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  1. For pure ineptness, got to be Alex Jones. He was woeful. The worst signing in terms of cost, got to be the Eddie May deal for me. That was a stinker.
  2. What's this about?? http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ell/9296174.stm I agree with the point, but what the fuck has Paul Elliot got to do with anything??
  3. Away, he's a halfwit, keep him well away from FP, he's the last kind of manager we should be looking at.
  4. Gow is rank rotten, even the Falkirk fans thought so. Made a name for himself with about 10 good games with Stokes in the team.
  5. Got to love the JOB debate, there's no middle ground. My take on him is that he has a ton of skill, and is an incredibly hard worker. However, his footballing brain is severely lacking and far too often for us he was completely ineffectual. He probably will be missed a little, but he'll also be easily replaced. If he was as good as some folk on here think, how come bigger clubs weren't banging down our door for him? I don't harbour any bad feeling for the guy, hope he does well doon south.
  6. This may be the funniest post I've read on this forum. Tell us another.
  7. Sounds more like he'll let you run past him, then cynically hack you down from behind.
  8. I'd be keeping Craigan for sure. The rest, Lasley, McGarry etc, can all go asap, they're no any better than the guys playing week in week out the now and they don't appear to offer us anything useful.
  9. Yeah I mind that too, total fucking disgrace that game got cancelled. The Brian Welsh cup game and the Van Hooijdonk (or whatever his name was) injury time winner at parkhead are probably my two most painful ones.
  10. Cracking shout on Roddy Grant, I couldny stick him!
  11. This is the most ridiculous topic ever! We have the worst fans in the country, at home especially.
  12. swordfish


    Awful penalty. Thought Hammell would have taken it. JOB played well apart from that though, hope he doesn't dwell on it.
  13. Honestly, I'd fucking love it if McGhee sued one of the dafties admitting to it on here, they deserve all they get.
  14. For something you say isn't a big deal, it's provided plenty of debate. So I reckon yer wrong.
  15. Naw it isny mate, it's no funny, it's no clever!! The other chants today, now they are funny, fat tony mowbray etc, actually made me laugh when I read about them. This one is just moronic and vile.
  16. Great post. It's totally unacceptable to take part in that sort of abuse. Some folk are moronic beyond belief and the attempts to justify the behaviour is laughable. For a member of this board to defend it is sickening. Fuck off to a club that deserves you, ye don't belong here, complete and utter scumbags.
  17. No way I'd take my kids to Fir Park after the chants of our "fans" today. Scum.
  18. Although clicking that link does take you to a page with pictures of Chic Young and Murder MacLeod. Apologies for any distress caused.
  19. Whats difficult about it? Just go to www.bbc.co.uk/sportsound

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