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  1. Fifa is by no means 100% accurate, but i'm sure it's decent enough gauge here. In last years edition, Campbells pace was 71 as opposed to John Mcginn who was 73, is Allan Campebll slow? I wouldn't say so. you look at a club like Brentford who just raked in 25 million, possibly more, for ollie watkins, is a 1.5-2m punt on Campbell a wild suggestion, even then I wouldn't even refer to it as a punt. I personally don't think the championship is anything to be raved about, the standard out with 5 or 6 teams is average at best, he would do just fine in that league i'd imagine.
  2. I have a degree of sympathy on the penalty front, these teams are so street wise its incredible. The referees buy it as well. Saying that, today's was a pen but generally speaking.
  3. Don't particularly agree with the Jordan white for Tony Watt change, maybe saving him for sunday before he gets injured?
  4. I'd be quite happy for tony watt to absolutely cement someone now, this lot are horrible.
  5. Thank god you aren't in charge of the club, mental idea.
  6. Coleraine went from being a top end championship team to being comfortably beaten by a good junior team, lets not forget this same team knocked out Maribor in the last round away from home. Regardless of how far along they are in pre season going over there with the attitude that we should have progressed comfortably is ignorant to say the least. The park was terrible, that brings any side down a level or two, you cannot play football on that. Scotland might not be blessed with great surfaces but that is on par with a council run sunday league pitch. Both penalties looked very soft, the ref gave us nothing all night. We could have been out of sight in the first half and probably should have been but conceding that early penalty makes it a whole different ball game. At the end of the day, it wasn't pretty but we are in the hat for the next round and they aren't.
  7. And even at that, that was a high flying Ross county team, I think the most disappointing aspect was that the youngsters gave them a run for there money a few months previous.
  8. Jordan white offered absolutely nothing, didnt hold the ball up well enough, nothing in behind. The two wingers are for the most part missing, cant beat a man. We need to go two up top from now on.
  9. A clean sheet, good performance from everyone, campbell and Turnbull looked good, o'donnell a huge improvement, kept hibs quiet for the most part. We deserved the three points but a point at easter road is a good result. Calling watt out is miles off it.
  10. He was hobbling around at the end of the game, I know that much.
  11. My bad, think I conveniently blocked that bit out haha. I now agree with you.
  12. Seedorf done very well last night, in his 30 minutes or so. Doesn't put him at the top of the pile in our 'best team' absolutely no way !! he has to build on that, starting saturday. Lets not forget 99% of our fan base would have been happy to see the back of him after last season
  13. Such an anti climax, but there were some positives, Seedorf being the main one. Carson and the defence done well enough, penalty aside. Nullified Ross county for the most part. Lang looked bright when he came on, for me the Red card was harsh but he showed enough. He has to put that header away though. Long got himself into some good positions in the first half but the second half he was non existent, Ross county just sat deeper and deeper with no space in behind. Robinson tried to shoehorn Turnbull and Polworth into the same side which I think everyone could agree would be class, we now know it doesn't work and at least he changed it. I doubt we will see that again, thankfully. I had no faith in Donnelly hitting that penalty, that's him now missed the target with his last two so that's another thing we can tick off the list of ever seeing again, for me, it had to be Turnbull. Performance wasn't great, Ross county looked much hungrier in the first 20 minutes and seemed to the extra running that we lacked, they seem to be quite street wise, which we don't . I suppose that comes with having an older squad. very very disappointing but not a complete disaster, hopefully we see two WINGERS on saturday, with a midfield involving Turnbull and Campbell.
  14. BBC has lang down as making his debut tonight, whether that's off the bench who knows. Suspect we will see Tony watt start tonight, based on the fact he has had a 'full' pre season. The rest is anyones guess, 5 subs gives us plenty of chance to mix it up if need be.

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