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  1. Never guilty always the victims, its the Celtic way, has been since brother Walfrids time.
  2. Did he start every game in those 4.5 years? Was he injured at any time? Was he being kept out by a better player? So unless you know the full story stats are meaningless. Can't believe that we are dismissing a player not even at the club that 99.9% of Motherwell fans have never seen play or know anything about. If he ever signs judge him on how he performs for us not his previous clubs.
  3. Nah only 11 goals from 16 games this season not prolific enough for some on here,
  4. Devante Cole for me, scored a great goal and brilliant defending to stop a certain goal, great shift from him today, special mention for Mugabi and Watt as well.
  5. VAR in England would have disallowed it,
  6. Totally agree with that, our game management is awful, but that said we defended very well and a point takes us off the bottom, GA continues his unbeaten run, onwards to Aberdeen.
  7. Back to business as usual then, feckin shite we never learn and sit far too deep,
  8. We have all been here many times before, we need to play a higher line 2nd half and keep getting in their faces , if we sit back we all know it will not end well. Coyw
  9. This new goal kick process we seem to have adopted gives me the fear
  10. If he scored in 13 out of 13 league starts would he be made available and looking for a new club in January I doubt it, Sometimes it takes a fresh start for a player to get back in form with a new team and or manager, like we had with Higdon.
  11. If we get beat tomorrow we are bottom on PPG as well
  12. Agreed, he is well past his best, not getting a game for a national league side says it all really, plus GA punted him from Salford so I can't see him bringing him in, money can be better spent elsewhere.
  13. By the looks of it we are going to be facing Rangers from the bottom of the league, Ross County currently 2-0 up at home to Aberdeen

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