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  1. He has looked a bit out of his depth but not the easiest game to come in and try to hit the ground running i suppose. Im more concerned about Rose and Sammon. They are stealing a wage
  2. Just shows you how unfair the world is when Sammon actually makes a decent living out of being a "footballer" Just let it sink in that this is actually his job!!!!!!!!
  3. Robinsons style of punt and chase football has driven some fans away. Some of his signings have been questionable at best (some just plain horrific). The results have been garbage for some time papered over by some wins but after that nobody can claim he would be hard done to if he was sacked.
  4. The football crags has the boys playing is good to watch I thought mackin was poor last night which is unusual I really like the one touch stuff and due to the low crowds you could hear brill, faddy and craigan talking the boys through every step of the game There seems a real focus on passing and also making the boys comfortable whilst in possession I'd recommend it to anyone to go along and watch them
  5. Just ordered guys. Really lookin forward to the tommy coyne interview!!!!!
  6. Good to know that samson can basically throw the ball in the net yet still get a game. Brill must be shite
  7. If im honest im a bit annoyed. I signed up a few weeks ago and ive had no contact whatsoever from the society. They appear to have happily taken my money but havent even had the decency to provide me with a welcome email
  8. McCusker

    Pre Season?

    Its only pre season but jesus christ its been crap. We are apparently tryin to get players fit etc etc so we are told not to worry. I wouldnt worry if we were playin teams who were half way through their season and totally fit..........but they arent, they for the most part have been part time players during this pre season and when we play a full time time with half decent players we get pumped. Dont want to worry but im not ecstatic about it
  9. i cannot believe we sat so deep in the first half and allowed celtic to press us which was suicide and that shows by the shots at goal stats. feel for big ripley as he was good today. dont think we deserved anything from the game but gutted at the way we lost it. on a side note Gomis was utterly shite today, was as if he was playing in slow motion.
  10. i thought mcdonald and moult ran themselves into the ground, mcdonald was brilliant. laing actually played not too badly at right back either. we defo deserved the win today, by far the better team, they were shite. it did concern me how deep we began to defend at 3-0 and why the hell didnt mcghee make a sub???? cadden, mcdonald and moult appeared to be totally done with at least 5mins to go. i might get shot down here but i thought johnson was garbage today, the goal aside he done nothing to merit a place in thd team. anyway a really good win and congrats to the lads. COYW
  11. most of the parks in the scottish top flight are very very poor and i include our own. i sat in the main stand for the ict cup game and being higher up i could see the park is in a poorer condition than i thought as im usually lower down in the east. patches everywhere. however mcdermid park was like a ploughed field and the less said about the firhill park the better. when you look at most of the parks in the top 3 flights in england, they are so much better than anything we can produce.
  12. I disagree totally. i have seen some horror shows from motherwell teams over the years and always come back because the players tried even though they were poor players but they gave 100% which is all i and most fans can ask of them. That team out on the park can do a lot better than it has been. mcmanus - former celtic and scotland player, masses of experience yet is consistantly out of his depth in a shite league.......why? Johnson - we all know and have seen what he can do yet he looks as if he would rather be anywhere but on the park when things arent going right. ainsworth - as with johnson but i have to say he hit a new low today, WTF!!!!. Pearson - as I said earlier he looked like he had nipped out to the shops, took a wrong turn and found himself on a football pitch for the first time, totally LOST, he is a player like mcmanus with international and champions league experience!!!!!! Hammel - i always defend him but today he had a shocker and looks a tad overweight if im honest. Law - I will lay off him as he is simply not very good at football but he does try. Kennedy - as with law i will lay off him, he makes mistakes but he tries and is young. Gomis - our stand out last week but totally rotten this week, i know for a fact it wasnt his first time ever seeing a football today as i obserbed him last week, had a shocker. cadden - headless chicken but gave it his all. mcdonald and ripley are the only ones who got pass marks, if it wasnt for the keeper then we would have been hammered and mcdonald is playing as a lone striker with no support getting the ball humped up to him. Im done for the season, ive given the club hundreds of pounds this season and i no longer WANT to contribute to players wages when the majority of them look and act like they dont give shit. if they dont care then why should we the supports care about them.
  13. i cant accept that performance. im unsure how some of these players make a living from football. we can all blame mcghee (he has played his part) but by fuck it isnt his fault our players found a killie player with almost every pass this afternoon. Gomis last week was our standout but today it appeared that he had never seen a football before today. mcmanus is an utter shambles law was pathetic johnson and ainsworth were both wastes of a shirt. cadden and mcdonald at least looked like they gave a shit whilst pearson for the 2nd week in a row looked as if he got lost goin to the shops and found himself on a football pitch. That was as bad as anything barraclough served up. im just waiting for the post match mcghee interview im sure it will go something like this "you know we were unlucky, you know things just didnt go our way, you know the boys tried, you know, you know, you know" im finished for the season, ive wasted enough of my money this season, if the players dont give a fuck then neither do i and i refuse to give the players a portion of my money for their wages!!!!!!!!!
  14. Come on tae f#@k motherwell, just gonnae win!!!!!!! COYW!!!!!!!!!!
  15. we need 3 points against killie and if im honest i think we will get them. i dont feel we will take anything from tannadice so we must beat killie

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