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  1. From my admittedly limited understanding of how this works today... I think this whole system needs to be revised and updated... as it acts as a massive disincentive for smaller clubs to develop players (thereby eventually resulting in fewer clubs having academies... a smaller pool of potential players... who because they develop at different speeds / stages, some may be lost to the game). The bigger clubs can hoover up high potential boys and take a chance on paying the limited compensation when they're teenagers, and the smaller clubs lose out on potentially much larger transfer fees later on... not to mention the chance to see brilliant young players in the first team for a season or two. There could be a sliding scale of much more significant compensation, e.g. 10 appearances in a top tier league = £1m... 30 appearances in a top tier league = £5m... 5 appearances in the Champions League = £1m... etc. The top players will still end up at the richer clubs, but at least there'll be a better incentive for clubs like ours to have great academies, and with the dough spread a bit more widely, it might even result in a more level playing field. It's just so depressing to see our youth internationals leaving before they've even signed a pro contract, and we get a relatively paltry sum for the trouble of developing them for a number of years.
  2. You might be right, fair enough. The irony being TNS’s ground is in England, and Wrexham’s is actually in Wales!!
  3. Anyone know why they wouldn’t switch the tie to Wrexham if they get through? It’s about the same distance from Bala as Oswestry, and it’s not like they’d be giving up home advantage… as Oswestry isn’t their ground anyway. Obviously there’s a financial element (ie the extra they’d gain from a bigger crowd v possible extra rental fees)… but surely they’d consider it?
  4. Hard to say, and obviously recruitment is key for everyone. You’d expect that Aberdeen and Hibs will be better than they were last season, and Killie may well be better than Dundee. But other teams around us have lost key players… off the top of my head… Forrest - Livi, Siegrist - Dundee Utd (and they need a new manager), Charles-Cooke and Hungbo - Ross Co, Ronan - St Mirren, even Souttar and Sims at Hearts, although they’ll still be strong. Who knows whether the replacements they bring in will be as good as those who’ve left? Although we had a very patchy season, we have the advantage of less turnover in the close season than we’ve had for a while. Like everyone else, the quality of the new recruits will determine whether or not we move forward, and at least become more consistent
  5. Do you know for sure that if it's Bala the game will be in Rhyl? I think I'm right in saying that they'll play Sligo at TNS (i.e. Oswestry)... but both Rhyl and Oswestry are quite small... so they may at least look at Wrexham to be able to get all fans in. I have no inside info in this, just guessing. You'd hope that by today we'd know (a) which leg will be the home game, and (b) if it's Bala... where will they actually play the game!!
  6. Does anyone know definitively if the draw for the second qualifying round is regionalised? And if so, which countries are in our region?
  7. Not necessarily… I’ll use the example of Liam Grimshaw. It’s January ‘22 and he’s out of contract at the end of the season. Even if MFC hasn’t formally told him that he won’t be offered a contract extension, the writing’s on the wall and it’s not looking good. At least with the existence of PCAs (and the ability to ‘legally’ talk to other clubs) he and his agent can see what other options are out there. Kilmarnock (say) are interested, and he signs a two year contract, to start when his MFC one ends. Security for him and his family. Same scenario without a PCA. There may well have been an informal conversation with Kilmarnock (as we all know that kind of thing happens), and they shake hands on a rough agreement. Grimshaw comes on during the last game of the season for a farewell to the fans, gets injured and is out for six months. Kilmarnock renege on the gentleman’s agreement and the player is stuffed. I’m speculating here, but in those circumstances I can see why it makes sense for PCAs to exist.
  8. I don’t know the reasons for PCAs coming into existence in the first place, but I can see an argument for them in a league like Scotland with wages generally a lot more modest than elsewhere. If a player’s contract is up in the summer, it gives them a bit of time to sort out their options and make a decision. I can imagine that if you’re approaching becoming out of contract, players would get very nervous towards the end of the season with nothing sorted… and the possibility of getting injured… medical bills and rehab to cover… with nothing coming in to pay your mortgage etc.
  9. I don’t have better info… but I don’t think that can be true because of the numbers… are there not a lot more teams already known that enter at Q2, versus the number of either / ors that will come in from Q1?
  10. In addition to David’s assessment of the squad ins and outs, there’s the additional dimension of other clubs coming in for some of our players who are still in contract. Kelly and Slattery seem to me to be the most obvious candidates…. With perhaps outside possibilities for Mugabi, KVV and O’Donnell (although the latter probably hasn’t had his best season ever). The only other thing I’d add is that I think Ojala is a good player… but he just looks miles off being fully fit since he came back from injury. The decision on him I think rests on the prospect of him getting back to full speed.
