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  1. Aye, been there as well, we used to sing a nice wee song about section B w... w... w... never had any entertainment like that with the wee fuds that pass for Accies fans.
  2. I would love Kelly to stay for at least another season if he is up for it and it works for both Motherwell and QPR financially. However that would give us a problem with Carson, assuming he is fit for the start of the new season, would he be happy as 2nd choice and if so will Morrison hang around as 3rd choice , and when will Fox be fit? I see difficult choices for GA re who is his 1st choice keeper, but maybe having 4 keepers on the books is a luxury we can't afford.
  3. It's never been a Derby, up until this recent spell in the premiership they were never in the same league as us, we only ever played them in in the Lanarkshire Cup when that still ran and the occasional Scottish or league cup game. You need to be an explorer to find an accies fan, anytime we are at the cannabis stadium or whatever its called we outnumber them about 10 to 1,, the same when they are at Fir park, no fans. So all this derby and feeling a bit more needle talk is pish, when they get relegated they will be the same as Airdrie, and Albion Rovers, ie another shitey wee Lanarkshire side wishing they were as well run, well supported, and as good as the best team in the county ie us.
  4. Probably, they are a shitey club with no fans, shithole of a stadium, and one of the worst pitches in Scotland, they bring nothing to the premiership, so the sooner they are back in the lower leagues the better. The dream finish to the season for me is Accies finishing in 12th and Killie in 11th and getting g pumped in the playoff, gets rid of 2 shit pitches at once. Oh and Ross County is a good away day.
  5. It does not matter that much this season as there are no fans in the grounds ,but moving the whole weekend fixture list around to accommodate a televised funeral that probably 75% of the country won't watch or give a shit about is fekin nonsense. But given its the SFA organising it it does not surprise me. Given the pandemic and the ongoing problems facing the country there are far more important issues to sort out, the whole response to this has been way over the top.
  6. The perfect scenario next week is us beating Accies to go to 41 pts with Killie and RC both not winning, then we are mathematically safe.
  7. Well said , people are dying every day so no need to rearrange the world, and probably half the country don't give a shit Anyway, a private family funeral is all that's needed.
  8. So the once upon a time worst case scenario is us finishing bottom and automatic relegation on goal difference, that would be bad, just as well it's not going to happen.
  9. The Most points RC and Killie can get is 42 and 41 pts respectively, if that's the case Accies can only get 33, so a win next week and other results going for us would see us safe .
  10. Only 1 contender for me, Liam Kelly for the pen save, special mention for Cole and McGuire both had a good game.
  11. At this point in the season, in the middle of a relegation fight, hard graft to grind out a win like today is what's needed.
  12. A lot of huffing and puffing from St Mirren but in all honesty Kelly had only 1 serious save to make for the pen, we let them come on to us and coped well with it. And Cole in where he should be to pick up on the keeper spilling it, after we scored we never looked like losing it, a great win today.
  13. That said for all ST Mirrens possession and good play the only serious save Kelly has had to make is the pen, we've had the best chance of the game and Long missed.

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