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  1. Would we be having this discussion if it was KVV tweeting about whatever Dutch team he supported as a boy, or Ojala about his favourite team or even Lawless tweeting about Partick Thistle or any other team , I think not. But because its a tweet about the ugly sisters winning / losing etc every one is all over it, some people really need to get a life and leave all the who tweeted what shite to the blue and green morons who thrive on all that crap.
  2. So he a Rangers fan who feckin cares what team he supports, we should be calling out the no life arseholes that trawl social media looking for any comments like that and reposting them . Motherwell player tweets support for the team he has probably supported all his life...aye OK nothing to see here.
  3. Watching it live on sky, they reckon Main got a touch on it, livescore also crediting Main, but seeing it on slow motion replay its dubious Main touched it to be fair.
  4. Curtis main scoring for St Mirren to put them 3-2 up against Aberdeen.
  5. The blue uglies are at it big time, using covid rules etc as an excuse not to sell tickets to away fans means no need for segregation and more seats to sell to their own fans as they are so desperate for cash, they are a disgrace of a club. The SFA / SPFL really should be addressing the issue but as we all know they are shit scared of the ugly sisters so will do feck all.
  6. You missed KVV from that list, he was anonymous for 90 mins, nothing stuck to him and he contributed feck all, surprised he was not subbed.
  7. Wark and Hammel were both great players and deserve to be in the hall of fame but comparing players from different generations is nigh on impossible as the game Joe Wark played, matches, tactics, training , lifestyle,football boots, balls etc is totally different from what modern day players experience so you are not comparing like for like.
  8. We don't know how Lucky we are in Scotland re ticket prices, I was in Liverpool recently and went to the Everton- Southampton game on 14/8, cheapest ticket I could get was £50, and that was buying it 2 weeks before the game. The cheapest available was £38 but they obviously sold quickly.
  9. Always been like that with the media, and won't change anytime soon. The ugly sisters get such an easy ride with the west of Scotland media, especially the blue one, and when you add in the shitebags at the SPFL / SFA not willing to stand up to either of them you get where we are today.
  10. If the SPFL had VAR the Mugabi handball would have been a penalty, and their goal would have been disallowed for offside. However the Tony Watt incident was also a pen, Roofe kicked him on the thigh going for the ball so I suspect VAR might have awarded that one as well . But as we don't have the technology back up and both decisions were against Rangers at Ibrox there was no chance of either one going our way, and as you say I was also surprised at them not getting the Mugabi handball, given the circumstances of them needing a goal etc.
  11. Best thing to do with these morons is ignore them at every occasion, SSB on radio Clyde is a ugly sisters love in, every week its end to end blue and green fuckwits on talking shite. Any team playing either of them will get no praise or recognition anytime they get a result, it all Rangers or Celtic were poor, other team wasted time, we should have won etc etc. I stopped listening to it years ago as all they do is pander to the morons, in the same way the west of Scotland media does.
  12. 1. 16:35 Checked score Hibs winning 2-1 2 16:38 Entered kitchen to collect car keys 3.16:45 went to off sales, beer fridge refilled 4. 18;00 no further scored Checked, still think Hibs won. 5. 18:22 post submitted . Will that do or will the missing 1hr 15 mins keep you up at night.
  13. OK I made an arse of it never caught the final score in the Hibs game thought they had won 2-1, guilty as charged.
  14. After today's results, we can't go top but a win tomorrow and 2nd place would be massive, coyw
  15. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, in case we had all forgotten the UEFA rules, I'll stick with the conspiracy theory, it's more relevant. pedant a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules.

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