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  1. Champions league qualification ....
  2. Watched the 2games back tonight....massive smile across ma big coupon . COYW
  3. Fuckin hell, there were people throwing themselves in front of trains when we didnt sign Clarky last season ....now, when we do.....
  4. Only in the west of Scotland would it being called a sash. jesus wept
  5. That will be Lee Wallace fucked then.........wibble
  6. Glad you got sorted mate.....
  7. Must be twist and shout as the players walk oot the tunnel......get the ark bouncing
  8. Buy another....its only a tenner
  9. Fuckin hell...mccall shat it at ibrox again....
  10. 0-0 shitfest at the citadel will do me......
  11. Longest 45 mins of ma fuckin life......right Madden you know the score...dont be reverting to text
  12. Dont like the product and are that fed up.....take a season or 2 out...simples
  13. Just had a wee look in Ranjurs media......the police should be letting Ra gers fans in on Sunday cos theres hunners of bears in the well end anyway.....fuckin vermin.
  14. Any well fans who want a ticket for Sunday will get one.....calm down.
  15. Leave the wean in the house and get the steel toecapped boots looked out...it might get a bit pwoppa naughty
  16. Ranjurs media giving it a load of shite about the "blue"pound.....absolute vermin....im begining to hope that there are a couple sitting beside me on Sunday now.
  17. Its going to be carnage on Sunday......loving it.
  18. Today with everyman n their dug winning appeals...surely cockwomble and his pals need to look at the standard of refereeing?
  19. spoke to his uncle weeks ago regarding James. Seemingly his agent made Motherwell aware he was available, only to be told that we had no money, therefore couldnt bring him in.
  20. Ah know ah guy who knows a guy who seen a guy who once khew a guy who.........fuckin gies peace.

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