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  1. Are we actually that far off where we should be ? 8th or so biggest club in Scotland, top six last season and 9th at the moment. I don’t think it’s a problem to want to finish higher, there should always be an ambition to improve but surely that should also be balanced by a realisation that we are not a big city club with a budget to match. Are we saying any Motherwell manager is failing if we don’t finish top six every season ?
  2. I think it all depends on who Alexander brings in, half a dozen decent players will make a real difference. Looking at the season as a whole Campbell has been pretty poor by his standards and I miss Aldred and Kipre way more than I will ever miss Gallagher. Maybe Cole will sign on again and if Carson is fit he’s not the worst number one. Donnally will hopefully be back, he’s been missed for sure and we have two decent full backs already signed on. All is not lost.
  3. Thinking about it that way you may be right, I would certainly see that as a positive for the club.
  4. Very true, we’ve had our moments but much appreciate the support as I do everyone else that has commented, but that’s Motherwell in a nutshell.
  5. Hey it is what it is regardless of the outcome, Prostate Cancer is not the worst one to get so fingers crossed and just getting on with life, the footy is one of the good distractions mate.
  6. Oh it can’t end quick enough for me that’s for sure. It’s been a horrible last 12 months full stop, Covid, the Motherwell team, and now I may have Cancer to totally put the cap on it.
  7. I’m not convinced we are even close to good enough to win the cup, and I’m nearly always positive.
  8. I’m simply responding to the question is the squad as bad as has been stated, given it’s been stated as the worst squad in the last 30 years and a relegation certainty I would have thought it’s probably not that bad. I’m far from happy from what I’ve seen this season though.
  9. It’s not a relegation squad so frankly yes.
  10. Yorkyred

    Big Dec

    And that’s always been my argument. The people stating there was a clause were the same ones that then added the feigning injury line, he then needed to be kept out of the first team even thought he was club captain and when fit the obvious choice, it literally grew arms and legs bases on next to nothing other than a line in a less than reputable rag. I get the argument that the club should make a statement but I’m not at all bothered if they choose to stay quiet on a players contract details, even if it’s just a denial.
  11. Yorkyred

    Big Dec

    But surely the paper talk had to be fact and Gallagher feigned an injury.
  12. I have a feeling if he stayed here Kelly would end up the number one but I don’t see it happening anyway. As you say I think the only way he’d stay up north would be if he signed for one of the bigger clubs, other than that he’s back down south. I think that also applies to Cole who’s record over the last few months should see him set.
  13. Getting rid of the plastic in the top flight is the main thing for me regardless of the club. Never seen a really good game at Accies or Livi.
  14. Long is just not consistent enough, mentality wise you don’t know what version you are getting not even on a game by game basis but a first half v second half basis. I think if he settled with a strike partner he could work with he could be very good, I’m just not convinced that will ever happen with us. Even then I still think he only came back up again because he could not get a deal anywhere else.
  15. Not sure I would want Long for another season, talented but not convinced he will push on with us. Cole, well that’s a different matter but he will surely now get a decent club down south along with Kelly.
  16. Fantastic bit of business, we would have been very lucky to have attracted anyone better.
  17. Surely you will be still laying on the floor in a faint after having a big prick ?
  18. That’s my thoughts, I really don’t understand how destroying the confidence of any Motherwell player is a positive.
  19. I think it’s slightly unfair to call Lamie and McGinley “dross”. Certainly in McGinley’s case he’s shown plenty of glimpses to suggest he could settle into being a very decent addition, Robinson spoke about his abilities and how living on his own in a flat had effected him. Lamie has actually improved and been nowhere near our worst player of late. Given it’s still early and GA could easily have let Crawford and Mugabi go he clearly sees enough to work with and we have to trust him in that even if with a level of scepticism.
  20. That football in general these days unless you’re one of the biggest teams in the world. Even Celtic have been consistently losing their best players over the last few years.
  21. That’s pretty much my feelings. Personally I would not have retained either of those players although I get it’s a squad game. He has however stated he wants a smaller squad and as such that should mean better quality with less leeway for bad decisions when signing players, with the injuries this season we would have been in a dreadful position with a smaller group of players to choose from. Up to this point he’s done exactly what he was signed to do, keep us in the division. He’s not however always got things right and the squad he inherited is better than stated by many in my view, without the crippling injury list we would easily have made top six again and could still finish 7th. As always I’m a glass half full guy and I’m looking forward to what’s in store for next season, he will no doubt bring his own DNA to the table and that in itself is exciting, can’t wait to get back to Fir Park and chat with those around us again.
  22. If that’s the case he won’t be playing another game for us.
  23. Still the cup to go but we are nowhere near good enough to win that so for me that’s the win that allows us to plan for next season. It’s going to be a very interesting summer with a big overhaul but at least GA is not left with a large amount of players still under contract that he can’t move on. I’m expecting another influx of players we have never heard of from the lower leagues down south with no doubt a fair amount of grumbling as to why we are not signing established, quality Scottish players.
  24. Wow Dunne back, thought he may be finished.

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