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  1. Apparently the board has declined the offer of takeover talks from the people in charge at Barnsley do they know something we don't? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52066527
  2. Spiderpig

    91 CUP FINAL

    Hampden Park 18th of May 1991 watching us lift the Scottish cup and the Olympic stadium in Athens on 8th of August 2012 for our 1st champions league away tie my two proudest moments as a well fan, happy days. Can't believe the cup win was 29 years ago.
  3. The club have been paid the 3rd place finish money of £359, 000 so I hope this means they have accepted the league can't be finished and we finish as it stands now, and all that entails ie Europe etc. The lawyers at Ibrox, Pitoddrie and Tynecastle are sharpening their pencils as we speak, it will make interesting viewing post lockdown.
  4. That article tells me that they must be on a very shaky financial footing , to make a statement like that after 1 week without a game ffs. I think its Budge realising they are going down and trying to offload the high earners quickly, but including all club staff tells me they have problems down Gorgie way.
  5. My Granddaughter has mild Asthma, so this virus could be very serious for her, potentially life threatening. And no doubt there are lots more like her up and down the country. We all know you are a trolling fud but why not have a day off now and then from Posting ill informed shite, a period of your self isolation from the forum would do us all good.
  6. You are assuming there that the SFA/ SPFL will make a sensible decision, can you imagine the uproar from the blue ugly sister and her maroon cousin in Gorgie if the league is declared over and we all finish as we are now. From our position I hope that happens, as the debate will be entertaing viewing,
  7. Yes we would 3rd is europa league, 4th depends on who wins the Scottish cup. That said I am sure there is some sort of average points calculation that the SPFL does to determine final positions. But as nothing like this has ever happened nobody is sure what will happen.
  8. Given the SFA's decision to suspend all football due to the ongoing CV-19 plague, until who knows when, what do people think should be the outcome for all the leagues? 1. Declare the season null and void, and we all start again hopefully in August? 2. Finish the season now, and award the prizes and relegation etc based on current league positions. 3. Wait till every thing calms down in a month or so and finish the season? Your thoughts please
  9. I notice the ban is in effect from Monday, maybe too much controversy for wee Nicola to ban the ugly sisters game on Sunday, just saying like.
  10. We are all entitled to our own opinions,its called discussion put yours forward and we can discuss, so get the rattle back in the pram and chill out
  11. The problem is not with Long it's with the referees, if every player who kicked the ball away etc was booked every time by every ref, then players would stop it. But we have the situation week in week out where refs deal with the same scenarios differently . The standard of refereeing in Scotland is shocking, but as usual the SFA will do nothing to improve it, VAR wont help either, assuming the league etc can afford to implement it, as you will have some anonymous and unaccountable SFA employee watching the screen and calling the shots.
  12. And your point is....you really cant stop talking shite can you, if you have nothing relevant to say, then say nothing.
  13. Great win last night and other results went our way, just had a look at the table and 4 points will secure a top six finish, less if Killie and StJ drop any points. So another target nearly achieved, here's hoping we kick on and secure the main target a 3rd place finish and the europa league.
  14. Given the fact we have been utter garbage since the new year yet we are still a point clear in 3rd place, yes the likes of Hibs and Livi have closed the Gap but our main Rivals Aberdeen are also dross. So a 3rd place finish is entirely in our own hands, then its irrelevant who wins the cup. That said the ideal scenario would be us 3rd then Hearts or Hibs winning the cup to get it right round Lennon as well as McInnes and Aberdeen
  15. There is no place for sensible chat like that on this forum.... but as strange as it is we have been feckin brutal since the Accies home game on 29/12 but we are still 3rd, so the race for Europe and 3rd is still very much on . So we need to sort the problems soon and get a win or two ti get back on track .

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