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  1. What are the rules around the Motherwell B team? Could Hammell play some of the first choice team in tonights game with East Kilbride in the SPFL Trust Trophy? Would be interesting if that is an option and if so, one that we would consider.
  2. Has there been any updates on injured players? Not seen anything on Ojala or McGinley so I'm assuming they're both injured...
  3. You would prob need to factor in around an extra £250k for finishing 4th (over 5th) as you'll get the European prize money for the earlier qualifying round. So I'd reckon best part of 500k of a difference all things considered between 6th and 4th. 4th Position £1.81 million 5th Position £1.68 million 6th Position £1.56 million
  4. Burrows said at the time: "We have reached a compromise that is both fair in the short-term but also allows Motherwell the potential to share in future success, should Allan’s career continue in the same upward trajectory." Some sort of sell on clause you'd imagine. Interestingly, Luton Town have a policy of not announcing the length of contract for each of their new signings so unclear when his current deal runs out.
  5. His direct running and the quick change of direction gives off Ojamma vibes also. Looking forward to seeing more of the big chap. Sportscene all but confirming his goal should has stood.
  6. £12 on the Motherwell PPV site.
  7. He also knocked back signing a young Ole Gunnar Solskjær!
  8. I read we signed Slattery on a 2 year, 10 month deal for a fee of £220k. It was a English Twitter account that posted the details. If true, that 3 million pound interest free loan from the Scottish government is getting battered like a student who's just been approved an overdraft!
  9. Liam Kelly - 7 Stephen O'Donnell - 8 Jake Carroll - 7 Bevis Mugabi - 8 Declan Gallagher - 6 Robbie Crawford - 6 Christopher Long - 6 Barry Maguire -7 Tony Watt - 9 Allan Campbell -6 Devante Cole - 7
  10. If we appear the Polworth red card does that as a consiquence free him up to play the Ross County match? I'm assuming the hearing won't take place before our match in Dingwall.
  11. I've found that Motherwell tend to do most big announcements on Twitter around 7 or 7:30pm. Was just an (incorrect) educated guess, nothing more!
  12. I like the look and balance to this team!
  13. Kipre might be available for loan in January.... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/west-brom-transfer-news-bilic-19347195 I know, I know dream on. But you also said that when I said O'Donnell to come in at right back...

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