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  1. I read we signed Slattery on a 2 year, 10 month deal for a fee of £220k. It was a English Twitter account that posted the details. If true, that 3 million pound interest free loan from the Scottish government is getting battered like a student who's just been approved an overdraft!
  2. Liam Kelly - 7 Stephen O'Donnell - 8 Jake Carroll - 7 Bevis Mugabi - 8 Declan Gallagher - 6 Robbie Crawford - 6 Christopher Long - 6 Barry Maguire -7 Tony Watt - 9 Allan Campbell -6 Devante Cole - 7
  3. If we appear the Polworth red card does that as a consiquence free him up to play the Ross County match? I'm assuming the hearing won't take place before our match in Dingwall.
  4. I've found that Motherwell tend to do most big announcements on Twitter around 7 or 7:30pm. Was just an (incorrect) educated guess, nothing more!
  5. I like the look and balance to this team!
  6. Kipre might be available for loan in January.... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/west-brom-transfer-news-bilic-19347195 I know, I know dream on. But you also said that when I said O'Donnell to come in at right back...
  7. Any further update on Carroll and the others?
  8. What is the latest on Dunne, McGinley & Carroll? I Think Carroll was intially expected to be out for 5 months after having surgery. McGinley was much less maybe 4 weeks. No idea about Dunne, maybe closer to Christmas? Anyone got any idea? I think having Carroll back fit would give a good balance to the team.
  9. Any truth in Declan Gallagher to also set for Parkhead? Seen a few mention it on on Twitter. Surely not? ....
  10. Clubs are circling Kipre at the moment with West Ham and Fenerbahce both showing signs of interest. Could be a big few weeks (financially) for us with a potential £200k win bonus if we progress against Glentoran and maybe more from the sell on clause we have with big Cedric. If James Scott also moves on (with his sell on clause) and we pocket 3 million plus for Turnbull - it opens up the question about relocation from Fir Park. Its been on the agenda for 20 years now, would this injection of serious cash become the catalyst to give it some traction? Interested in all views both pro and con!
  11. Bringing in Stephen O'Donnell at right back would solve alot of issues which were highlighted last night. Would opt for him over another attacking midfielder right now.

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