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  1. Sorry I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Was he playing well enough to retain his place in the team ? Not according to many on here who felt he should be dropped. I personally would have kept him in the team but even I was fifty fifty on that. Dropped player is unhappy shocker is all that says to me.
  2. Nothing to read there that does not happen at every club up and down the country, he even states Alexander was right.
  3. To be honest I think the club will feel they should interview Hammell, but he should be nowhere near first team manager. I would not like to see him in place and then start taking abuse.
  4. I’m not sure we should be looking at a club like Dundee United. Even if you look past the size and resources they have been dreadfully run over the years.
  5. Amen, I can’t remember a single time a players performance improved by getting abuse. On the other hand giving support has strange way of improving confidence.
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    Oh luck can play a part, many other factors do of course including losing your most effective player and confidence dropping when you go on a poor run. Injuries can also be added to that but the old “lost the dressing room” is just a tired cliche in many cases in my view. How often is that said followed by players then signing extended contracts ? It it was that bad why did Lamie choose to stay, Van Veen sign an extended contract, Kelly speak up for Alexander to name just three examples. Was ODonnell playing well enough to retain his place, Slattery fit enough ? . There will always be players who fall out with managers, certainly if not being picked, or dropped, that’s just football. In any dressing room there will be four or five not happy.
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    Supporters make things up, always have and always will. Sometimes simple facts like a player actually not playing well enough to retain their place is not seen as good enough, even when half the fan base is stating they’re shit. The “lost the dressing room” is trotted out time and time again, I doubt it’s true 95% of the time.
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    I don’t think Robinson was any different, he more or said so. He was tired of having to constantly build new squads after losing our best players. It’s certainly my belief that Motherwell is now a very tough gig. Limited budget and a percentage of the fanbase who have the mentality that whatever you do it’s never enough. Both Robinson and Alexander took tons of abuse even when reaching cup finals and finishing top six in the league. Where does any manager go from that point, with our budget it’s only going to be backwards. I think the targets set by the board are very different from the targets set by a minority of the fanbase. For Kelly to get the abuse he did at the Sligo game and online was absolutely shocking.
  9. True, just depends if they want someone with top flight experience, I think the risk increases when it’s only league 2.
  10. Someone like Thomson would be a huge risk, surely he needs to take a job at Championship level first or as assistant at a Premiership team.
  11. Main priority is maybe not so much new players but getting those we already have match fit. Question marks certainly need to be asked as to why we look so unfit.
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    And that’s not going to get any easier. Even then all we are doing is developing players for the likes of Rangers and Celtic. Yes we can make some money at times but they spend little time in the first team before moving on.
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    The reality I fear is that’s easier said than done. As you say many are lost before they even have a chance of the first team, those that do come through every few years hardly play a game for the first team before we lose them again and of course that development costs money. Much of what is made in transfer fees then needs to go back into development. If we could keep young talent for a couple of seasons and actually enjoy watching them great but how quickly did we lose Hastie, Scott, Turnbull, their impact was very short and sweet. The problem with handpicked known quantities “of a certain level” is they are chased by everyone else and priced out of our budget hence the club has tried to sign players who have done relatively well at the top end of the championship and decent Premiership level players. Even then we have supporters writing those players off before they have hardly kicked a ball in anger, look at the three new signings this season, it’s not exactly going to install confidence if you are told you’re shite after 30 minutes of the first game. There are a list of players signed from Scottish football over the last couple of years who were certainly not total punts and they pretty much all took a kicking. I would argue most were in fact known quantities “ of a level we can attract, and afford” we’ve just signed another two.
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    On the whole the fanbase are terrific, really passionate about the club. There are however a small minority of the male adults who are akin to rabid dogs, some of abuse they come out with is quite staggering. It seems turning up at Fir park gives permission to just go to town on anyone in a way they would never do at any other time in their lives.
  15. Well as probably the biggest happy clapper I’m my usual full of confidence self. We’re clearly not at the fitness levels needed and Alexander needs to take responsibility for that but it will change. I have to say I did enjoy the comments from our stand in manager who genuinely cares about the club and has that relationship with the supporters. I’m never one for sacking manager after manager and in fairness to Alexander he does deserve a lot of credit at the end, he could have just waited to be sacked and pocketed a huge pay off, he did not do that and probably ended up taking a smaller settlement amount. I did not enjoy the football and in truth I felt he never made a connection with the supporters the way that Robinson did. He’s not someone I will look back on with any real fondness, I’m just not sure Motherwell and Alexander were a match made in heaven which is not his fault. Its now a new start, regardless of what some people say about the squad I believe we have some good players and with the right management I don’t see any reason why we can’t have a decent season. We need to strengthen for sure but we are a million miles from being doomed. Make the right appointment and there is no reason we can’t finish top half again.
  16. It’s just a shame that someone who has supported the club for so long only has negative things to say about it.
  17. Yodo you seem intent on arguing with every forum member today.
  18. Something to build on and for me a really important win even first game. After Sligo this should give the players a real left and well done Kelly.
  19. Anyone is capable of coming good with a bit of time and patience.
  20. Stop the panicking, we will be fine.
  21. Hopefully no more nonsense towards Kelly, yet again the difference.
  22. There are I think only 2 English managers in the History of the club ?
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    I don’t, I was talking about myself mate. God knows how they put up with me.
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    Sounds like Tommy Wright is the man then

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