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  1. I think based on Wednesday it would be very harsh to drop Mugabi,
  2. watched the penalty back, referee gets it right for me unfortunately. Not enough contact to go down for me, i think there was maybe a pull outside the box but once he makes it into the box he seems to go down at the very first opportunity.
  3. Maguire looks suspect for both goals.
  4. Never considered that to be fair, might see it as a chance into the national set up when he looks at Carson and Donnelly.
  5. He posted a video of him running for the first time the other day, he won't be pulling a shirt on in a few weeks. I reckon Scottish cup game in January will be the target.
  6. coming into December, Pre contracts can be signed....you reckon we would have a look at Matty Kennedy at St Johnstone. Last season he would probably have been outwith our reach but he seems to not have kicked on so much this season. definitely a player there though, and if St johnstone are still scrapping about the bottom then i doubt they will be able to break the bank in terms of wages to offer him a new deal if they do end up going down.
  7. Anyone suggesting you would have Stevie Mallan in our midfield is mental, a complete waste of a jersey. Heckinbottom played him out on the right to keep him as far away as possible from the bulk of play as possible, only on the park to take free kicks and corners, that say's a lot about him as a player, Campbell, Donnelly, Polworth all day.
  8. Stevie Mallan will bully nobody, he's a shite bag of the highest order. always bottles out of tackles.
  9. And when we drop our most creative player, will you be on here begging for more creativity in the middle of the park whilst we have 10 assists sitting on the bench? I'm not going to pick apart any of our players performances against either of the old firm, what's the point? the whole team was of the boil against Aberdeen, i wasn't at the Livi so can't comment. Against Killie though he played well, played the ball for the first goal, looked after possession well enough, considering killie played with 10 men behind the ball after the red card. To suggest dropping him, for me, is wild.
  10. I honestly couldn't care less about a safe standing area, suppose it would save some money but other than that it doesn't interest me in the slightest, does it really add or subtract from the match day experience/atmosphere. I don't think so. Parkhead doesn't all of a sudden have a better atmosphere cause a few thousand fans can stand, same goes for Dortmund. Grass and four stands is a must, Ideally down the scandanavian route if possible.
  11. Robinson has always said he will repay loyalty with loyalty, I don't think he would jump ship half way through the season in the position we are in. He knows he has a good gig at motherwell, after his last dodgy spell at oldham I reckon he will pick and choose his move more wisely.
  12. Cadden and Gorrin's oxford utd drawn against Man city, cadds going toe to toe with Raheem sterling whilst Gorrin battles it out against David Silva and De Bruyne. Lump your money on a Gorrin booking.
  13. I actually thought it was quite a pleasing performance last night, Gallagher and Hartley won everything in the air. Once killie went down to 10 it was always going to be something a bit special that got us the second, as soon as we crossed into the Killie half it was every man behind the ball. We kept possession well enough with out looking too dangerous. Hartley at fault for there goal, he has to clear that for me however Hylton failed to track O'donnell's run which led to the foul as well. performance wise, most get pass marks, midfield 3 were good....campbell as dogged as ever, Polworth and Donnelly looked after the ball well, I thought Long was excellent, he never stopped running, won umpteen corners from nothing, deserved a goal. I think Hartley was having a go at Scott for not running the ball into the corner with a minute to go, which in turn led to a killie corner.

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