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  1. I can categorically state that these are two different persons, else a touch of the Andy Goram's. MJC doesn't bleet like the spoilt brat out of The Railway Children, and Yodo, to date, doesn't show uber h*n tendancies.... Each, though, are, in my view, as tiresome as each other.....
  2. He is on the programme. Pre BBC website of course.....
  3. Didn’t Mypa have Sammi Hyypia playing at the time, who would become one of Europe’s best centre backs? Arguably only Lambert would reach similar career levels as a player? Outwith Dortmund, have we ever faced a better overseas player in Hyypia visit for a competitive match?
  4. Like Louis Moult, Tom Alfred or Dick Tait? And, yes, I know Tait was born in Galashiels. At risk of getting banned: you really are a total rocket, Yodo.
  5. I am astonished that 30 persons have given a MoTM vote on a performance, which, in my opinion, was the worst since Ayr United scudded us in the cup 0-4 in the early 2000s..... Worse, is that the BBC has quoted Bigi's contribution as 'outstanding'. Worse again, Robinson didn't criticise his team. With wasting 30-35 seconds per bye kick, at nil-nil, Accies set up for a draw. In no way was their victory undeserved in the end. Whilst Bigi was the best of a bad bunch, should we be awarding medals to someone, whom at best was 6/10, in a derby, played on superb grass, in superb conditions?
  6. The current business model is that we give decent players a platform to prove themselves, and, if they do, they potentially move on. A total unknown arrives at the club a year ago, the less favoured of two, and plays his first ever 49 competitive games in a season where his provincial club reaches two Cup Finals for their first time in their existence. In my opinion, if you think we have any 'sense of entitlement', I suggest you find an alternative club. Regarding Robinson: has, in my view, articulated himself impeccably since his arrival, unlike, say, Daddy Cathro (*), whom never passed Media Training 101. And, where is this Muppet now? (*) Braidhurst in joke; apologies. Whilst Cadden, Campbell, Carson, etc, won't terminate their careers at Motherwell, neither will Robinson. The good news is that with t'internet roasters around..... not naming any names.....there is No Danger that I'll be around to state: ,' told you so.....'
  7. I have done my due diligence, and, truly, never visited the city, outwith Pittodrie. That's the inference, but, perhaps no dice if I ask for more details as most sport chat is Rugby League, or how much of a hero Dean Windass is/was; there's even a mural of him on one of the factory walls.....
  8. Recently started working in Hull. In discussing Stuart Elliott (the only obvious connection for myself), the guys say that he is now a priest, and his only other 'option' would have been a terrorist'. Totally unsubstantiated, and, if posted before, apologies. Off topic: great city, so far. Like all UK and Irish port cities I have visited, to be fair....
  9. First, long time away, so I hope my quote has worked. Next, I have seen very little of Motherwell recently; the home playoff game against Sevco, then, before that the first two European home games in 2010. At risk of taking the thread off topic, my observations on the Sevco game were that we were far better than them on the day. So, I am not surprised what happened to them last week, given that they have just had one season in the top tier. However, I am now living in Liverpool, and, have been to a few AFC Marine games, though, still a lot of working overseas. There's very little difference between Marine (England Level 7) and the recent Motherwell Youtube offerings. For comparison, Barrow are Level 5. So, am I surprised losing away to both Gateshead and Barrow? Not at all. In my opinion, unless Regan gets punted, the standard of Scottish football will continue to decline. Partly due to economics, and partly apathy. Again OT, dreadfully difficult posting this with a brilliant network speed, so many requests to third party servers, ads, I guess, so you won't see much from myself unless this improves. Possibly a funding issue, possibly bandwidth, as hundreds want to simultaneously post the reaction after the game against mighty Barrow..... EDIT: Quote hasn't worked. It was meant to be Ya Beezer's on page 9.....
  10. I've set up a Xmas Club for the Albo 10 to celebrate the tenth anniversary in North Korea. We're going to be playing a specially-arranged seven a side tourney in Pyongyang. Joining the ten will be- Sarah Palin, Alex Salmond, Tony Blair, Christine Hamilton, Aeroflot's Jeremy off BBC's 'Airport'; this should ensure that we upset absolutely everybody here. Please note that Jeremy Clarkson had to be taken off the shortlist as 'cunts who batter their colleagues over trivial matters will not be admitted into the country'.

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