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  1. So thats where you get all the inside info for your predictions about players and new signings, lurking about at training and bounce games.
  2. I know there will be no fans there but a 19:45 ko in Dingwall on a Monday night is garbage, is the game on TV ? If not why can't it be played on the Saturday with the other games, as I assume the Celtic game is on TV
  3. He deserves a big move, 3 year deal apparently and no doubt a life changing wage every week, I hope he gets a chance in the premiership. Best of luck to him.
  4. When all the chat re Hastie started I thought it might be a good move, but now I don't, apart from the couple of months of brilliance that won his move to Rangers he has done nothing to suggest the potential will be fulfilled. His loan spells have done nothing to suggest this either, so all we will be doing is no doubt t paying over the odds to develop a Rangers player for a year and fill a team position that we probably have cover for anyway. So no thanks from me.
  5. After his Rangers contract runs down and they release him without ever getting near the 1st team, he will end up looking for a club like Motherwell again, so we might as well have him now.
  6. Official twitter confirming Dunne has signed a new short term deal @MotherwellFC: Charles Dunne has signed a new short-term deal with the club, as he continues his recovery from injury. Unsure if this means SR thinks he has a longer term future with us when / if he gets fit or we are just doing the decent thing and not releasing him when he is injured.
  7. Full story of a remarkable recovery on the BBC Scotland news page now https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-53196009
  8. Aye your profile must need a boost after all these years we have all forgotten about the Albanian 10.
  9. Socially distant crowds, thats normal service resumed for league 1, 2 and most of the Championship then, oh and Accies as well.
  10. Teams from Serbia, Hungary and France probably won't be starting at Q1 with us, I expect their coefficients to be better, can see us going to Wales or the Faroe islands again
  11. £22 a go, is it on the season ticket?
  12. As a 2nd choice keeper I think he is a decent signing, but that said I hope Carson stays fit all season .
  13. Wright is getting linked with the Dundee untd job, but so is every other out of work manager Including Jens Lehman
  14. Well there are no steelworks any more, the craig is gone, and does the Fir tree forest depicted still exist, apart from those 2 the football and the colour scheme are ok

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