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  1. Someone made a point about losing wingers and going 4-2-2-2. Campbell Donnelly Turnbull Polworth Scott Long fuck knows if it would work, but Donelly proves his worth time and time again and Campbell and polworth are to good to drop. suppose it's similar to last nights formation, 4 cm's
  2. so, European places, 1st and 2nd champions league this season, 3rd and 4th Europa league and if the winner of the Scottish cup is already in Europe, the place goes to 5th? is this correct?
  3. Elliot Frear in a nightmare 11 is an absolutely wild shout, he wasn't a world beater by any stretch of the imagination but to have him in a nightmare 11 is way off the mark.
  4. Noticed in the ticket section, the club are selling bus tickets for Bus number 3, there are two buses leaving from Club 100 as well. I know of another couple of buses running and i'd imagine the usual central branch buses will be going to. what sort of crowd do we think we will pull?
  5. After googling to see whether or not he is, it turns out Steven Mcgarry is actually one of four players as voted by fans to have one of the streets around the old love street named after him, Mcgarry terrace.
  6. Plus I am fully on board with Europe next season and quite frankly won't accept 6th place.
  7. The lack of Turnbull Content is because he will actually be starting in behind the striker on saturday, started running months ago.
  8. I don't think griffiths would hamper eithers development considering how much we rotate anyway, and sometimes even play two up top. Both could learn a lot of Griffiths.
  9. It's definitely one that would split opinion, i would take the chance, off field issues or not, if he can get the half player he was at Celtic for 6 months then we have got a player on our hands, Can be no worse than Mccormack surely haha.
  10. I first noticed the rumour on twitter, seen a celtic page post it, and another celtic fan followed it up by saying he had been offered to us, whether or not there is any truth in it, who knows. Seems to be gathering momentum with some well fans on twitter/facebook.
  11. anyone idea on how many tickets have been sold for dundee?
  12. So Leigh Griffiths on loan seems to be doing the rounds, thoughts?
  13. Absolutely no chance we will see five players coming in this window.
  14. Alex Gorrin also a target for Blackburn

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