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  1. Spoke to one of my friends who supports Celtic (I know no-ones perfect) He says Shaw would be great for us and he’s very highly thought of at Celtic Park. My only hope is he knows the way to goal
  2. I have to give it to our number 9. The free kick was exceptional. But a noticeable mention for Sol & SOD. Who would’ve thought I’d be complementing our captain Haha
  3. I feel much more comfortable with Mugabi at RB than I do with SOD. Let’s hope GA sticks with Big Bevis
  4. We just look lacking in confidence. Clearly the conditions aren’t helping us, but St Mirren are knocking the ball about fine. Need someone to step up in the midfield. Wouldn’t be opposed to seeing O’Hara on. Power is always free and in space - and he’s pish!!
  5. Apologies if this has already been covered. Did anyone else hear GA scream at SOD in the first half and put him infront if the fans for turning his back? I’m sure GA said he did the same thing in training. Personally I loved the fact GA pulled out captain up for this. As he clearly holds high standards at the club.
  6. 2plus8

    Tony Watt

    If I was Steve Clarke (I’m glad I’m not!) I’d have Tony Watt in the Scotland squad 100%. I believe that game at the weekend means he’s played more games for Motherwell than anyone of his previous clubs. He looks settled, he runs himself into the ground, wins us countless fouls & free kicks, links play, scores goals & he is well and truly loved by the fans! He could be just what Scotland need!
  7. Not sure if big Mugabi is going to be fit or not. But I’d take a snoozefest 1-0 win for the Well. Like GB, I like the look of Slattery. I can see him nicking the winner. #SIWY
  8. I’d say with the exception of Tony Watt (32) that the numbers 1-11 (excluding 10) would be GA’s starting 11. Although I’m surprised the big lad Shields wasn’t offered the number 9 jersey.

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