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  1. if you can accept cash on March 23rd i'll stick £15 in. Will let the other half read this too and see if he wants to get involved too. And his bro. Family of well fans!
  2. So you're a Mrs now ???

  3. So you're a Mrs now ???

  4. The display was brilliant, we were in B3, so under a big Amber lot, it looked amazing seeing the pics online after it! Well done to everyone involved in making this happen
  5. 40mins until I finish for the weekend, cannae wait til the Missus arrives from Edinburgh, then off to Mushtaqs for buffet then over to the Leccy Bar for some pre-match drinks this eve I believe. Cannot wait!
  6. Aye, he was a right twat. It was ridiculous the way he was going on. Of course, he was left in no-uncertain terms how utterly biggoted he was being
  7. Nony

    Pre Match Pubs

    Horseshoe in town then the Montford for us
  8. Dear me....if it's guarenteed glory yer after I suggest you change your preference to one of the OF teams! Saturday is going to be nail biting. And for all the right reasons!
  9. Ha, we're in Burnbank - you can just imagine the hassle! Future bro-in-law had his car keyed for having MFC stuff in it!!
  10. thanks for the link! been trying everywhere to get bunting!!
  11. Meeting the poster formerly known as The Missus fresh off the train on Friday, dinner at Mushtaqs, then meeting the old boy on the train Saturday en route to the Montford, where we will be joined by Andy's Da' fresh off a plane from Tunbridge Wells, then hook up with the guys who are getting the supporters bus in. Few shandies in there, the game, then a few more shandies before we head back to Motherwell to see the cup.
  12. you behave. I can press any button I like.
  13. cheers cakes! Its just cos I wasn't sure if the dash was just to seperate the email adress on the main thread or if it was meant to be there!
  14. whats the email address to send it to? Josh171 or Josh-171?

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