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  1. Fair enough I assumed he might have been one of the players that had been training with us for a few weeks while we evaluated them.
  2. The been with us a while part or the reasonably fit part or both?
  3. I think Slattery has been training with us for a while now so he should be reasonably fit, maybe not 90 mins match fit, but I can see him starting.
  4. We have had enough issues with players out injured in recent seasons, the last thing we need is a player who averages more time on the treatment table than on the park, the money could be better spent elsewhere.
  5. That was a training game today 2-0 probably should have scored at least another 2, Annan offered feck all the whole game, the result was never in any doubt, we have won the group to progress, and you are still feckin moaning get a grip ffs
  6. Is it just me that thinks the ppv commentary team are brutal ?
  7. By definition experienced players and leaders will be playing at a good level, well established and regular starters for their teams so tend not to be either released by their clubs or made available for transfer, and if they were we could not afford them anyway. The only way an " unknown young prospect" as you put it gets experience is by clubs like us giving them a chance , we've done it for years not everyone was a success but that's the way it goes. Out of interest who would you have us go for with the 1. The qualities you want 2. Is available and wants to come to Fir Park 3. We can afford them transfer and wage wise?
  8. Sounds a promising signing 3 year deals for some players seems to be our new policy, which for me is a good move to get rid of the annual clear out we seem to have had in recent seasons. Do we know if Slattery available to play today ?
  9. Has it been announced or do you have a good source for the info ?
  10. Brilliant is a strong word to use on this forum unless we are signing Ngolo Kante or someone similar, even then there would be doubters.
  11. For a midfield of Maguire, Cornelius and Crawford that statement is correct the fans never see any commitment, positional sense, good hold up play, etc etc and we never understand why our midfield had been brutal for years. So is GA asking them to do these things and they are either not doing it or are unable to do it in which case why does he persit with them.
  12. Went for O'connor thought he had a solid game, should have scored as well, think he could turn out to be a decent player.
  13. Let's be honest here, Airdrie won with two wonder strikes that probably every keeper in the league would not have saved, were they preventable yes all goals are but sometimes a team needs a bit of a boost and the 1st goal gave that to Airdrie. Did they overrun us, constantly get in behind us, force Kelly into save after save , no they didn't so let's get a bit of context here. We had 2 maybe 3 really good chances to score, O'connor and Woolery should have done better and really should have scored had either of those gone in we would have won the game. That said the root of all our problems as it has been for several seasons now is midfield, and needs to be sorted ASAP that will take some pressure off the defence and hopefully provide decent service to the strikers. Yes we should be beating lower division sides but shocks happen and last night was one of those occasions. So a bad night at the office, hopefully we learn from it and move on.
  14. If that happens and we beat Annan then maybe, the 3 best runners up qualify so 9 points might be enough but depends on other results
  15. Feckin wring your pants out ffs and calm doon, with the we'll get relegated before the season has started pish, a bad day at the office tonight, the 1st this season and guaranteed not to be the last.

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