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  1. Whilst I agree with you, I have sympathy with the board, managers etc in how difficult it must have been to convince anyone to sign during a pandemic.
  2. So a rumour, as such, Ethan Robson on loan possibly, was linked a few months back. VIVA Motherwell on twitter posted it.
  3. of course Money talks, but having just moved his family up into Scotland you would think it would take some offer to undo all that.
  4. that's Devante Cole off to Barnsley, good move for him, another good advert for us, they missed out on the prem only by the play offs. Moult or Lafferty need announced pronto !!
  5. i'm very much on the same wavelength with you here, I think players with a strong work ethic go down well amongst our support, most will forgive a lack of skill with players that leave it all on the park. Crawford and Mugabi are kind of in the middle for me, Personally I think they are fine, however I can 100% see why others may not. Mugabi has a wild moment in him however if you ask him to defend he does so well enough, very athletic and good in the air. Crawford much the same just in midfield, he does the nitty gritty side of it well, and again if you ask him to keep it simple, he is solid enough. The signing we make to accompany these types is where our final league position will be decided.
  6. You have to remember how many bodies we let go, got rid of, or lost at the end of the season. A bit of continuity can't be a bad thing, especially for the premier sports cup group stages, having players who know what Alexander want's to navigate early banana skins could prove quite sensible. Fox will be there as back up, nothing more. Carroll, Mugabi and Crawford will do a job, we know what we are getting from them, might not be the most inspiring signings for fans, mainly because we would much rather see new faces regardless of how good they are on most occasions but they will be good guys to have around the place. even with these guys signing on and GA looking at between 7-10 new faces, it still leaves a smaller squad so I wouldn't look too much into it, I guess with Crawford and Mugabi signing on, it gives Cornelius and Devine a chance to go and play every week out on loan, saying that we may have bigger plans for both.
  7. cheers OTF, glad that we are an option at least, much better offers on the table I am sure. Hopefully the affiliation with the club goes in our favour.
  8. There seems to be a lot of chat on twitter about folk hearing rumours etc, are we signing Moult?
  9. I'm actually in the lafferty in camp, can see your point on age and can definitely see your point about finding another Louis moult, but like you say that is easier said than done. We could be waiting a while. Lafferty will score you goals in this league, I don't actually have a problem with his attitude, does he even have an attitude problem? A bit of of a funny past off the park but he seemed to be well liked at Killie.
  10. Agreed, he looked handy in the televised games (old firm) where he had one job and that was to run at folk and put them under pressure, that seemed to be his only trait though. Apparently stormed out the stadium after being subbed and after Alexander's chat about characters, he doesn't tick that box either.
  11. Scott Robinson signs with Killie which kills off that rumour.
  12. Some of the twitter comments are wild, guys raging that he has left in this manner, thrown it back in our faces was being thrown about quite a lot. Best of luck to the guy, A horrible two years or so and a fresh start is definitely required to get his career back on track. Seems a genuinely cracking guy.
  13. he probably does, however he has scored 12 goals since march so you could probably make an exception on him, more than any on our squad scored the full season.
  14. This argument has absolutely zero traction for me, take hearts last year, i'd probably have taken half their squad if I was given the option. on the Killie players, Lafferty, that's it, I think the rest are either not what we are looking for, or getting on a bit.
  15. There is that of course, shame being a good guy doesn't win you football matches. I would absolutely love Moult back btw, but how shite would it be if he didn't hit the ground running, a bit like Ojamma. I won't use Mccormack as an example because Moult's attitude, without knowing Ross Mccormack at all btw, is levels above. FWIW, Lafferty often helps out with an East Kilbride team and by all accounts is quite sound, buy's a round in the pub.
  16. taking Moult's affiliation with Motherwell out of the equation, why? Lafferty has scored 12 goals since he made his debut for killie in march, Moult hasn't kicked a ball in 18 months. Lafferty seem's very much in the Tony Watt mould, folk were very much against that at the time and look how it turned out. Not saying it goes exactly the same way obviously but id rather he was scoring double figures for us than he was for say Dundee UTD. anyway, it's all hypothetical. edit, just seen a post above, lafferty is 34 soon, didn't have him being that old which definitely changes things.
  17. Ross county (did) pay pretty well as well from memory, Maybe they have scaled it back now right enough but I vaguely remember some chat when Jackson Irvine signed for them that we were also in for him but could get nowhere near Ross county's offer. Roy Macgregor back's them very well.
  18. I actually made a comment a few months ago that we he would b worth having a look at. Started at Albion Rovers I think and got a move to sunderland and never quite kicked on. Seen him a few times on Alba on a friday night but that's about it, looked tidy, Scored a lovely goal at Tynecastle. https://www.facebook.com/spflofficial/videos/️-totw-st-connor-shields-️-it-took-shields-just-2-minutes-against-hearts-to-brea/1502530343282925/
  19. Can't see them selling already, would also be very disappointing from a Motherwell point of view, another season at the levels he has shown and that 7m becomes 14m.
  20. I thought that actually but couldn't imagine Livi forking out too much, I notice in the official announcement they mentioned receiving an undisclosed fee for JET, maybe there is something in place. fwiw, my opinion on Anderson is based on him looking sharp against us, doesn't say much though.
  21. whilst they might be pushing towards the wrong side of 30, they are clearly opting for experience. Forgetting everything that has went on with Gallagher he is very assured at this level and will improve Aberdeen's back line. Jay Emmanuel-Thomas as well, Aberdeen Struggled up that end of the pitch this season, however he has slowly became one of Livi's best players, the fitter he got, the better he got, it was mentioned on Open goal that technically he is unbelievable. it's clearly not a long term plan but I reckon it will prove smart business from Aberdeen. saying that though, Glass has hardly set the heather alight so far. Bruce Anderson is decent business for Livi.
  22. maybe it was slightly lazy however he was a decent enough SPFL player so you can see the reasoning behind it. I just don't think all is lost.....YET.
  23. I am going to give lawless the benefit of the doubt, before coming in he had played very little football, he had barely trained either with his injury, he then got injured again when he came in and missed another month or so. He hasn't been great but I will put that down to match sharpness as opposed to him being a dud. Get a good pre season under his belt and we will see a much better player. I am sure of it.
  24. He was on trial with Brighton, not sure if anything came of it but he will have bigger clubs than us after him.
  25. Odoffin signed an extension in January.

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