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  1. wee jo

    Link To The Game

    Another site that might show it is hesgoal
  2. wee jo

    Your Favourite Goal

    Maybe not the best goal, but celebration wise, has to be Mio at Easter Road.
  3. wee jo

    How Did They Ever Wear The Jersey?

    Was there no an ex player that said Kinnaird had to do a runner and jump the wall into knowetop avenue to escape someone
  4. wee jo

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    No he isn't a former player,but,Craig Moore has had no reactions to his concussion for 2 or 3 weeks,and should be back in full training in a week or two, according to Ian MCall.
  5. As you say night and day from wednesday, is it because there no looking to play the ball to lasley all the time,could be difficult for him to get back in.
  6. wee jo

    The Well Society

    You say we will make it back in pie sales alone, is that not tendered out or is it motherwell's, if tendered out surely it will only extra money for the company with the contract, who have probably paid money upfront to win the this contract.
  7. wee jo

    Mfc Podcast Bookazine - Please Read

    Copy arrived today in deepest Ayrshire, 1st scan through looks really good, well done to everyone involved, hope you smash the target.
  8. wee jo

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    Moore isn't getting a game for Ayr as he is suffering from concussion, got it playing against st mirren in the betfred cup
  9. wee jo

    Fir Park Pitch Criticised On Bbc Website

    Just meaning if there is a canal running past it higher than the ground, of course there will be a problem with water draining away, because the park is below local water level, not that canal is leaking.
  10. wee jo

    Fir Park Pitch Criticised On Bbc Website

    Thistle ground is below the level off the canal, so doesn't take rocket science to know they will have problems with water.
  11. wee jo

    The Stewarding/policing Thread

    Will only do 2 1/2 months, or could end up doing only 4 weeks if he gets hdc, but it's the jail at Colchester he'll be more worried about.
  12. wee jo

    The Stewarding/policing Thread

    what's he going to appeal, the conviction or the length of sentence? Cause by all accounts looks like the conviction is correct, but length of sentence could be increased if he loses.
  13. wee jo

    Two John Gahagan Articles

    Scored the equaliser that night, rebound from a Maxwell parry
  14. wee jo

    Mfc Podcast

    As yabba says, give the guy a break, appeared in front of his peers was found guilty,done his time, hopefully now has been put in touch with any help he needs, and can move his life forward, without anybody dragging up old news, we all make errors of judgement.

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