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  1. Ross Mccrorie is a big miss for them, is Ryan hedges back or still suspended ?
  2. For argument sake, not that this is in anyway an argument, who are we as fans to say that he should be cutting about the pitch with a smile on his face. Even last season when he was scoring he rarely had a smile on his face, that doesn't bother me or should bother anyone else in the slightest. Your point about needless fouls is one I get, but you could argue he is just trying to hard to make things happen, which is surely more likely than deliberately giving away a foul.
  3. For all his faults, which are mainly down to his body language and facial expressions, which I don't have a problem with, Chris Long scored 13 goals in 31 appearances for us last season, that's a goal every 2.38 games, i'd be very interested to see what Alexander can do with him, get him fit, put an arm around him and we could do much much worse, I was pleased when he signed on again, got some turn of pace on him and for some reason I was always confident of him finishing. If he scored up at Ross county first day of the season, things could have much different, he, like most strikers are confidence players. He looks as though he is a player who just need's an arm around him and a bit of belief, change of manager could do him the world of good. I loved his goal at hearts, and the second away to Dundee in the cup. A player with plenty of ability, already on the books who maybe shouldn't be written off just yet?
  4. Never mind Cadden and Irvine, Hibs payed off a lot of staff in the summer and paid 200k for Nisbet, i'm not sure how that sort of stuff works, and i'm sure Hibs could argue he was an investstment who will make them a few million quid soon enough. The same obviously couldn't be said for Gallagher going to Utd given his age but as fans, what do we know. Gallagher situation is an interesting one, so he is three games away from triggering the extension (+/-1) so ideally we want him to trigger the extension, what would happen if he signed a pre today for example, does that null and void the clause in his contract? I don't think for a second Gallagher would be unprofessional, he has to much on the line with the euros coming up.
  5. The silence from the board is deafening? They moved quickly to get a manager in place, the manager is, and rightly so, taking a few days to figure out what he needs and what he doesn't, the recruitment in the summer is being scrutinised quite heavily, we can't afford to get it wrong again. What do you expect from the board? We always keep our recruitment fairly closed to our chest, we are very fortunate that we have Burrows who is upfront with supports over twitter so have a rough idea when a signing is imminent. I seem to disagree with most things you say, it's not intentional, honestly......luxury of football though, it creates good debates and rarely do two people agree. saying that I do agree that we need players, and quality ones at that which is why I am fine with taking a wee bit more time with the recruitment, they probably see Rangers as a bit of a free hit this week, you wonder if it was Killie or St johnstone we would move slightly quicker to get people on board?
  6. aye, there is no way we can get anywhere near Hibs wages. I don't think Irvine and Cadden are like for like, Irvine more central from I remember as well middleeastdave
  7. Jackson Irvine signed for Hibs, that's a good signing. one that would have been well out our price bracket. were we not linked with him years back when he originally joined Ross county?
  8. Along with a picture of mbulu on the bench, nice touch.
  9. Stephen hendrie up against hakim ziyech today.
  10. Have a degree of sympathy for mugabi in that it wasn't a penalty but he dives in, needlessly and gives the ref a decision to make. First half was bright, second we didn't get going. We dont have any real attacking threats from the bench, no one that we can bring on to try stretch things. A positive first half, moved the ball well. We also defended well for most of the game. Positives to take from the first half. A cb and wide man should be top of the list.
  11. Where do I start? SOD on the right of a back three? Lamie in the starting 11, mark o'hara at rwb is that? I know grimmy has played in the middle as a youth and last week, but i wouldn't have him in there over crawford or maguire. Not really sure what position you have watt and cole playing, CAM? With jordan white up top? Don't need to explain that surely? Kelly SOD Gallagher o'hara carroll Campbell polworth crawford/maguire Hastie watt cole
  12. I've been reasonably impressed with Crawford, saying that there isn't much between him ane Barry Maguire so would be happy with either. Is crawford a bit more of a battler? O'hara in at CB Carroll looked miles off it last week, however that's to be expected and that sharpness will only come back with game time so would probably go with him. Would like to see us test Tait with some pace. We know he isn't the quickest, lets use it to our advantage.
  13. To take that one step further, I reckon most managers would tell you where to go, not just Tommy Wright.

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