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  1. Surely that’s down to the opinion of the new manager, does that make the other managers wrong ? Every manger has different ideas on what he wants from a player. Frankly I don’t care either way because it’s down to how he plays for us, that’s all that matters.
  2. You know I’m always interested in what other posters think, even if I don’t always agree. I’ve not been a supporter of this club for that many years and maybe Yoda as a long standing supporter does have a better take on things than me, if he has I would just love to know what it is. The one liners don’t really explain anything, it’s easy to just state everyone is doing a poor job without offering anything as a counter argument. End of the day a big factor is always going to be money, do we run on a sustainable level which is never going to be easy with the big city clubs in the division, or do we run a bigger budget and start building up debt ? The attendances don’t seem to change that much regardless of what we do so no massive gain from finishing four or five places higher in that regard. I would not want to be the one making these decisions, you can’t win whatever you do with some supporters.
  3. So given that we should be signing players of the same level, or better than Hibs would deem as good enough for them right ? To do that we would need to be offering the same wages or better right? How do we do that ? I would rather you did not just keep everything to two throw away lines and actually came up with a detailed explanation of your thought processes. You want a team of better quality players, how do we fund that ? Do we start building up debt again ? Do we look at a smaller squad ? Do we cut back in other areas such as youth and put that money into the first team budget ? What other ideas do you have ? It’s easy to just keep throwing insults around every time someone questions your posts, I could do the same but it achieves nothing. I’m actually genuinely interested in your thoughts.
  4. I’m still trying to work out how we sign anyone you think is good enough Yodo. You don’t want players from the English lower league’s, none league, the Scottish Championship, or established Premiership players. Are you looking for us to sign the better players from a Rangers, Hearts, Celtic ?. The top players from the English Championship or even English Premier league ? I’m guessing the likes of Hibs have a playing budget three times ours, do you think we should be paying wages comparable to their’s and Hearts in order to compete for the same players ? We all want the club to be signing the best players possible but they do not come cheap. It’s easy to just keep saying “players that are an improvement on what we have” but it’s not that simple without spending more money. How much debt would you be comfortable with ?
  5. How often have people called for us to sign established Premiership players rather than none league guys from down south. ? Well regardless of his position this is exactly the type of signing many want. Good luck to him.
  6. Exactly, for every club that improves another will struggle. We just need to make sure we’re not one of the worst two and go from there. That’s not a lack of ambition it’s the reality for a good half a dozen teams in this league every season.
  7. Some folk say that every season though, never happens.
  8. Is it though, sales would suggest it’s incredibly popular.
  9. If there is one think I’ve learnt while supporting Motherwell it’s that every season we’re predicted to do badly with a percentage always stating we’re doomed to certain relegation with the worst squad in the history of the club. It’s always ended up better than many think. There is absolutely no guarantee that other clubs will do better any more than there is that we will do worse.
  10. We will see, personally I’m not expecting the overall standard to improve, individual clubs may improve with others going backwards.
  11. I’d be amazed if defence is not strengthened, simply retaining Lamie did not solve that problem.
  12. Do you honestly feel the overall standard in the league will rise ? Was just about everyone awful because the management were poor or could it be down to the quality of footballer Scottish football can attract ?
  13. Slattery was our best midfielder at the start of the season by some way, certainly not lazy. Something happened between him and Alexander given he could not even make the squad at times. Maybe not the best trainer but with better around him he has more to offer.
  14. It won’t go down well with a percentage of the fanbase who think we need a good few additions.
  15. Best home kit in years, love it.
  16. Having been on this forum for a while now I’m not sure even that’s enough, some people’s expectations of incoming players seem to be higher than the reality is ever going to be. Some asked for the better Championship level player, that was then not enough, established Premiership level players, not enough. I’m sure we could all give a long list of the best Premiership players but I can pretty much guarantee not a single one of them would join us unless we offered stupid wages that would bankrupt the club moving forward.
  17. It depends what your expectations are regarding the level of quality ?
  18. We sort of say that every summer
  19. To be fair on this one I’m not that far off you. He’s decent but that’s about it in my view.
  20. I think Lamie is getting slightly talked up. Being the best of a very poor bunch does not automatically make you a good player. He’s very average at best in my view.
  21. Yorkyred


    I think “if they showed up” would be key. It’s easy to look back with a degree of rose tinted spectacles in my view. Skippy, Pearson, Ainsworth had technical ability but how often were you not aware they were even on the field ? They were incredibly inconsistent which is why we ended up in a play off against a truly dreadful Rangers team that this seasons team would also have beaten in my view.
  22. We’ve finished 5th and reached the quarter finals of the cup and that’s a good season, I’m happy enough. Let’s see what happens in the summer.
  23. The points difference between the old firm and everyone else tells its own story, embarrassing and boring these days and it’s never going to change.
  24. I would certainly take a chance on Scott. He’s young, strong, pretty decent pace, and does have a level of technical ability. Putting all that together that’s superior to a good few of our normal summer signings over the last five years.

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