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  1. a would take a safe 10th (safe 11th if there is such a thing) in the league in sacrifice for a sniff of cup final glory. even if you told me there was no guarantees of winning ad still bite yer arm off for it just as long as we maintain or status as an SPL team. That outweighs finishing 5th or 6th any day. Financially it could end up makin u similar money to finishing in the top six with a semi final and a final plus the added benefit of a couple, if not more, legs in europe.
  2. wonder how long we'll need to wait for another cup win. "theres always next year" heard that every year since a was about 5. at least some on here are fortunate enough to have witnessed 1991
  3. some nugget on 810 texting in sayin jeffries for motherwell manager it can't come quick enough. A dead cert to post on here on a regular basis
  4. see the craig brown + young assistant bit. is that jist a burd that stands next to him in the dugout wae her tits out? Archie Knox??
  5. ...and why are the crowds dropping? they ask. Its nae wonder folk are put off goin tae the fitba. One look oan this board and you'd be feart tae wear the wrong shirt and shoes tae the game incase someone gets offended by those adidas sambas. A see this flag as a bit of a laugh tbh. Away fans would probably take photos and have a laugh about it, but at the end of the day its a bit ae harmless fun. Now after 6 pages of posts we have "Jim Gannons PROVO army" and "IRA JIM" Ye couldny make it up.
  6. This is what goalie tops used to be all about. Campos designed his own strips. Do you think ruddy wid be up for gettin the crayons out and sendin a few samples away tae canterbury???
  7. billy stark seems to be doing a good job there. looks like theres a lot of promising young talent. wonder how many of them will eventually rot away on the sellick and rangers benches. If our under 19's and under 21's could develop the same way as all the other countries surely we would be able to uncover more faddys??? I dunno what it is but as was said before there seems to be this brick wall that they hit.
  8. I heard he's moving to real madrid with steven fletcher... allegedly
  9. aye. a just remembered that machine thing. there was a burd behind it showin folk how to scan the barcode. as if we've never been at asda self service afore. paisley ghouls
  10. can never understand, from hearing stories about the ancell babes etc, how we never managed to get another cup win and a run in europe like dundee united, kilmarnock, dunfermline, aberdeen, stmirren all got. It seems crazy that our first appearance in europe wasn't untill the 90's.
  11. Thats quality. Fuck T shirts, get the 50ft poster.
  12. Aye few good points there. Said it after the game the other night stokes and riordan will hammer us if we don't keep an eye on them at all times. Sadly I don't think we have a solid enough defence the now that will see us keeping a clean sheet in this one. Also still waiting on someone to take up the role of "striker". Think we will score, but god only knows who will score for us, take your pick really. I'll go for a 2-2 as well.
  13. Shivute will always be number 1 for me. he was a ledge
  14. they should blast it oot before kick off. got tae be better than that sh1te they've been playin up there since the late 90's. That CD must be scratched tae bits.
  15. when you compare the amount of players kilmarnock, motherwell, accies, hibs etc have brought through over the years, with that of the old firm, it shows just how little they give back to the game in this country. Surely our two biggest clubs should set the standard and have the "ajax set up" on the go churning out youngsters year by year. They are a fuckin joke. Aw that money and fancy facilities as well.

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