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    Well well well...
  2. Kelly, has apparently, said he would be interested in a return, he is enjoying his football (god knows how), and even used the words it feels like home i'm sure. I don't think it is completely out the question, no idea how the finances would work or anything but I don't think it is completely out the question. If he was to come back, I would fully expect him to be the number one? Is Morrison ready to make the step up? probably as the number two, seems to have been well thought where ever he has went on loan.
  3. This really grinded my gears as well, replacing Campbell with Lamie, whilst Cornelius sits on the bench, Cmon.
  4. strikes me as a real make or break time for some of the academy boys, nowhere near enough game time for most of them, some could maybe have done with being shipped out but we weren't able to due to injuries. Max Johnstone is young enough and will maybe head out on loan next season. Where does that leave Semple, Devine, Hussain, Robinson etc?
  5. yes, maybe I didn't word that too well, I'm certainly not expecting a new face to come in for every one that departs. Maybe an interesting summer is more apt? Do love a rumour though, think most fans do haha.
  6. Since the contract announcements are starting to roll in, Anyone heard any rumours etc, massive rebuild on the cards, however one which is very much required, a lot of deadwood in the squad. I'd like to see Cole resign, however he might have earned a move down south, even more so if he gets another couple before the season is out. Wouldn't be against Long either, if he was up for it. Donnelly is like a new signing, however I feel as though we say that every season, even though his injury this time round was ridiculously bad luck. only Rumour I have heard is Scott Robinson, someone also mentioned John Guthrie at Livi as he is out of contract. this years out of contract players, might not be 100% as a few of ours have resigned and they still appear; https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/scottish-premiership/endendevertraege/wettbewerb/SC1
  7. There was a story doing the rounds that we were after Reo Griffiths from Lyon on loan in January, Didn't materialise obviously, maybe an idea of the sort of player we may be looking at in summer.
  8. yeah, I reckon i'd be here all day trying to drum enough reasons as to why he was better than the likes of Grimmy, Maguire etc, with regards to a better starting 11, it would be good to know how Alexander views him going into next season, that would give us a good idea of what to expect. on midfielders, I actually quite like O'hara, I know a few here really don't, mainly @Onthefringes, but he has just been MIA since January. Top of Alexanders list has to be a creative midfielder cause we have missed one terribly this season.
  9. haha, that's alright mate. I seem to remember Partick fans having a few things to say when we signed him, having it looked at it, he only played ten games, so easily forgotten.
  10. apparently Hampden will be in the hands of the euro commitee by the time the final comes round and the ground will be getting prepared for that. If the authorities deem 12k fans in the stadium safe two weeks later you would think 5/6k at the final wouldn't be the worst idea?
  11. Crawford has done a fairly decent job with us, like you say, he might not be the most talented but he is hard working, that goes a long way at our level, Allan Campbell is probably a prime example of someone who doesn't have the most talent in the world but works hard and is good at it at being that battler, albeit Campbell has added some more attacking aspects to his game now. The not good enough for livingston thing doesn't really matter to me either tbh, Jake Carroll wasn't good enough for Partick, Tom Aldred for bury, the list is endless. could we do better? yes, could we do worse? yes, much worse.
  12. looking back on Saturday, a very professional performance. some nice goals in the second half as well as some pretty decent football. Banana skin avoided. Though Foley done well when he came on. Lamie for Campbell was a weird sub, would liked to have seen Cornelius. Watt and Jock Brown kept referring to Dec as being exceptional which I found bizarre given he had next to nothing to do. Favourable ties in the next rounds and a good chance to go and have a pop, Hibs probably suits us more than being away to Livi, Killie, St johnstone etc.
  13. For the sake of pure speculation and a view to next season. Connor shields at QOTS worth a look? Started at Albion rovers, got a big move to Sunderland which never really worked out and had a few moves since, 9 goals in 17 games this season, 3 assists. Out of contract in May, still only 23. Anyone know more about him?
  14. Neilwell86

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    couldn't have said it better myself, those sections have driven themselves nuts with the conspiracy theories they are cooking up in their heads.. 'if it was false news the club should have announced as such' and 'I have no problem if club keep it in house as Burrows said himself all contracts are personal' - huge contradiction here, like you said the club don't have to announce anything, and probably never will, Dec will leave in the summer and that's that, there isn't going to be some shock finale, You have absolutely no idea what has gone on, none of us do and based on that, surely taking the word of the club and Dec himself that he is indeed injured as opposed to a single article in the daily record seems the more sensible option? what happens if he plays on Saturday and Triggers this magic extension where does that leave your wild theories?
  15. Neilwell86

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    In a game where we were likely to dominate large spells of possession, Mctominay made perfect sense last night, someone that can take the ball out from the back and build. I don't think it is a case of being preferred to Gallagher, the game just didn't suit someone who's main attributes are defensive, doesn't take a football genius to figure that out. I think Gallagher's injury although suspiciously timed is just that, really bad timing, Gallagher was absolutely nailed onto to start after his performances against Serbia particularly, there is no way he would risk that surely, if he wanted the move in the summer I don't think the club would have been difficult to deal with regarding that, certainly not enough to drag it on for the best part of two months before he was back in squads. everyone seems to be tripping over themselves to make up conspiracy theories without having any evidence, other than an article in the daily record which should be taken with the slightest pinch of salt just Imagine this, could he actually have been injured, MENTAL, I KNOW !! Gallagher has found himself in a position that no one would have anticipated, he owe's the club nothing at all, he was good for us, we were good for him, one last decent pay day for him coming I am sure, thanks for your service, next.

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