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  1. For what it's worth, I think the recruitment strategy of signing League 2 / non league English players has served us well. Also, I believe that the squad of players we have is good. The issue that we have is that the football players are having their creativity ripped out of them. Case in point is Bigi; it's widely accepted he can't defend, so play him just off the striker in a 4-2-3-1 or don't play him at all. Also see Tait playing at left wing back when he is suited to right back in a back four. Same with Cadden being out of position, and I could go on and on about other players and I'm sure you get the point. We continually shoe horn players into a position that either doesn't suit them or play a system that players clearly don't like. I certainly can't understand why we play 5 midfielders and then launch the ball 30' over their heads. So the challenges we have is poor tactics and player selection in my opinion. That's Robbo and his team I'm afraid. He must accept that it's not working and change it. All the blah blah about "free stuff" is meaningless if poor Curtis Main can't control a ball that has, quite frankly, been fired out of a cannon at his face. He gets flak, but I'm not sure what people except him to do when that's what he's being asked to do. It's embarrassing. In the 35 years that I've had a season ticket, today is the first time I've felt that it's not worth wasting my time on a Saturday afternoon watching that. It's soul destroyingly unenjoyable. I fear that Killie will give us a lesson on Boxing Day and Hamilton will boss us next week. If that's the case, I fear for us this season and beyond.
  2. Just back. Could easily have been 6 or 7. Clear to me that the players aren't playing for the manager.
  3. Does this mean that footballers don't get injured on grass anymore?
  4. Hope someone can help. I'm thinking about going for the Centenary Suite season ticket this season. Just wondering what you actually get for the extra cost? Seems like a lot of money just to sit in a different bar? Also, does the free season ticket for kids still apply? Ta in advance.
  5. Mark McGhee's days were numbered as soon as Robinson returned to the club. And, FWIW, I thought we were too keen to sack him.
  6. If we stay up or get relegated, the maximum we'll get for any of these three players is £250k.
  7. Hammell was injured and played through it for 20 minutes.
  8. I no longer blame Samson. Two successive managers keep on picking him. It's their fault he's on the pitch, not his.
  9. Muzz

    The Well Society

    If a platform like Steelmenonline - a dedicated site ran by Well fans for Well fans - isn't the appropriate place to plug the Well Society, then I'm not sure where is.
  10. Good luck to Robbo, by fuck he'll need it with some of those players and our club structure. Looking forward to all those stay away fans coming back on Saturday. The club statement confirms that we are ran by committee; a board governed by an exec board and the well society. It appears we've turned the clock back 40 years, which is quite an achievement. For all that CMWellfan can be a bit of a dick, he's right about the structure and those in charge. Amateurish would be an improvement.
  11. Muzz

    Mcghee Out?

    McGhee is not to blame. Our club is ran by amateurs.
  12. Floodlights and hardboard were acceptable. If you had a scoreboard you were a dick.
  13. Muzz

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    I'm jealous of taxi drivers and all they have achieved... Has anyone else joined the dots yet?
  14. A group of us are thinking about upgrading to the Centenary Suite, however it is not mentioned. Anyone on here able to shed any light on what the cost is?
  15. The answer to this question is yes; he has a charge over the land at Fir Park. Whilst this might alarm a lot of people, so did John Boyle....

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