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  1. Apologies, yeah, English premier league.....which in fairness is very decent, home fans don't get that privilege, I think they were taking into account travel, food and drink involved for away fans.
  2. Away tickets are capped at £30.00 for away fans in the premier league, regardless of fixture.
  3. A point in Perth is never a bad result.
  4. Criminal not winning the header from the ball into the box, seemed to duck under it.
  5. The ever reliable bbc gossip column reporting that us and hibs are set to miss out on oddofin, to rotherham.
  6. Never seen the game, i wouldn't have changed the team from saturday though. Van veen gaveus a focal point, Donnelly is miles ahead of crawford. Need bodies in badly.
  7. sure I heard Craigan mention them doing a double session on Tuesday as well which can't be easy on the legs.
  8. Mugabi is still going through Rehab for his injury. The league cup games are a fine balance between picking the right squad, in terms of where players are with their fitness and going and winning the game, it wasn't pretty last night, at all, but we won, job done, much bigger test on saturday. Queens park looked much sharper, I am not sure how many friendlies they have played though, they also have one competitive game ticked off as well, and it showed. I wouldn't look into it too much though. Positives, I thought O'Connor done okay, Cornelius showed some nice flashes, Woolery showed he has something and Van Veen chipped the keeper, got boo'ed and flung the ball away. PLENTY of room for improvement, not going to come on here and have a go at individuals, we all know this is a glorified pre season friendly. we won, onto Saturday.
  9. And chipping the keeper 3 minutes after coming on.
  10. This midfield is miles off it.
  11. Can you apply for the ballot if you took up the standing order option for the season ticket? fwiw, season ticket holders should always get first dibs at tickets IMO, once in a blue moon is there a ticket scramble for a Motherwell fixture. St mirren in the scottish a few seasons ago, Fortmartine last season would probably have been the same.
  12. Record reporting Matthew Connolly has signed a new deal.

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