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  1. They are mince or dug meat. We need a LB that is capable of defending and none of this modern LB pish. Our midfield and attackers should be the threat. Defenders are there to defend let's keep to basics before we turn OD into cafu, cause he clearly isn't
  2. I wouldn't mind an away kit like this
  3. Ojala doesn't seem good enough and looked very unfit. Big Nathan is too weak defensively and I'm not a Roberts fan I think he was on the pitch too long for me. We showed great spirit but the ref kills the game from the off, I felt Roberts was more of a red than the Ugandan Prince.
  4. We need to play 442 to stop the rot with donnelly nowhere near the starting line up
  5. Can't score, Can't tackle and Can't pass this is awful. Kiss top six and any little cup run goodbye
  6. I agree with your Tierney point and I reckon he will continue to get better. With regards to pressing well I don't, we pressed the ball with sometimes 2-3 players and not one broke the play up and on rare occasions that we did we lost it immediately. So yes we pressed but not well and more often than not the hearts player skipped away with relative ease. Sol has the attributes to be decent but often makes poor decisions maybe the manager being a former defender should have a word with him
  7. That my well be true in terms of performance but still not good enough to maintain a top six finish or even a top eight finish
  8. Waiting on the excuses from GA after this one and the we weren't good enough chat should be shelved with him holding his hands up to say his tactics and personnel choices were wrong. I like GA but he needs to offer something more that "we are building" nonsense. Long term plans are great but so are short term plans/results
  9. Really poor second half the midfield disappeared went back to punts(hopeful) up the park with nothing to show for it again. We became even more spineless when going for the ball. KVV and Roberts need to be benched for a bit. A formation change is also needed with a diamond in midfield to allow for greater support in attack as well as defending. GA needs to have a long hard look at his tactics as well as install belief in trying to fight and win football games. Previous stats/results count for nothing. This shower were not good enough again
  10. We need to run at them in and around their 18 yard box get woolery on (I'm not his biggest fan but he may draw a few fouls)
  11. I'd swap Roberts for woolery. Roberts hasn't done much much like KVV but at least KVV is more of a goal threat. Maybe get the new defender/striker up there he couldn't do any worse. At least the midfield looks a bit better. Defensively we still look a little fragile under pressure
  12. So.........what about this Ross County game.
  13. OD wasn't the problem it was down to the fact that there was no central midfield dictating any play or at least willing to grab the game by the scruff of the neck

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