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  1. Match worn shirts....anyone have any for sale?
  2. Appreciate that.
  3. Does anybody have this top they would be wiling to part with, ideally size large, it was my first ever Well top.
  4. On the new guys, it will be interesting. Can't see Tierney starting. With Shaw, he is very loyal to a winning team so the midfield would be Goss, Donnelly and Maguire. I would have thought slattery is a cert to come back in. Does someone else drop out for Shaw. Keeps his cards very close to his chest with injuries/covid etc so the line up could be anythjng.
  5. Spare adult ticket for the game, if anyone is after one. Agree with above, hungbo and Charles Cook are the threats. Week defensively.
  6. Mallard was going to be my go to, wouldn't mind finding somewhere with a few well fans in it.
  7. Totally forgot we had Hastie on loan last season.
  8. So, anywhere decent for a few pints before the game?
  9. whilst you are correct the chances of that being a real issue in the next 6 months are probably quite slim? if we meet celtic in the final of the scottish cup I will stand corrected. Have I not seen play? I watched the Betis game, he actually played well, didn't look out of place at all, against a very good european side, however i accept 65 minutes isn't much to form an opinion on a player (Despite the best efforts of some on this foum) I will also trust the judgement of the Sheff wed and Celtic fans who have seen him more often than me that rate him, that's enough to convince me that he is probably a better option than a couple of current midfielders. O'Hara is injured for the foreseeable future and Grimshaw isn't a midfielder despite our best efforts to make that work. Given Donnelly is made of chocolate, Goss and slattery enjoy racking up bookings and any potential covid issues, we could very quickly find ourselves short. Like I said, the versatility could be crucial going into the second half of the season.
  10. I kind of get that, but are celtic really a rival club, we will rarely be in direct competition with them, certainly not enough for me to worry about a boy coming in on lon for 6 months, and if his performances contribute to us finishing in the top 4 or 5, I don't think anyone would complain too much once he packs his bags and goes back to Celtic. From what I have heard he is quite highly rated by the celtic fans (and sheff wed before his departure) in his few appearances this season, showed up well in europe against Real betis as well. He will almost certainly be an upgrade on a few of our current midfielders, meaning we could maybe look to move a couple on, we have O'hara out for the foreseeable as well. Could it be an opportunity for Cornelius to go and get regular game time in the championship? which would surely benefit both us and the player going forward. He has shown up well in his outings, not sure he would be seen as a starter though would he? someone also mentioned on pie & bovril, that he has played just about everywhere on the park, all across the back 4 and through the middle of the midfield (DM,CM & AM) so that versatility can't be a bad thing, especially going into the second half of the season with covid being so rife at the moment.
  11. I know this is a fairly common view point, but why?
  12. Tam Cowan mentioned the Dundee link on sportsound, if he did end up there, that would be an utterly bizarre move, however I would take it with a huge pinch of salt, surely not?
  13. That is very true, realistically you have Cornelius who is anywhere near being of the standard to shift on, even then, he has made two appearances so that will be a while away yet, the next lot of youngsters are still only 15/16/17. I suppose to counteract that, we do have sellable assets, Kelly, Slattery and Sondre are probably the next lot we would be actively punting for a few quid. you are right though, although we might not be a charity case, money through the doors will always be welcome.
  14. I didn't realise it was much as 80k for every place, 500k probably seems about right. I suppose we are weirdly in quite a strong position if we did want to try and attract a fee. Don't need the money, Watt is probably quite happy to hang around until then at least. And as mentioned, clubs are usually a bit desperate for anyone that can find the net in the January window.

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