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  1. Was at the game yesterday n thought lamie was brilliant,after watching it again on alba i was even more impressed,it was as close to a 10 out of 10 performance as you'll see,won everything in both boxes,his positioning and distrubution were excellent..just a complete performance yesterday,also a word for mcginley and shields,superb show by both,shields pace is ridiculous..anyone know wot he does the 100m in.....all round just a fantastic effort
  2. Ill give ye that one..but it was a flexible 4 3 3 with different personel which didnt work in first half as we got hammered 0-0 lol,and too b fair we didnt work hard for our goals,but the work rate and effort after getting them was excellent..still a work in progress
  3. Had 2 chances t put freekicks into dangerous areas..wot do we do,kvv fouls his man t try n gain a yard,pressure off,stand offside,pressure off,school boy stuff.,yet again as bad as we've been its still 0-0 n can we really b that bad in the 2nd half
  4. Agreed..even 1 man up the park leaves our 10 against there 7 in the box
  5. Good thing has come of SOD's red card,hes suspended and will miss next game,might change our formation now
  6. Agreed ,they can get carried away wi that all they want,but we need t look at ourselves,shot ourselves in both feet at the end of first half
  7. Change needed..kvv for roberts surely
  8. Job done for 42 minutes,burst a gut for 4 more mins n get in at halftime..game management gone t pot
  9. As shite as we have been against utd tday n hearts couple of weeks ago,both opposition keepers have been MOM
  10. Had t make do wi bograt tv...tom boyd should b erased from our history..wot a wank of a man
  11. Whitaker n Thomson the other 2 t rangers from that team..ripped the spine out out of hibs
  12. The fact that watt n kvv taking a leisurely stroll off the park when getting subbed..he was livid at the standard of timewasting,but totally contradicted his argument by saying he once shouted at his players t take there time when 2-1up in a european tie..the scoreboard panel slaughtered him for it lol
  13. I rember years ago,between the two of them they raped a very very good hibs team of there talent
  14. The scoreboard team had a good laugh at him as did i...mibee thats where the 6 mins added time came from.our slow walk off the park
  15. Charlie the h*n on clyde phone in..wot an absolute fucktard...the mind boggles
  16. Great effort today guys...well done THE WELL
  17. Game management...slattery is so good at that
  18. The natives r getting restless..pmsl
  19. Thought that too,but not on the bench apparantly
  20. Now i like grimmy n his workrate,but we're needing a bit of composure in there..time for a change but cant c who t bring on
  21. Had t make do wi h*n tv for first half,the commentary is brutal n neil mccann saying thats the best bangers have been this season..ffs they r still there for the taking if we get in about them..but im afraid we're up against a 12th and 13th man(the ref n the crowd) so wot chance have we got

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