era where we are (you and me) working hard to even be able to go to work (and or keep a job through furlough) we are being subjected to this utter mince. Really really poor. I want it to work for Alexander. But. We are in deep trouble.
  5. Wallace_MFC


    Get Alexander tae fuck
  6. It’s torture days gone by a good booing at half time would sort it out
  7. Just curious, and might be wrong but am I right in the thinking part of the deal for buying a season ticket for this year was that we’d get the amount of games we couldn’t attend discounted off next season? maybe got the wrong end of the stick.
  8. Mfc tv canny handle an instant replay. This is a shite service
  9. Sure it’s jock brown and Lewis irons. fed up wit the streams already, hope we can get back to being there sooner rather than later.....
  10. My stream has crashed. Missed the well goal. Got it working again in time for the equaliser.
  11. Only just logged on and the stream is mental already. Gonna be a long night. Heard someone say “good eveniiii” then the sound was gone haha.
  12. Had a good stream until half time. I thought it’d be useful to email the support regarding watching in silence. Got an email back advising to refresh as that’d sort problem. Totally fucked up my stream. Got commentary and picture began to lag, as did the commentary. Eventually sorted with a few more sign ins and by turning volume down. Hope we can improve this like as it’s a great facility if it works! I hope we got a good uptake of away team sign ins too for the kitty, come in mfc! Get this right!
  13. I was logged on from 5.30 for the 6pm ko. Never got any further than the game will start just before 6pm then that changed to 8pm screen. Really hope this improves for the season starting.
  14. Goram paul harvey lee mcculloch keith lasley douglas Ramsay I think don goodman also maybe Kevin twaddle martin wood also maybe hammell and stephen McMillan
  15. Bringing a striker on in extra time who doesn’t take a penalty is pish

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