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  1. And now James Scott is on for the extra time, that's 5 ex players.
  2. 3 ex Motherwell players on the park for the Hibs v Cove Cup game tonight, Murphy, Cadden and Reynolds.
  3. All this debate over what position the arm was in, hand to ball, ball to hand etc is irrelevant nobody ever debates what position the players arms were in if its a handball outside the 18 yd box, it's simply a free kick. Mugabi's arm stopped the ball from being crossed in so it's a stonewall penalty every day of the week.
  4. Totally agree but will GA take action and make changes, I have never been convinced by McGinley , not seen any highlights but by all accounts he was poor again tonight, GA has been loyal to him but for me it's time to get Carroll back in.
  5. Same here Dave, he is not a happy man is he, big chance to open a bigger gap on Untd and Aberdeen thrown away tonight.
  6. Lots of talent but his heads wasted as you say his time as a premiership player is over, plus we don't need any of the baggage that comes with his alleged social media activites, upsetting the dressing room, hope we stay well clear
  7. Thanks, never saw the interview
  8. That's the Watt deal done according to the BBC a fee has been agreed and he's off as of today Tony Watt: Dundee United move close as Motherwell agree fee - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60025140
  9. He might get more game time If TW goes in this window.
  10. This is her, that would be a yes then
  11. Income tax!! He plays for Rangers Dave, they probably run special tax dodging classes after training
  12. Irrespective of how good or Bad Gogic is perceived to be, and for me I don't think he would be an upgrade on what we have just now, but do people think we need another midfield player? Ultimately its down to What GA thinks but unless someone is heading out the door I would rather we brought in cover and/or replacement for TW
  13. My thoughts as well, if TW goes in January and / or he is not played till the end of the season, Shields deserves his chance of an extended run in the team and if GA thinks we need extra cover wait till the summer when we have more time and probably better options to explore.

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