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  1. So, no Motherwell links then?
  2. I was lucky enough to catch a Roma game whilst over there a couple of weeks ago so have taken an interest in their results since. Apart from their excellent taste in strips and colour, is there an other connection to Motherwell FC because I noticed Andy capp on a flag the other night on the telly (if this is common knowledge, I'll get me coat)
  3. not surprised, they let off about 3 flares before leven st
  4. Just finished my dinner and heading for the lecky, excited is an understatement
  5. Good point, SFA fine you for not managing your finances, yet UEFA put you in a loss making situation
  6. TrouserTent

    Fan Display

    I'm going to the cooper stand with my boys but will be leckie bound first. Will any flags be on sale there or prior somewhere else or do I have to go to the club shop? Happy to contribute to the displays instead if I can.
  7. I like the way this is going, there's clearly a lot of people wanting to up the noise in the Cooper, maybe we just need to put our heads together and get it going. I reckon the chances of getting the east stand boys to move are slim but am there to be proved wrong. I wish it was the start of the season already
  8. Try this link, canny get the embedded fangled thingy
  9. Big Bois vs Mini-Bois I never saw the second half, this was class (First file upload post, hope it's ok) Dammit, think the files too big 2nd go, via youtube . . . http://www.youtube.com/embed/NsWaO6Afnp4
  10. Think we might need an alternative Bob McHugh song
  11. Or we start a singing section in the Cooper?
  12. I'm in the convert category, mainly because of my kids and I'm loving it more than them, fully converted and hoping I can juggle the finances to get my first season ticket. Cooper would cover both the kids through the wellevate, but my 7 yr old is desperate to get into the "crazy corner" as he calls it.
  13. That was brilliant. The "Stuart McCall's / Well Army" chant-off with the south stand kids vs east end section was class, well done to all that got involved. Got a bit video'd, will try and post a link later.
  14. TrouserTent

    New Away Kit

    But even the white one had claret trim, including a claret puma logo. Not that I don't like this one, just that it could so easily have been a wee touch more Motherwell.
  15. agree, he would have a cheek to sue, I think the term is "influenced by . . .":whistling:
  16. 9th minute tribute - knocking it into twitter land via @wellfansonline (which is probably one of you guys anyway!)
  17. Is a 2nd yellow type red-card an auto ban as well?
  18. They are giving free tickets to kids for the South Stand via schools, BB's, MFC community teams etc. I believe they are also giving tickets so that adults can supervise. (I assume county fans will be in end of POD stand?) Once again, proving they are a family and community club. Well done MFC
  19. Forget your diamond, box or flat formation, future coaches will talk of the 4PDMAF
  20. Did any of the TV explain the flag up / flag down thing in the first half ? Left us baffled

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