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  1. What a fecking disgrace,500 fans in an outdoor stadium,yeah there is a pandemic,but you don't see it in real life,thank feck flu miraculously disappeared last year
  2. The strawman arguments that come from folk that accept the spoon fed info that comes from the TV without applying any critical thinking.
  3. Well said,take your eyes off the tv,live your life and ask yourself where is the pandemic without the tv pandemic for the measures taken in last 2yrs ridiculous,
  4. Woolery our next money transfer out,guys improving all the time
  5. Has Barry maguire touched the ball
  6. Plenty of bad player out there but by fuck mcginley takes the biscuit, carrol with one leg would be better,
  7. Simple statement,we have a extremely fit team, credit to the coaching staff
  8. Report said hearts swept aside by motherwell, that's what you want,get to fuck your on our patch,intensity,fitness and the will to win,the way it should be
  9. Can't complain when we won away from home with no midfield, onwards and upwards
  10. Paying to watch that shite,the game plan stop the other team playing,midfield needs more bodies to at least get more possession, 3 forwards isolated, total dross, can see a sending off,
  11. Best team in league? that's been stuttering of late
  12. The engine room that's what they call it for a reason,we dont have one,if you don't have one get extra bodies on there and make it solid
  13. We have been giving possession to every team even early on it was evident against the so called lesser teams in league cup
  14. Rangers who have not exactly been firing all cylinders and we make them look world beaters.
  15. Well said,it's been so clear from day one,disjointed, wrong formation/tactics,give up possession wide areas,at least make yourself hard to beat,more solid,get bodies on midfield
  16. Embarrassing tactics, formation, same every week,always on backfoot,always give up possession, always exposed down flanks,problems all over the park,biggest one being midfield
  17. He is fuclking exposed time and time again,no covet ffs
  18. Sod exposed again to overlap, so effing easy
  19. Tactics/formation are the problem,always have been,that and we don't have the better players individually,
  20. Give up majority of possession, give up wide areas and you are fucked
  21. Stop the effing crosses that's the problem

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