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  1. Yes think I read one or two reports like that, obviously far off the mark.
  2. How could anyone hate a “Luxury player”.
  3. I would just play our strongest 11. If we want to finish top four these are the winnable games and resting the likes of Polworth and Declan would be crazy. I would rather we rested players against Celtic and Rangers than games where three points are up for grabs.
  4. Ah yes sorry, read those last two posts completely wrong.
  5. But how much of an influence did he really have in many games ? Yes he could knock it around but it often ended up going nowhere. Did we get it wrong letting him go to Hibs, how many games did he end up playing for them ?
  6. I would have thought our model is partly based on selling players. They come through the academy, play with us for a while, then move on to a bigger club. Clubs like Crew did it successfully for years and rebuilt half the stadium on the back of it. While we have the well society could the club stay in the premiership on that alone, hold on to our most valuable players and the entertainment that would bring ? I think the reality is that first and foremost the club wants to stay in the premiership regardless of the quality of football on offer.
  7. That’s my fear, other than that I don’t buy any of the conspiracy chat. He had an op because a detailed medical showed a potential future problem and it’s taking a good while to heal.
  8. Disappointing given he came with a bit of pedigree and on paper looked a good signing.
  9. Maguire is always going to be a centre half for me not being shoehorned into midfield. I would prefer to see him get game time at the back rather than midfield where he’s clearly not comfortable. If that does not happen he either needs to go back out on loan or sadly I can see him being released down the line. I like him and he’s still young but he’s not going to develop out of position.
  10. I guess many of the comments are attention seeking simply because at times they are so daft. And yes many of us react which is the aim at the time.
  11. I would love to see a central striker who can put the ball in the back of the net but don’t see it happening.
  12. To be fair that’s the opinion of the usual suspect, not as far as I’m aware the supporter base in general.
  13. He’s got the most assists by a country mile, probably up there with the highest of anyone in the entire league ?
  14. So we are looking at him coming back with only one year left on his contract, not a great situation for the club. I suspect Celtic back in for him in the summer with an offer of 1million or so.
  15. I would give Carson a start, I feel he’s the better of the two keepers and has been very patient, we miss Donnelly. No one is going to convince me there’s a decent team outside of Celtic and Rangers, it’s up for grabs for anyone who can put a run together. Top six however would be a great achievement regardless, ( I’m guessing everyone on here would have taken it if offered at the start of the season) and more than doable if we hold on to Robinson.
  16. Sorry don’t know what you mean by excuses, I’m simply airing my view on possible outcomes based on experiences with other players in the past. Not sure if a Motherwell player has ever turned down a move to Celtic if given the chance ? Life changing contract on offer, would you turn that down in his position ? As a contract moves further towards ending value drops although he is still contracted to 2001 so maybe not an issue at this time. Look I’m well aware whenever he goes you’re going to take a pop at the club, you nearly always do. But the reality could actually be that was as high a figure we were ever going to get, time will tell.
  17. It would depend if he was happy to stay though, I would doubt he would be with a Celtic hovering. On top of that the closer we get to running down his contract the less he’s worth. We’re not in a particularly good position now in my view and the 3 million which I know a good few though was not enough now looks a good deal. Whatever happens we’re going to end up with a fraction of that or god forbid nothing at all further down the line.
  18. I’m starting to find it pretty strange that his comeback is taking so long given it was stated as a minor preventative op.
  19. It’s been used for years as a form of racism, Spurs fans adopted it as a way of combating that abuse. Not for me personally in a modern society but we don’t live in a perfect society.
  20. Crazy decision, but then one or two on here wanted Robinson sacked not long ago, common sense sometimes goes out the window in sport,
  21. Yep, pretty much, huge gulf in resources and we kept the score down so not a disaster, we move on.
  22. Yep, he is surely a shoe in for the Northern Ireland job.

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