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  1. Will be an interesting game, probably going into it as clear favourites, with the opposition I expect happy to leave with a point. A test of a different kind for us - going into a game with some confidence on the back of a very solid run of results. Hopefully we can turn that into a bit of swagger and a comfortable win. We didn’t look that brilliant in the wins against Dundee or Livingston, so hopefully this one is different.
  2. I’ll be away abroad for this one, does anyone know if (a) season ticket holders still have access to a live stream and (b) is that stream viewable without any jiggery-pokery? Cheers
  3. I avoided the game today so can’t comment other than to say well done. I must say, coming from the performances at Queens Park and Airdrie only a few weeks ago, I didn’t see this level of progress happening at all, never mind as quickly as it apparently has done. Thanks a lot to the manager and the squad of players.
  4. I don't think anyone is suggesting that. I think the point is, he is a good guy, gave it his best for us and did pretty well when he was able to play, but has been really unlucky with injuries... as opposed to a "wage thief" as you said. I think MFC did the right thing with him through his spell out, and when it looked like he was fit again, didn't offer him another 2 year renewal because of his previous injury record. But if I was the player, when St Mirren came along with a 2 year contract, I'd have taken it too. I wish him nothing but the best, and hope he can get back to fitness.
  5. ... and justify the extra costs on the basis of public health - protection for the stewards from the great unwashed
  6. I have only been there once in about twenty years, and even that once was because they are a new club, and I wanted to keep up my record of having been to a game at every senior Scottish league club’s ground. Similar for the other mob…. I’ve only been there once in the same period… for the Scotland v Ireland qualifier a few years back. Fuck ‘em
  7. Fair enough, but I disagree with your disagreement, ha ha! There were quite a few crosses / headers and shots from in and around the box, that were either straight at Kelly or over the bar (hence why most of his saves were in the ‘routine’ category). And there was also the early cross fired across the six yard box. I still think it’s risky to allow so much comfortable possession and not be punished. Having said that, you can’t press and try to win the ball back for 90 minutes, and there were signs of us doing that at times yesterday. Eg it seemed clear to me that the players were under instruction to close Joe Lewis down at every opportunity, as he’s obviously not comfortable with the ball at his feet.
  8. For various reasons it’s been very difficult to get a picture on what Alexander sees as his first choice XI, but I reckon we have that now. If everyone is fit and available I reckon yesterday’s team is pretty close, with the most obvious likely changes being: O’Donnell for Mugabi; Goss for Grimshaw, with O’Hara moving to the right; Roberts for Woolery; possibly Carroll for McGinley. That looks decent, with good options from the bench across every department.
  9. That’s exactly the conversation we had at the game, and Alexander said in his post match interview something along the lines of “it’s ok to let the opposition have the ball in areas that don’t hurt us”. As well as being hard to watch at times, it also takes a lot of concentration from the players, as possession in an area that doesn’t hurt us can turn quickly into a dangerous situation, with a good through ball, bit of skill to beat a man, or whatever. Without wishing to pish on anyone’s chips after a great performance and result, we can’t deny that Aberdeen also created loads of opportunities from their possession, and on a different day (if they’d had their shooting boots on) we might have taken a beating. As is often the case in this league, the first goal is vital. As usual, Kelly dealt well with everything that came his way… but his saves were general in the ‘you’d expect him to save them’ category as opposed to ‘amazing’. Anyway, loads of positives from a brilliant day.
  10. Spot on. I was a bit surprised when Woolery went off today. He’s excellent in the air for a winger, and provides a good out ball option if we’re defending. The fact that he is so good in the air probably stops teams from pushing too far forward against us
  11. Fair enough, but it will be lovely if we put one over on him.
  12. I downloaded my vaccine certificate this morning, which in fact includes 2 x QR codes (one for first dose and one for second). It might be a moot point for MFC (due to the 10,000 attendance question)… but in terms of the practicalities of checking them, it probably doesn’t need any investment in technology. The letter includes your name and address, and clearly states first dose + second dose. So it could be as simple as someone doing a visual check on the vaccine doc (which I now have on my phone), then checking that I am who I say I am (say from my driving licence or whatever). It could be done in seconds for each person (if they come prepared) but it obviously takes extra time and resource versus what happens today. There would need to be exception processes for people without (say) a smart phone or photo ID, plus those ineligible or unsuitable for vaccination… and no doubt it would be a barrier for some to attend matches. But it could probably be implemented fairly quickly and easily, without extra kit. The ethics of this is a different question… but the sooner we learn to adapt and live with Covid (accepting some relatively minor inconveniences for the benefit of a normal life) the better, as far as I’m concerned.
  13. Aye, comes across well… good luck to him
  14. Watt was the best for me. Much better from Ojala than I saw last week. O’Hara put in a shift as well
  15. Brilliant news for Kelly. I thought he should have been in ahead of McLoughlin in the Euros squad as well.
  16. Another great example of the qualities I didn’t see from Ojala today. Hope we start to see it in the next few games.
  17. I definitely agree that a bit of stability in formation and team selection is needed… but although I’m not writing Ojala off, I’d argue that good players will stand out, no matter who they’re playing with… and great players will make average players look good too. I’m reminiscing about Peter Hartley’s start with us… he just looked great from the off, with his quality / leadership / organisation… Ojala looks miles off that, by comparison
  18. A huge three points which was the most important thing today, and hopefully gives us a bit of confidence and something to build on. But… and there are many buts… I actually left the stadium more satisfied after the Hibs defeat than I did today with a win. One of my buts is Ojala. First time I’d seen him in the flesh but he looked a combination of: nervous / not up to fitness / not up to the standard required. I’m not writing him off yet, but I expected more from an international defender.
  19. … then the player jets in
  20. I assume you're totally right about indoor events with people packed together (nightclubs / gigs / theatre etc) being more risky than outdoor sports like football, especially where alcohol is involved… but perhaps part of the thinking for doing it the way that’s been announced is to give arts / culture / nightclubs a bit of a break. They’ve been almost entirely closed since the start of the pandemic, whereas sport has been able to continue, albeit partially and with restrictions in place. On the basis that you can’t / shouldn’t (yet) let everything go with no restrictions, it’s arguably fair to let arts / culture go next - this sector has probably been the worst affected. If it means I can’t get to away games for a wee while yet, I’m ok if it means gigs can re-start.
  21. ... Or (depending on your point of view) taking care to protect public health when football fans have consistently shown that they're unwilling to follow basic guidelines
  22. To the tune of Let it Be... KVV, KVV, KVV, KVV... scored against the Hibees, KVV Or against the Celtic / Rangers / whatever...
  23. You almost scored a ‘great wee mighty rollercoaster’ hat-trick in the one post there
  24. As Lamie showed at the end of last season as well... he is good in the air and if he keeps it simple and cuts out what looks like casualness or a lack of concentration, then he can be a very decent player for us.
  25. Same issue resolved for me in the same way

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