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  1. The point of defeating fascism was to give people the right to choose to do what they wanted, ie wear a poppy or not, vote for Brexit etc so why cant we all just accept the fact that there are different opinions on everything in life and everyone is entitled to there own, so let's all get along and enjoy the football.
  2. If you are referring to the 2nd goal yes he let the player get in behind him, but was he to blame no, Tait was in a great position, got across well to block and or clear the ball in, no pressure on him from another Celtic player and he made a mess of it.
  3. And he's been booked already, he will fit in to that Livi team well
  4. Your previous negativity is looking justified now, it's a long way back now from 2-0
  5. There are over 60 mins to go FFS, what an attitude if it gets to 4 or 5 nil fair enough but 1 down after 24 mins, have some hope.
  6. Lazio were poor tonight, allowed Celtic to dominate the play all 2nd half, as for Livi they are brutal, so if they can beat Celtic everybody else can as well, so let's get right into them from the start, if we sit back and allow them to dictate the play we will lose, so get in about them and take the game to them, don't let them settle and they are beatable
  7. That gives me the fear big time, no disrespect to Lasley but if SR does go we could do a lot better in respect of a manager with more experience, decent track record etc.
  8. The SFA / SPFL would need to grow a set first to take action against either of the ugly sisters, more chance of us winning by 5 or 6 than that happening
  9. Name would depend on who puts up the most cash for stadium naming rights / sponsorship, if we wanted to go down that road
  10. If we see a shot of SR in the crowd next to Ann Budge, then I will believe it, until then I reckon it's all typical media made up dross. That said now I fully expect the "Robinson confirmed as new nanager" stories In Tomorrow's papers
  11. More rumours of a Hearts move for Robinson on the BBC gossip page this morning, and an article on BBC with Burrows confirming no approach of any kind so who knows https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50280377
  12. For me a move to a purpose built stadium with modern facilities, car parking etc, etc would not be the worst thing in the world, as long as it was a decent design, all enclosed like Almondvale only better. As much as Fir park has character there is a lot wrong with it, so a new stadium would be no doubt cheaper to run and maintain. so I think the club has to look at a move as an option
  13. That's probably Lasley venturing a few quid on SR that's shortened the odds, maybe he fancies taking over
  14. what an arsehole, the classic keyboard warrior, have a look at yourself.
  15. I smell the faint whiff of a blue ugly sister follower at the wind up, this is a Motherwell forum nobody gives a fuck what that mob do with their players, so give it a rest FFS

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