  11. I also thought the ref had a good game. We often say that the ref sets the tone in the first couple of minutes… if they give fouls early on for players falling down at the slightest contact, then that’s what happens for 90 minutes. He let things go, and guess what… the players generally got on with it without the cheap falling over.
  12. Ah, that would be hilarious. I won’t be going to or watching our Celtic game under any circumstances… but if we beat Hearts to create the scenario of Ross County needing a win against United to put them into 6th… it would make that match unmissable!
  13. This was on the bbc website the other day the European places… Celtic and Rangers will be in the Champions League next season, so should the winner of their semi-final go on to claim the cup, Scotland's sole Europa League spot - in the play-off round - would be awarded to the team finishing third in the league, highly likely to be Hearts. As a consequence, the teams in fourth and fifth would earn Europa Conference League football, at the third and second round of qualifying respectively. That would also come to pass if Hearts win the cup. In fact, the only way the fifth-placed finishers would not be in Europe is if Hibs beat Hearts in the other semi-final, win the cup and finish outside the top four.
  14. The problem is that would leave us with 20 home games and 18 away. I reckon it’ll be balanced with an extra away trip to Tannadice, as Dundee United need an ‘extra’ home game to balance 19 home and away games. (This is based on just looking at our games, and not who everyone else in the top 6 had already played home / away, so it could change obviously.)
  15. I'm currently wrestling with a number of conflicting feelings... I'm still pissed off at today's poor performance... and although the pitch is really poor, Livi did fine in long spells... but more to the point we looked lethargic and lacking desire in such a big game, and couldn't even string simple passes together. And this is on the back of a long run of (mostly) similarly poor performances. On the other hand... is the bigger picture that we secured the top 6 spot, and at least we have a chance of a very decent season with a European place? Had we turned one or two of 2022's draws into wins (say v Aberdeen or Hibs?)... or a defeat into a draw (St Johnstone or Ross County?)... we would be comfortable in 4th right now. And even if we finish 6th, it's still an improvement on last season's 8th.... and we've finished above both Aberdeen and Hibs who have much bigger budgets. Glass half full or half empty? I'm not sure where I stand at the moment.
  16. This is one for the return of the 'no-one' option.
  17. I’m in a similar place… only decision to make is Efford or Woolery… but do you make any changes to account for the opposition and the pitch? Alexander mentioned that a couple of players had been ill earlier in the week as well. Looks like the tombola is getting another run out.
  18. Although this season has not been enjoyable at all in my opinion, we still have a huge opportunity to make it quite a successful one. This is one of those games to get along if you can and support the the team.
  19. Be good if the Lanarkshire Kante goes up against the actual one, and does well
  20. Looks like a good signing, but seems to have faded a bit in the games we’ve seen… which means he’ll be even better if his fitness improves
  21. Yes, we’ve done this in a few games, and it certainly puts everyone on edge. I can see both sides of this though… you can either say we’ve got away with it (such as on Saturday) but Alexander can argue that it’s generally (always?) worked. Having said that, in a cup game… if Aberdeen had scored at the death, we’d have had to make more subs in extra time to give us more attacking options to try to win the game… or defend and hang on for penalties… so I thought it especially risky in the Cup.
  22. I haven’t watched it back (and I won’t bother) but we were simply beaten by a much better team. As much as Celtic had other chances and Kelly had a few good saves, we were a bit unfortunate with the third (I think it was Sol who slipped / stumbled and would have easily cut out Abada’s cross) and the fourth (deflection could have gone anywhere). I personally didn’t see the players chucking it, although they may well have been knackered towards the end having chased shadows for most of the game. Cornelius was the example of this - ran himself into the ground. I’m fact, I thought the players kept plugging away… unlike the Rangers home game that was a shocker. Next couple of weeks will be a more realistic test of this team’s ability and character obviously
  23. I heard that as well, even before the season started… so Watt’s great form might have been at least partly as a ‘get it up you, I’ll show you’.
  24. A just-about conceivable team could be: Kelly (Scotland), Mugabi (Uganda), Ojala (Finland), Solholm (Norway), McGinley (England), Nirennold (France), Donnelly (Northern Ireland), Slattery (England), Tierney (Republic of Ireland), Van Veen (Netherlands), Efford (USA) Gone are the days of Wullie, Boaby and Tam fae Lanarkshire or Glasgow
  25. Is the last day of the transfer window not now officially called ‘Devante Cole loan day’?

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