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  1. A bit surprised to see St Mirren have signed Eamon Brophy from Kilmarnock on a pre contact. 30 odd goals in 100 appearances for Killie. Nearly a goal in every 3 games (don’t think we’ve got anyone near these figures ?) I know he played for Accies, but think he could have done a turn for us. Surely he’s the sort of player we should be looking at as opposed to some of the dross we’ve been subjected to recently ?
  2. Does anyone know how to access details of discounts available via the season ticket ? The renewal brochure advises to check for discounts at loyalty.motherwellfc.co.uk. When I try to access this, but t tells me that it can find this site !
  3. Well done Alan Burrows and Motherwell FC. Not before time , finally we won’t have to put up with away fans (especially the Old Firm) spoiling the match day experience for many fans in the POD. Well fans will now be able to use the toilet and kiosk facilities without fear of being verbally or physically abused (albeit rare, the threat was certainly there) I for one have considered not attending these fixtures in the past with my kids for this reason. Whilst the club will inevitably loose money as a result of this decision, I feel that this was the right choice to make if we want to encourage more of our own fans to attend and support the team, some of whom would have been ‘put off’ as a result of the club’s previous policy.
  4. Tough choice between Ainsworth and Kennedy. Lionel's work rate has improved beyond recognition and combined with his attacking threat, he has the potential to really push the team on. Kennedy looked strong in the tackle and very assured. If he can improve his distribution, then he can be vital for the team this season and beyond. Lionel edged it today for me with Kennedy a very close 2nd.
  5. Liam Grimshaw from Man Utd on loan. Midfielder who can play at centre half and right back as well !

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