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  1. Whats the thoughts about the boy nixon of Coleraine as a possible target
  2. Good player for us will go far but now x player time to move on wrong move should have went south would have progrest more than sitting with other Ugley fucks
  3. The name doesn't mean one of the ugly sisters
  4. Mcallistar is assistant at rangers
  5. What a waste will sit on the bench probably more often than not, or will be sold on for inflated price compared to the final peanuts we will have got same old story been hear so many times with those robbing bsad
  6. Good game to watch think lang will come good when up to speed with the game up here Turnbull and Cambell different class o donnell made an immense difference to the back line, unfortunate not to have taken all 3pts
  7. Long look like that last season as well something amiss about him
  8. Nothing new there on target to shots off has been the same for a few years other teams at least get there shots on goal and take there chances we don't need a lot more shooting practice
  9. Better getting the slaughter out of the way just now rather than when the season is up and running
  10. If dt went to either Newcastle or Leeds he would at least have players he new from within the Motherwell team in the form of Gillespie or young mckinstry would be far better for him to develop even better than at celtic
  11. Is there any news on the young lad callum lang whether he is signing or what think he would be a good addition to the team
  12. Long just seems to have vanished without trace, how long was his contract with us

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