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  1. OD wasn't the problem it was down to the fact that there was no central midfield dictating any play or at least willing to grab the game by the scruff of the neck
  2. I would take the boy Armstrong from raith, he would bring a bit of pace and desire.
  3. Pure pish. No midfield and no heart. Second to every ball. Long gets his ambition mixed up with his capability. No pass marks for any of our players. The ref was pish too
  4. I would play 4 in midfield with OD in there on the right with the hope of increasing the supply to the front men
  5. We need to play this game and every other game after, like its a cup final. We need to change the formation too potentially 442 with the midfield 4 in a diamond this should at least allow us to get control of the middle of the park. If we don't do these things then we will be circling the plug hole
  6. Our on loan keeper was more of a captain today, always shouting but other than that we have no leaders unless.........Seedorf
  7. We aren't that bad maybe some poor decision making from us but the ref ended that game of football with some poor calls. I reckon the ref may need to to the lower divisions to re-learn his trade

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