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  1. Going by only gut feeling i am very optimistic about this season. Just has me right excited, the club is pulling together, making the right noises in terms of getting players tied down on longer contracts so we dont have a squad of boys here that only have a few months left (see last season) on their contracts not giving a fuck about our future. There is obviously a lot more signings coming in due course, i would love to see Skippy back here as he is the standard for any team to look up too in terms of work rate & being a model pro. Im predicting top 6 with a good cup run. Plus those strips are too sexy not to have a good season, absolutely top drawer.
  2. Love to see Faddy on the coaching side but still registered as a player. Think he would be a great role model for Dom Thomas, Craig Moore etc. Show the young boys how to develop & keep their feet on the ground.
  3. domeski7

    Mfc Podcast

    This was the perfect wee easy listening i needed to wind down my weekend last night. He is 1 of my all time favourite players. Brilliant stuff boys, keep it up.
  4. This frees a big wage for a decent replacement. Would love Higdon to come back but dont think he will be what we are looking for. Needs to be a proven goalscorer at a decent level. Now its gonna get exciting seeing the names we are linked with. Clarkson can do one though, not interested. Where did this former player coming back rumour surface from by the way?
  5. Heres one to throw the cat amongst the pigeons... Probably no chance of it happening BUT if Haris Vuckic was up for loan again next season and Newcastle wanted him at a higher level than Championship, would we take him?? I for one would have him in our squad, jsut imagine how that would go down at Ibrox....
  6. In all fairness im not that desperate to know and also this whole approach seems a bit rapey to me.
  7. Brilliant gesture bois. Keep up the good work.
  8. Mark Brown no thanks, Stevie Saunders no thanks. I think if we were to go down then we need to look at the model Hearts went with this season. Get the young boys through, let them express themselves with no fear, Craig Moore, Dom Thomas, Jack Leitch, Luke Watt. Get them all in the first team & make sure there is the right pro's around them in the squad to help them along likes of Pearson, Sutton, a new experienced centre half & commanding goalkeeper. With the right mix we could win that league convincingly next year.
  9. Both those teams last night showed enough to pump us silly on our recent performances. I am very worried but still hopeful. I will be at Easter Road or Ibrox next Thursday regardless. However as 'bad' as Rangers/Hibs are right now, they are still a lot better than Motherwell at the moment. Very sad but true. Tactics in the first leg for us need to be spot on & safe. Would hate to think we would be out of the tie before we get them back at Fir Park.
  10. Not much on the build up to this important game tonight, im assuming people think its a foregone conclusion? P.S is Hammell fit?
  11. Full off optimism i see. Lol Either or, i reckon a move down nearer his family would be his preferred option if he had the choice.
  12. Would we take Paul Quinn back at Fir Park next year? hes out of contract and would be good to tutor Watt for a season. Thoughts?
  13. You are clearly really thick or on the wind up. Cant quite work it out yet.
  14. Agree i cant get my head around folk are debating whats worse which is side tracking the topic of wee fanny that shouted it in the first place. No place for it in any support let alone ours. Just wait til the media jump all over this story now...

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