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  1. alanos

    2019-20 Rebuild

    No science to this what's so ever. Just looked at out of contract players and knocked this up. A lot of theses are almost certainly out of our price range, but may have a desire to return to Scotland or whatever. Just my thoughts. Thought it might encourage some debate... Name Club Nationality Position Age Mark O’Hara Peterborough Scottish Central Midfield 23 Transfer Listed Lewis Macleod Brentford Scottish Central Midfield 24 Freed Robbie Crawford Ayr Utd Scottish Central Midfield 24 Out of Contract Josh McEachran Brentford English Central Midfield 26 Freed Craig Bryson Derby Scottish Central Midfield 32 Out of Contract James Morrison West Brom Scottish Central Midfield 32 Out of Contract Daniel Lafferty Sheffield Utd Northern Ireland Left Back 29 Freed Lee Wallace Rangers Scottish Left Back 31 Freed Cammy Kerr Dundee Scottish Right Back 23 Out of Contract Liam Palmer Sheffield Wed Scottish Right Back 27 Out of Contract Alan Hutton Aston Villa Scottish Right Back 34 Out of Contract Lawrence Shankland Ayr Utd Scottish Striker 23 Out of Contract Conor Washington Sheffield Utd Northern Ireland Striker 27 Freed Craig Conway Blackburn Scottish Winger 34 Out of Contract Jamie Ward Nottingham Forrest Northern Ireland Winger / Striker 32 Out of Contract
  2. alanos

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Fisher released by Yeovil. Ainsworth released by Plymouth.
  3. alanos

    Maurice Ross

    He seems to care. I tweeted one time about a reserve game. Nothing important. However, Maurice responded and gave me the facts. I was impressed anyway.
  4. alanos

    2019-20 Rebuild

    As it stands, I'd say our team for next year is currently (based on signed players and everyone fit): Gillespie; Tait, Gallagher, Dunne, Carroll; Tanner, Grimshaw, Campbell, Turnbull, Polworth; Scott Subs: Carson, Maguire, Hartley, Livingstone, Fane, Semple, Johnson As for out of contract players, these are my thoughts on who will sign on again / be freed: Peter Morrison - Freed Tom Aldred - Away Christian Mbulu - 1 year deal Shaun Bowers - Freed Carl McHugh - Away Chris Cadden - 2 year deal Elliott Frear - Away Gboly Ariyibi - Back on Loan? Alejandro Rodriguez Gorrin - Away Shea Gordon - Freed Craig Tanner - 1 year deal Liam Brown - Freed Kyle McDonald - 1 year deal Broque Watson - Freed Curtis Main - Away George Newell - Freed Conor Sammon - Away Neil McLaughlin - Freed Thoughts?
  5. Just voted today. Went For Gillespie (Player) & Turnbull (Young Player).
  6. alanos

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

    Stuart McKinstry looked good in setting up the goals. Is he deffo away to Leeds?
  7. alanos

    The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    Anyone know who the striker was that didn't appear after the other club 'pulled the plug'?
  8. alanos

    Scottish Premiership Game 23: Hearts (A) 27/01/18 15:00

    My team: Carson Kipre Aldred Hartley Tait Dunne Cadden McHugh Campbelll Tanner Main
  9. alanos

    Review Of Season So Far

    Here is my evaluation of the squad so far this season. Trevor Carson (10) An excellent number 1. Sorely missed at the moment. Russell Griffiths (6) Seemed a good backup until called upon. Hasn’t covered himself in glory the last few weeks. Will be off at end of season as Rohan Ferguson comes in to the squad. Richard Tait ( Has played in a couple of different positions this season. Always gives you everything. Reasonable crosser of the ball but needs to defend better. Steven Hammell (7) Decent backup. Surely his last season. Peter Hartley (10) Great signing. Priority to get him permanently signed up ASAP. Ellis Plummer (5) Haven’t seen him to judge and that probably sums up his time so far. Seems to be injured most of the time. Charles Dunne (7) Is caught out of position fairly regularly. Can’t pass the ball. Has reasonable pace and is strong. Needs replaced and moved down the pecking order to backup. Cédric Kipré (9) Still raw at times and with a few mistakes in him, but generally good. If he improves on his concentration and cuts out the mistakes, we’ll have some player. Liam Grimshaw (7) Decent enough squad player. If he can recapture the form he had first time around, he may be good enough to start more regularly. Gaël Bigirimana (7) Has blown hot and cold so far this season. If he ups his game, I think he has the creativity that we sometimes lack. Chris Cadden ( Was getting back to being the player he was before injury, prior to being injured again. His raw running power is a great asset although teams have started doubling up on him. Carl McHugh (7) He likes a booking. This is down to his lack of pace. Seems to want that extra touch sometimes. Weird thing is that I think we miss him when he’s not in the middle of the pitch. Elliott Frear (7) Been injured. Has shown flashes of being a decent player. Again, needs to up his game. Andy Rose (6) Apart from running about and being tall, I can’t see what he brings to the team. Back up. Craig Tanner (7) Again, has shown his ability in flashes. Works hard when he plays and can deliver a free kick, Craig needs to be more consistent. Louis Moult (10) Good luck with Preston. Will be missed. Ryan Bowman ( Came good this season but doesn’t look the same player since the semi final. Needs to clear his head and get back to working hard and scoring goals. He needs to get more efforts on target. Alex Fisher (7) Another player who works hard. Maybe he’ll come good at some point. However, at the moment he doesn’t look like a goal scorer. Deimantas Petravičius (6) Has done nothing to suggest he should be in the team. Not sure if he’s a winger or a striker and neither does the manager. January signing priorities: Goalscorer to replace Moult Hartley signed on permanent contract (2.5 years) Replacement for Dunne If everyone fit (and leaving out U-20s), my top team would be: Carson, Kipré, Hartley, Plummer/Dunne; Tait, Cadden, McHugh, Campbell, Frear; Tanner; Bowman Subs: Griffiths, Plummer/Dunne, Grimshaw, Bigirimana, Rose, Petravičius, Fisher If we can sign a left sided central defender and a striker, they would be in the team with Plummer/Dunne and Fisher dropping out the squad. I would like to see some of the U-20s pushing for a place. Just my thoughts and a starter for debate.
  10. From Robinson on Sunday after the match at FP.
  11. Campbell and Cadden will be rested for tomorrow night. Petravičius will get game time at some point but may start on the bench. Manager still undecided whether to play him on wing or up front. Robinson also said on Sunday that he told the players that they could go out for a few beers to celebrate. To a man they said no as they wanted to prepare for Wednesday's game. Think that speaks volumes about our squad.
  12. My team, based on current situations (Rose out and Petravičius with hamstring issue), would be: Carson Kipré Hartley Plummer Tait Cadden McHugh Campbell Frear Bowman Moult Griffiths Dunne Hammell Grimshaw Bigirimana Tanner Fisher Not convinced by Dunne as ball out is generally shocking and would like to see Plummer get a chance. If not him then Hammell. Fisher makes bench as no other real options.
  13. Looking forward to seeing Mount play
  14. As to the folk that wound me up, the current Aberdeen manager and assistant are a couple of fannies. I remember one game at FP, Stuart McCall ran on the pitch to kick the ball back for a free kick. Both of them started screaming to the 4th official 'he just ran on the pitch' like a couple of spoilt kids. However, as special mention must be made to Mark Venus (assistant manager to Tony Mowbray at Hibs). He was an arse of a man with his complaining and winding up the fans.
  15. alanos

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths


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