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  1. Was the election stuff sent out by post or email? I didn't receive anything but have changed address so would have missed it if sent by post.
  2. NottsMFC

    Jamie Murphy

    Looks like there was indeed a sell on clause. £150,000 mentioned here. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/spfl/13609740.Ian_Baraclough_hoping_to_get_a_share_of_the_Jamie_Murphy_bonus_money_to_bolster_Motherwell_ranks/
  3. I've lived in Nottingham for 18 years & every year I hope we might have a pre-season tour down this way. We could play the likes of Mansfield Town, Notts County, Chesterfield, Alfreton Town. Would be nice from a purely selfish point of view...
  4. Wouldn't mind being able to pick 1 up before I go on holiday (if it's decent enough!) but it's 2 weeks on Tuesday so not looking likely.
  5. The fat waste of space is still beeling From Evening Times http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/gers-legend-dj-blasts-motherwell-star-lee-erwin-over-bilel-mohsni-fir-208949n.127870117
  6. Delighted with that outcome, the inbred scum will be raging Erwin only got a yellow, very pleasing
  7. I listened to it last night & Chic having a go about the tickets & suggesting this could have been the cause of the trouble was absolutely bizarre! Strange a St Mirren fan being so upset that there wasn't more h**ns allowed in to the match...
  8. http://www.nottinghampost.com/Louis-Laing-resigned-leaving-Nottingham-Forest/story-26611452-detail/story.html
  9. Got to say, that gives me a nice warm feeling inside hearing that
  10. Got to be Johnson for me, what a player! Whole team were terrific though.
  11. Would've snapped your hand off for 3-1 before the game but can't help feeling a little disappointed at them getting the goal. All in all a tremendous night, well done to the players & coaching staff. Let's get the job finished on Sunday without me having a heart attack!
  12. I'll settle for another 2-0 in the second 45 Great stuff so far.

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