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  1. I like Tony Watt, he's been decent for us. If true, a bit of a sideways move for him, albeit for more money. Dundee United aren't a bigger club than us in my eyes outwith a decent period in the 80's when they had an outstanding manager. We've lost better players in the past and will do again in the future. I'd rather have a club to support as opposed to paying silly money in wages again. Just my opinion troops.
  2. Sorry to hear this. RIP.
  3. Modernist


    Sad news. Always the voice of reason on this forum.
  4. Modernist

    Club shop

    No worries bud. Would be nice to update the online shop that this is the case. Ordered on the 5'th April.
  5. Modernist

    Club shop

    I was under the impression that they are still selling online given the fact that I bought a top for my neice's birthday a few days ago. Got an email confirming purchase but not checked to see if it's arrived or not.
  6. Not many tickets left now. Thankfully we got ours today.
  7. Superb result. We're now learning to see out a game on a weekly basis.
  8. I'd be happy with a point tonight but wouldn't be overly surprised if we sneak a win. Not much between the teams.
  9. Service Day is still available from here bud. Dressers has sold out as far as I'm aware. https://daftladdie.bigcartel.com/products
  10. Cracking interview yet again guys.
  11. Always civil. Let's hope that we get our act together regarding wages.
  12. You're nuts bud. Let's ignore the fact that Motherwell wont pay employees the living wage instead choosing to pay the minimum legally allowed.
  13. Hearts are the only club who pay the Living Wage to employees. Celtic pay above minimum wage but not Living Wage. Stop the whataboutery. It's a red neck that our club, who plays on our Industrial past, won't pay workers the going rate for the job.
  14. Admin error or not Motherwell should be paying the real living wage to employees, not the minimum they can legally get away with.

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