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    £50 a head, sit where you like. (cheaper if you are a season ticket holder) Corporate meeting room style chairs so you can move yours about as you please. Free programme/ team sheet. buffet style food at half time: pies chicken pakora cakes chocolates etc you might get into bar at HT for a pint
  2. I'd love us to explore getting Gboly Ariyibi back
  3. We need a forward to ensure we have a shot of a European tour. I'd love a tour again. Give me a tour. Gime a Toure!
  4. http://analyticsblog.blinkfire.com/blog/2019/10/09/motherwell-fc-case-study/ Interview with Grant Russell and analysis on fan engagement. Might be of interest to some. *edited to include hyperlink*
  5. 3 years on and what a player he's developed into. Great play and amazing composure even then. Looking forward to seeing him progress over the next 3 years.
  6. David "The matador" Turnbull put in a shift but the real star of the show was the fantastic Spaniard Alejandro Rodriguez Gorrin
  7. The 'keeper McKeown from Grimsby has knocked back our approach. Josh Payne (Crawley) 27 is another potential target. Josh is a tall midfielder who started off his career with West Ham.
  8. I called up earlier to buy my ticket. Was told that all upper tier tickets had now sold out.
  9. James McKeown (Grisby) lined up to replace outgoing Carson
  10. It's £1000 for an unsuccessful appeal. That figure was mention when Scott McDonald was sent off at Fir Park against Rangers last year. I'd stick in 20 quid if an online fund collection to contribute to the cost was available.
  11. Who was our number 3 today? He looked decent and put in an excellent ball for the 2nd goal.
  12. When I was listening last night I noticed there was an expandable 'more' drop down which listed 19 previous commentaries. Don't see them now however maybe you need to be logged in to get access to them. You should be able to find them one way or another.
  13. Done. Was painless and the questions are clear. The club have already got an idea of what direction they want to go in and are just looking to validate that. Anything that gets someone like me who gets to 3 or 4 games a season turn up more has my vote.
  14. You can't fault the guys passion and bias to the team, but unless you're an Old Firm fan - you just want to hear a fair representation of how the game is going.

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