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  1. Not a huge fan but he done pretty well at Ibrox, think it was in a 3. He seems to struggle when he has time to actually pass the ball which is slightly problematic when you are a footballer. At this rate he will be up front anyway so no chance of him at centre back
  2. If Scott goes we are left without a striker and winger basically. Replacing him with just a winger leaves us very short for a #9. We would have Long and Mazinga which is far too bare. Another good thing about Scott was he could play two positions
  3. There's absolutely no chance Griffiths will be coming to us on loan. Lennon is already on record as saying he won't be leaving.. even if he was, I am sure he would have more enticing suitors than ourselves. Regardless of his personal issues Griffiths would still be miles outwith our reach.
  4. Carroll out of the next two games with ban. Tait LB and Grimmy RB sooner than we thought it would seem
  5. I'm never particularly wary when we play the OF it at Fir Park to be honest. Our record is pretty decent at home to Celtic as of late. The majority of the time we raise our game and rise to the occasion and atleast make a decent fist of things. St Johnstone are pretty gash at the moment too, I wouldn't read too much into Saturday's result until I see them against a better opponent. I still think we can give them a decent go at Fir Park on the tight park. After the underwhelming performance on Saturday a few random thoughts with Saturday's game in mind: Devante Cole looks like he has something when he came on, I think he would give us a bit more presence either upfront or on the wide area Illic has a good touch and technically looks to be a baller if we can get him involved he could make things happen I'm still firmly not convinced by Liam Donnelly, he didn't do enough for me on Saturday. Unfortunately I think this might be a problem area. Not sure if Sloth will be fit enough to play but if so I would throw him in I was impressed with Hylton I think he will do well for us, from Saturday however I am a wee bit unsure how his stature is going to stand up in the SPFL. It might have just been because Livi are animals but he seemed to get bullied about a bit. Still, I think his trickery could be key to us getting anything on Saturday Seedorf has something but some of his decision making and postional sense makes me think he has a lot to learn. Gillespie Tait Gallagher Dunne Carroll Illic Campbell Sloth Polworth Hylton Cole
  6. Spot on! It isn't being negative it's just giving a bloody opinion. This is the same folk that were telling us not to base any sort of opinion on Curtis Main's goal scoring record, look how that turned out. I think its perfectly fair for fans to pass comment on a player based on what he has done so far in his career. It clearly isn't an exact science but most of the time you can judge a player roughly by what he has done so far. Personally speaking I'm not overly concerned about this one as I think he sounds more like a low cost punt than anything else, I can't imagine he is going to be on any great deal of money. It sounds like we will be looking to bring in another more experienced striker soon so I'm okay with this. With that being said I can totally understand some of the comments about the boy coming from an amateur level.
  7. Despite all this we know that Mr Tait is going to end up at LB at some point as is tradition
  8. Aye, I think it's obviously make or break for Livingstone this season. I don't think there is much point putting him out on loan that's for sure, either have him in the first team squad or let him go. I'd like to think with the new deal he is going to get a decent crack of the whip this year. I said at the time I didn't necessarily agree with Robinsons comments about him after the Celtic(?) game I thought it was slightly harsh to criticise him publically. Since this time I can't recall him playing for us. Presumably Robinson must still see something in him.
  9. Hopefully this Christian Ilic transfer gets announced, boy has a decent pedigree. I'm not sure if Carroll is seen as a cert for the LB first team slot so this could give us another option there as well as giving us something else out wide. I only seen brief highlights of the boy and he looked a decent unit
  10. Just me buzzing to get the shorts out for Dumfries on Saturday then? The (kind of) real fitbaw is BACK! Hopefully should have a decent following down there, although there is the whole scotrail mess. For all the League Cup is a bit pish, I am looking forward to seeing the new signings and it's better than pre-season friendlies
  11. Stevie May is a really weird one tbh, he looked a great prospect at St Johnstone but has steadily went downhill. Anytime I seen him with Aberdeen last season he offered absolutely hee-haw. I'd imagine he would be on a decent wage at Aberdeen as well. Honestly it's a big fat naw from me.
  12. A huge 'Isthmian League Premier Division' club
  13. Could things get anymore tinpot than Braintree Town
  14. Any news from yesterday's meeting regarding incomings? We were supposed to be signing someone last Friday from what I heard so wondering if that's fell through. Would be good to get some boys in soon as the first team still seems to be very light.

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