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  1. How much will you be charging for the book on friday?
  2. Cadden can play right back so we might see cadden at right back and ainsworth on the right im clueless
  3. Think we will beat killie take a point off st J and gub rangers and lose to St Johnstone (depending on which St J turn up
  4. I think a 433 the rest of the season or a attacking 343 might serve us well
  5. Graeme Bremner

    Fir Park

    I would settle for some new bulbs in the score board
  6. Graeme Bremner


    Was speaking to one of the programme sellers last week and he said that he had heard from someone in the club that mcghee doesnt rate him and he was brought in as a last minute offer from west ham
  7. Aw didnt know what programme ive only ever used it for tv shows didnt know it had football
  8. Would have to download hola and then access the hearts tv international page. Just use hola to get a international vpn for a limited time holas free hearts tv on the other hand i dont know but hope this helps.
  9. Make steelmen online Great Again
  10. Same team with the same level of performance as last week and we will be fine here depends on how we approach it Dundee seem to be early favourites for relegation but too early to focus on that but this is a game where I think we can win
  11. Probably only time i will say this and expecting to get slated. But Samson (cowers a little in fear) the goals where down to defense this week and samson though looked a bit panicky did a better job of holding the ball and looked safe most of the time. That will probably be the only time i say anything positive about samson
  12. Was sitting seen mcghee shhouting at the guy in front of ne maybe if mcghee spent less time arguing with fans and more time on managing the game maybe hed get somewhere ....... Just a thought but then again maybe im wrong that squads fucking dreadful
  13. Marvins biggest problem his attitude if he sorts that hed be great but its a bit late for it really so i expect he will end up floating round lower leagues of england and possibly back to scotland at some point

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