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  1. Yes,game was on espn on a fri night in april?


  2. Yes,game was on espn on a fri night in april?


  3. Hi Ian

    Do you have Dundee Utd/M'well game from end of last season(3-1 to M'well)

    Also looking for Capital One cup final from last season


  4. Absolutely fantastic to hear the boy McFadden has signed,it was incredible to see him back last season,but now to have him in a Well shirt for another year is outstanding!
  5. Outstanding achievement by MFC,coming on 30 years in the spl,to have outperformed the likes of Aberdeen,Dundee Utd,Hibs is very good going
  6. Hope to hear the boy McFadden has signed tomorrow,would be fantastic
  7. Good effort from M'well against a quality outfit.Good finish from Vigurs&McFadden penalty was class!
  8. Best of luck to Stephen McManus;hopefully the "Cheeky Boy" will follow in signing
  9. Not taken long for ko times to be changed,wonder how many games next season will actually kick off at 3pm on a Saturday
  10. Sure it used to be 10 years unbroken service at the same club;maybe the rules have changed?
  11. Best of luck to Gunnar,good competition between the keepers Save The Whale!
  12. Finally Doncaster game confirmed,should be a game for those travelling
  13. Not too keen on pics of this strip,though yet to see "in the flesh"
  14. A shame the club shop stopped selling the rugs,they were cracking
  15. Hopefully more players of good standard will follow.going to be a tough ask to recreate last seasons efforts
  16. Best of luck to big John Sutton on his return

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