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  1. Clearly someone trying to get some of my lime light. I am sure admin can check IP address’s to prove I am in no way linked with decorator. I think its pretty clear how much I love the Well, This guy is just fishing IMO
  2. its not quite as bad as your profile pic though
  3. I did mate, my doctor said "All is Well"
  4. I will try to calm the emotions then. But when a club means so much its very hard to calm down. When we lose i am still is a bad mood 3 days later, then i get hyped up about the next match. Its like a vicious cirle. But i wouldnt change it, i have claret veins and amber blood Weeelllll welll weeeelllll
  5. Well Done Digster. You have sussed me out. Its pretty pathetic that you cant handle a perfectly valid opinion. Its clear to see you dont have the same deep emotions over Weeeeelll that i do
  6. My love for The Well is more than i can describe. Crying in public over the club you love, care for and spend a fortune on isnt a crime
  7. Diggy, Why cant you handle honest opinions of the Well??? Have you ever cried over the team into your pint?? Or are you a fairweather fan who can take it or leave it. WELL IS LIFE Weeeeeellll, weeellllll weeeellllll
  8. Jamo?? Why a ban?? Because i put my thoughts on our great club out in the open?? I have bottled it all up before and ended up crying into my pint in Daniels
  9. It seems i cant put my points accross??
  10. Accies??? Thats truly foolish Steve Dongle, Diggle.
  11. You have lost me?? Because i have Well at heart some people seem to hate me, i get the feeling alot of imposters use this forum to stir things up. Weeeell wellllll weeeeelllll
  12. They mean so much to me Jamo, i just want us to be the best. I know deep down it will never happen, but i want us to be the best outwith the old firm. We have the fan base, we have a decent stadium, lets keep it maintained, is that too much to ask?? I also agree about the pitch comment.
  13. What would it be 1 - The pitch 2 - The cleanliness of the stadium 3 - The Singing from fans 4 - The squad depth For me it has to be the cleanliness, its sinple little things, but they can go a long way to improving our all round image. Away fans must come and laugh at certain things. I have written a letter off to the club over this, so i will see if i get a reply. Weeeeelll Wellll Weeeeeellll

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