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  1. I hate saying this but I think we're going to get well turned over. 100% record . Not conceded. We have feck all creativity going forward and when we do we are over exposed at the back. Bad feeling about this game but hey I HOPE IM WRONG COYW
  2. Just got in and should probably waited to calm down before posting but sod it. McFadden was pathetic today just as he was in Europe and Hibs.He is useless on right wing.Every time he drifted inside Aberdeen countered up the park and he couldn't track back leaving us totally exposed on the wing at every counter attack Hammell cost us the first penalty by not using his head and booting the ball clear. Angol tries but is a better left back than attacking midfielder. McCalls tactics are rank rotten. No creativity just pump the ball towards Sutton and hope for the best. All in all Total rank performance and a long season ahead.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Way too pissed off to do it now
  4. How was it same as last season? 4-5-1 at home? I remember us playing 4-4-2
  5. I've read some pish on here but FFS
  6. Hey all Just thought we've got one for hibs match but why not Europa? Thoughts on teams, predictions etc
  7. Henri Anier is the trialist from the Newcastle game I think
  8. Jack smith under 20s st mirren possiblyToni silva used to be with Liverpool U20
  9. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11796/8825226/Transfer-News-Stephen-McManus-agrees-to-sign-for-Motherwell Sky sports shows McManus signs
  10. 93/94 was that the 2-2 game. Im sure softy scored equaliser
  11. My boy spent all season getting these match attack cards.I'm lucky enough to know someone at the club who had them all signed.Since McFadden didn't have a card we had him sign the badge Only player missing was Arthur Daley but that's because my son didn't want his Still got a few doublets signed too.
  12. Great news. Looking forward to next season.C'MON FADDY SIGN UP NOW
  13. Loving that one with proper ball
  14. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11781/8737670/McCall-to-stay-at-Motherwell On Sky Sports news this morning

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