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  1. This was posted on P&B, boy in the background wearing number 13? any ideas, Chris Long? Based on absolutely nothing btw, other than one second I think it sort of looks like him and the next I think it looks nothing like him.
  2. if it were to be a move to an English side, surely a 6 month loan back to us wouldn't be the worst idea with our season starting in three weeks and the English sides still to even finish this season. Otherwise Turnbull is looking at a very very long time without playing.
  3. Stoke interested in Turnbull according to the record, as is Steve Bruce at Newcastle
  4. being on Sky, a stream won't be particularly difficult to come across anyway.
  5. Gillespie confirmed at Newcastle on a 3 year deal, fair play to him. No doubt getting his motherwell wage ten times over on that contract. You have to wonder how much football he is actually going to play in those 3 years though, could genuinely not play a single senior game in that time which at 28 would be a massive step back coming into his prime years so to speak. Good on him but.
  6. I will opt for the latter of the two, definitely have there fans on strings.
  7. Agree with the above, definitely a player there. one on one I was always confident he would score. I loved that 2nd goal away to Dundee. in fact, that was just a cracking day out.
  8. This is now being discussed on a rangers forum according to someone in my group chat.
  9. Also, in the case of Jamie Murphy, it wouldn't be a loan to aid his development. He is also out of contract next season at rangers so it could be with a view to getting him permanently.
  10. I think uefa subsidise some of the travel bill. Maybe not all, but i seem to remember this coming up when we played krasnodar.
  11. Maybe didn't phrase it right, a sensible fan maybe the right term? But then are any fans sensible?
  12. Can't imagine there is a fan alive who wants to see the back of Robinson. If he does get the Job he will leave with everyones best wishes. Anyway, worst case scenario, the motherwell job would be right appealing which will hopefully put the usual shouts of Owen coyle and John Hughes to bed.
  13. Are any of those boys better options than o'hara? Or even ready to step up, semple is a different type of midfilder, probably behind tunrbull and polworth in the pecking order. I don't know much about cornelius, highly rated but is he ready for the step up yet? Who else is there, Barry Maguire?
  14. You seem to be the only person who isn't happy with him signing. Solid enough player at our level, we know what we are getting with him, still young enough. Who's pathway does he block, out of interest?
  15. Mark o'hara official, two year deal.

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