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  1. For me i think Longs attitude is suspect , he never seems fully committed to games this season, no doubt he is a decent player but I don't think we are getting the full benefit just now.
  2. Doh I honestly forgot Turnbull was with them now
  3. If you mean Forrest, he's injured
  4. I think its a mental thing with games against Rangers, we can't compete on budgets with them so they can buy better players etc, but so can Celtic and our record against them home and away over the same period we have failed to beat Rangers is reasonable. I don't know what Barraclough said to the players before the playoff games in 2015 but that's what we need SR to be doing, as every time we play them now we seem to be beaten in our minds before the game starts.
  5. Said it for weeks now Lamie is brutal should be nowhere near the team, but SR seems to think he can do a job. To be fair he looked OK at Livi in beside Gallagher so he may turn things round this season and prove me wrong but right now he needs dropped, problem is though who do we have to replace him, nobody.
  6. Because certain clubs won't be happy at small numbers, the ugly sisters will start shouting and complaining to anybody who will listen about how they need the stadiums full etc. Also the facilities the majority of bottom championship, league 1 and 2 clubs have dont make social distancing and all the other requirements an easy or cheap option. For me until the virus is under control the only solution is some sort of financial help for affected clubs that need it, as I don't think we will see any fans at games this season. The SFA, SPFL , Scottish and/ or UK Government need to step up and come up with a solution.
  7. And no doubt you will be on here after the game telling us all how you called it, do you enjoy being Yodo and Steelboy's padawan, learning the ways of negativity
  8. So by your theory, some random person sitting near you at fir park, coughing etc spreading the virus to everyone nearby is no risk, Any large gathering of people wherever it is , pubs, football stadiums, walking down the road etc is ideal conditions for spreading the virus. So until this virus is under control there will be no fans anywhere near stadiums, nothing to do with politics but all to do with public health, simples.
  9. Thats exactly the attitude to take, as has been proved by all the new students not giving a feck and getting mad with the bevvy and whatever else during freshers week and spreading the virus. Assume the worst case scenario and legislate accordingly, peoples health and lives are more important than fans getting to watch football.
  10. Unlucky.....we had great draws in all 3 rounds, 4th lowest ranked team in Q1, Coleraine did us a massive favour by beating Maribor to get us seeded in Q2 and we got them again one of the lowest ranked teams. In Q3 we avoided the likes of Basel and got the lowest ranked seeded team in our mini group. So we have had lots of luck draw wise in all 3 rounds but we never took the chance last night.
  11. Went for Watt, he is as slow as a week in the jail but was the closest we got to a goal tonight, he put in a good shift, mention for Campbell he had a good game as well.
  12. Rangers flying high, only lost 2 goals all season, great win away in Europe, full of confidence, while we have a very dodgy defence, zero goal threat, just been pumped by an average team, never beaten Rangers in the league, in years, can only be one outcome....home win
  13. Only 3 to blame tonight, Gallagher and O'Donnell for not picking up and gifting the 1st goal, and long for making a stupid tackle and giving away the free kick. Up till then HBS never looked like scoring. Even at 1-0 down we were well in the game and under no real pressure until Gallagher had a meltdown inside 2 mins and it was game over. We actually played ok tonight but our lack of goal threat and defensive meltdown made an average beatable team look good, and that's what pisses me off most.
  14. Totally agree he is brutal, gives me the fear big time, at the 1st goal he was in no one's land marking nobody, not a clue where the runners were, and not his only error, needs dropped ASAP, not good enough.

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