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  1. Lee Erwin fb page would indicate he likes a nite out&a refreshment
  2. You must gave been sitting near me Shire Greats as had guy behind spouting stream of negativity for whole 90 mins... he would have been better saying nothing at all... Maybe one of Mr Angry students from his local yoga class
  3. All the best to Ian"Roy"Baraclough...hope he can bring through players from youth system&take us forward..just a shame Les Dawson isn't around as he would have made great assistant
  4. Can't believe Ian"Roy"Barraclough name hasn't been mentioned...
  5. IMO in top 5 of all time MFC managers...shame it went pear shaped this season but McCall brought league finishes&consistency we will be hard pressed to repeat
  6. Another bad result in a must win game Our defending is woeful, giving far too much time&space to opposition We woke up eventually but game was already over Two tough away games next, we'll somehow have to get points to stop our situation becoming even worse
  7. 3pts vital especially with away games against Adeen&St Johnstone 2 follow
  8. Ojamaa,he looked far more like his old self
  9. Not nearly good enough 2day,we r in the mire at moment with victories vital.Giving teams far too much space,lacking creativity and gifting goals.. .In my opinion Dan is too wee 4 a keeper & therefore lacks presence,lost 2 similar goals against both Stjarnan&Killie that probably were saveable,he also got nowhere near 7 pens last week
  10. Poor stuff against an average Thistle team...big improvement required in 2nd half...
  11. Hopefully we can benefit from Hammell return,with Partick missing Higginbotham,avoiding defeat is vital especially with international break next week
  12. McFadden supposedly on a huge wage at mwell,paid by a director.McCall&McFadden had disagreement re favoured position&regularity of games.Transfer fee club received in 2003 for McFadden went a long way 2 securing club future.One of the most naturally gifted players ever seen at Fir Park
  13. Paper today reports legend McFadden training with St Johnstone
  14. Yellow card 4 shire greats attempt at a joke

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