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  1. Normally at Scottish Cup semi-finals the SFA do stuff in the family stand. I facepaint for them so maybe contact them and see if Suzie and Stevie the mascots are doing the rounds. Previously the Rockettes have been on hand giving out cameras, flags etc. I know that the facepainting is going ahead, but unsure of the stand as yet.
  2. Excited about Saturday! Even though I am working for the SFA before the game!

  3. No well and off my work!! Shattered dot.com

  4. She'ra

    Mark Reynolds

    It's in the pipeline! Let's hope we do get what he is worth! Would take him back anytime. Good Luck Mark! and get us that 4th place the night!
  5. Couldn't sleep last night thinking about today! And then couldn't be arsed at work today! Got everything crossed for a good result! C'Mon thee Well!!! We can do it!
  6. Had a great night, the raffle was great! I won a signed Hamill shirt and his boots! Was very chuffed that I didn't lose them as I was worse for wear by the end of the night. Thanks to testimonial committee a great night was had by all.
  7. Any idea how the tables are being seated??? Bought my tickets ages ago and not heard anything from the club??? And what time will it be on to???
  8. She'ra


    It was Giles Coke for me, he got himself into the action, good play, good result, crap playing surface........ But overall I am happy
  9. She'ra

    Dls To Stenny

    Hopefully a wee run with them will convince Brown he can once again to the job here. Hope he does well, When he plays well he is smashing
  10. She'ra

    Paul Mcgrillen

    RIP I am totally shocked
  11. Heard the Joker will defo have it! Thinking I'll head there and if they let us down it will be offski to JD's!!! Can't get the download stuff to work! Argh!!!
  12. She'ra

    Season Tickets

    Thank you! I was thinking that myself!!
  13. She'ra

    Season Tickets

    Looking for some help! Going to get my 1st Season Ticket! But not sure what stand to go for! What do you think???
  14. She'ra

    The Sun Today

    Somes it up perfectly well said

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