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  1. See if you buy a ticket online does it automatically 'go onto' your season ticket, or do you still need to collect? I thought it went on your season ticket but I'm not seeing that anywhere Edit: it goes on your card
  2. I generally walk down rutherglen for the train after Scotland games, more walking but less queuing. There is supposed to be a rail strike though.
  3. See the podcast got a wee namecheck in an article in the latest Nutmeg
  4. If you listen to the Scottish football podcast on the bbc McFadden is discussing the dive post match. No idea what was said (if anything) during the game
  5. Maybe they're paranoid "anyone" could chuck in a fiver, become a member and get 4 tickets.
  6. Really enjoying the podcast this season - the last episode was a really interesting insight. Living down south now its an excellent way to get some decent football chat!
  7. Im not suggesting the information isnt ther I'm just saying that people need to grow towards a position where they trust these people and just now I dont think they do. Thats all
  8. I think part of the reason people think each individual member should have more input is that so many people in the well society wouldn't know the well society board if they walked past them. More visibility, more demonstration of whats being done and more communication will hopefully solve this over time. Its not a view I personally subscribe to but I can see why some people wouldn't "trust" people they don't know from Adam to get their view across.
  9. Can't wait for the "I saw **** coming out the club shop" posts
  10. On the Frear front I only listened on the radio but they were shocked when he wasn't hooked at half time and I can't remember him mentioned the second half.
  11. It is a worry when pre match McGhee said we were setting out not to concede.... then we concede in 2 minutes
  12. Trying to remember from the last time we were down there - was there's parking right at the ground?

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