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  1. Would anyone think that Danny mullen would be a good fit for us
  2. Is he not going to st mirren
  3. Never get the rub of the green against them and var won't make a blind bit of difference
  4. Bilyboy600


    Condolences to Andys family and friends
  5. Didn't we get foley from accies
  6. Only Motherwell there selfs to blame as they spoke to him an insisted he you out to junior for a year, davie said no he could make it without going junior Motherwell said no he had to, and as they say the rest is history clydebank sign him the following week under his terms, this is fact I was with him the night he spoke to the well
  7. Ye Alexander's going for his first hatrick with Motherwell lol
  8. We were out playedall across the park today that made for a very hard watch
  9. Does anyone think that the young boy johnstone could maybe be put in to the right back position, see he's been on the bench over the past few weeks
  10. Would any one take nijholt as the next manager only a suggestion
  11. Getting penciled in on alba as soon as
  12. Who would the sack the manager constant bloggers suggest as manager on the playing budget at Motherwell, Reading some on this forum are never happy before the season starts all the way through and before anyone thinks i don't no anything about Motherwell ive seen worse teams and I've seen better in all my sixty years supporting them, time to get off the sack the manager boat

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