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  1. Thought we dominated the game but very few chances, we are so lightweight up front, Scott played well but no final product, McIver done well but he looks a long way off ready for the 1st team , Mazinga looked good offered some good pace and physicality, very unlucky not to score he is maybe due a start. As for Seedorf God knows what SR sees in him, another appearance from the bench to contribute feck all, he is like playing with a man down. An experienced striker brought in before the transfer window closes would be nice.
  2. He seemed quite clear in the interview after the game last night, no money left to bring anybody else in, he also said he did not want to hamper the development of our younger players, so I think we are done for this window.
  3. I suspect it was plenty of offers from clubs outwith the top division, time will tell with Shankland, if he is still with Dundee United in the premiership next season that's when he will be judged, will he score 20+ goals against better opponents I doubt it.
  4. Yes but Only If we don't
  5. There is a huge step up in ability required from Scoring lots of goals against national league standard defences and repeating it against teams in the Scottish premiership. Bringing in layers like that is a big Gamble, some pay off and they step up and do well, ie Moult, Johnson, and in my opinion Hylton but for every success there are 2 or 3 failures. If we are going to bring someone in this window he needs to hit the ground running and get among the goals as we have given ourselves a great platform so far to kick on and secure a top 4 finish and a return to Europe.
  6. I would rather have a player with a bit less pace and more basic ability, no point in being able to run fast and get past defenders etc and then make a mess of the ball in or telling pass to a team mate. Yes you can coach the other parts of the game but the assumption is you have the skills and talent to coach in the 1st place. Seedorf is still young and probably has a lot to learn but he is nowhere near 1st team standard, and bringing him on in games is like having somebody sent off.
  7. Seedorf is brutal, no positional sense, never tracks back, final ball non existent, runs about like a headless chicken contributing feck all to the game etc etc. He should be nowhere near the 1st team. Sometimes a punt on a player pays off, this one has failed, hopefully Ndjoli will offer a lot more.
  8. I opted for Gallacher he strolled through the game, solid for 90 mins
  9. Job done, result was never in danger, but I have to say what does SR see in Seedorf he was brutal, contributed feck all surely we have better options.
  10. Marvin johnson starting for Middlesbrough in their FA cup replay at spurs tonight
  11. Long and Scott as would a few other players would only benefit playing with Griffiths, an experienced international player and goal scorer to learn from,
  12. I think that would be a great bit of business, he needs games and he wont be starting for Celtic, so why not, would he come to Fir Park though, heard earlier chat of a return to Hibs.
  13. Would be disappointed if that was the case we need an experienced goal scorer up top if we are going to kick on and secure a top 4 finish and a European return.
  14. I see Kyle Lafferty is available, might be worth a punt, big target man, knows where the goals are could be what we are looking for if the money is right.
  15. I hope the said 5 figure fee was upfront, that bunch of tax Dodgers probably still owe us for Hastie

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