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  1. The ball to Hylton wasn't the best, slightly over hit, however that wasn't the ball in the first place, Polworth should slid in Aarons to his left.
  2. Polworth and Mugabi doubts, I think we need to keep three in the middle of the park otherwise risk been over run. Obviously Turnbull on the bench now and i'm sure it will remain that way. Only other option is Maguire but does that leave us lacking creativity in the middle?
  3. I wish i had Known this, the queue wasn't particularly long and took ages.
  4. I just left the house slightly earlier and bought them from the ticket office. have to say there was quite a few folk in buying, could be a decent crowd through.
  5. A dedicated match day twitter account could well be an idea, which for people like myself can follow if they please and can ignore otherwise. Sometimes, particularly since the turn of the year, no news is good news, especially since any news seems to have been goal for anyone other than motherwell haha. I am sure there is a middle ground somewhere which would have every fan happy. Just realised I implied we could have something that would keep every fan happy and realised how mental I sound.
  6. As many as I possibly can, I don't have a season ticket as it's just not viable, still play football on a saturday. This season I have been to maybe just over 20 games (mixture of home and away) Out of interest, why do you ask?
  7. I may be in the minority but I much prefer the current media content as opposed to the 'basic media content' the match updates for example don't interest me in the slightest, every 25 minutes highlighting the key points is fine, along with goals and subs. I couldn't care less about hearing of Chris long's shot that deflected of the Ross county CB in which the resultant corner was collected by Ross Laidlaw. Followed 30 seconds later by Ross countys quick break which was broken down by Grimshaw. When scrolling through the twitter feed it is a waste of time. Does the Viva motherwell page not post match updates now anyway?
  8. right what's the script when buying tickets online? does a ticket get sent out to you, can you scan your phone or am I better picking one up at the county game tonight?
  9. Do you need to buy tickets before hand or will there be a pay at the gate option?
  10. We don't have another reserve game until the 9th march according to the website so I am guessing that's why he has been put in the squad. The team could do with the lift of having him back, must be some buzz knowing one of the best if not the best young player in Scotland is on the verge of coming back. I doubt anyone, Robbo, Physio, specialist or even the player would have been happy going back in the squad if he wasn't ready. I think everyone has dealt with the whole situation very well, not putting any timeline on it which in turn puts pressure on the player to be back for xyz. I have thought for a while that he is slightly further forward than the club are letting on, Robbo said a few weeks ago we don't expect to see him until April and here we are.
  11. We've not managed to beat st mirren at three attempts of asking. Not good enough. Im fed up of playing st mirren. Cant help but think a week of will do everyone some good, recharge the batteries, seems to have been game after game recently.
  12. I have noticed in the last few games Maurice Ross has been playing more of a first team role on match days, he has been out on the park prepping defenders and against St johnstone was on at half time talking to Maciver. Not sure if this is coincidental or not.
  13. Those hounding him out the door are wild, the second is probably a booking but I don't think there much in it, He tries to win back possession and is a bit late, it's not as though he has absolutely flew in to the challenge at any great pace or anything. Maybe a silly tackle to make in the grand scheme of things but you seem them go unpunished multiple times in a game. The boy Hunt's tackle on Aarons has went relatively unmentioned, that is a wild challenge, a sending off every day of the week, late, reckless, our of control, at speed, doesn't win the ball, anything else?
  14. when you posted it, for me it was Donnelly and Polworth, I thought Donelly was done at CB however gladly ( or maybe more relieved) he played very well so I am happy to admit maybe I was wrong on that one, he maybe does still have CB in his locker. You do still have Polworth as a square peg in a round hole though playing in left midfield? It is a dilemma because when Turnbull is back, we have 4 very capable players for three roles. I don't know who drops out and I am glad it is not my decision.
  15. Turnbull apparently back in full training and completed an 11 v 11 match according to viva motherwell on twitter.

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