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  1. My grandad had interests in real sports not trying to be the best at fucking exercising you kunt
  2. Canny believe we got beat 2-1 great first half an hour
  3. Yous might be feart but am no. Al go straight on eBay and buy a motorbike without asking the wife. No fear
  4. Is there an "issue" with McGhee and youth players ?
  5. I've been trying to forget that horrid night in Hamilton.thanks
  6. A simple orange and burgandy fruit of the loom striped shirt woukd do and is affordable. Most fans cant sfford £60 for a jersey these days
  7. the only boiled eggs youll be gettin is when i rest mines in your mouth son
  8. Pml the folk sayin mohsni was wrong for reacting probably cook breakfast for the guy thats round shaggin their wife. Pathetic
  9. if your going to let somebody push you from behind and not react im afraid your pathetic. I dont agree with what mohsni done was it was shocking but avoidable
  10. Not your mate and not even trying. i take it you're the kimda of beta that leta people push you amd doesnt react?
  11. Anybody who says erwin wasnt at fault for what happened at the end is delusional. What happened wasted a good game and it WAS erwins fault
  12. You still giving out those details could be doing with this for tomorrow's fa cup game
  13. Your kiding that cant be right whats the point of playing it over two legs? This doesnt usually happen bending the rules for rangers again. At least ita a moral victory

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