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  1. Would he not be looking to return home towards the end of his playing career and if the opertunity arose would he not maybe consider it
  2. Looks like it buttons on the inside when pulled up for a close up at it
  3. Haha but we ain't in the euro
  4. Imo the club are not exactly being forthcoming with any statements or information as to regards player's leaving, coming or contracts and is becoming a bit frustrating to the fan's more so as the season or first games approach we can all have our views on the matter as this is each and every one's right
  5. Is there any other signings in the pipeline for the positions that have been mentioned?
  6. Could the signing of blyth possibly be as a replacement for the likes of moult being sold on or possibly ainsworth?
  7. Try telling rangers and celtic that there is no old firm, more so rangers they still see past history of the old rangers as part and parcel of the present rangers they just don't get it.
  8. Any thoughts on whether we as club went along to have a look at any potential signings among the out of contact player's that attended?
  9. How many times have we been kicked out of cups early doors by the so called we teams as stated in an earlier post they got nowt to lose
  10. Just might be the lead that the others need for them to resign
  11. Ye that could be right would be more like it
  12. It would be nice though, go along way
  13. Seemed to good to be true if true happy days the well
  14. See report in the record today Plymouth ready to make an offer of around £500,000for ainsworth any thoughts on this?

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