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  1. Nathan Thomas checks in at the herbal Local Indian CBD Foy Fountain of Superseal Hope arena
  2. Excellent result, tough venue, on a horrendous day for football
  3. Do the linked tweets show the video for non Twitter users?
  4. L Not quite sure if the investigation has concluded? Presumably it has, in each case, for the SPFL to call the clubs to hearings be interesting if anything is permitted to come out of this what the alleged breaches are, and if they are really controllable by the clubs ( as employers) the progress certainly isn’t helping get the backlog of fixtures cleared .
  5. Brazilian

    Tony Watt

    you’re on it early still on summertime? Tony is capable of being quite a star with his talent, but he’s no messiah
  6. We had used our three interruptions to bring on subs
  7. Know a lot of people will see this on Twitter, but for any that miss it, Tony Watt is raising funds for a local foodbank via just giving donations, click here for donations or click the tweet below if you have a Twitter account and give him some support
  8. Fair enough Dave, I just feel that far too many piled on to St.Mirren automatically assuming , cheating to gain some sort of advantage, we’ve since had the facts , that there was in fact another significant outbreak present in their squad to me if they had played the game , it wouldn’t just have been an SPFL breach , it would have been criminal. all the other noise and genuine concerns about how it got into their club and spread slowly etc is a separate concern ( that happens to be occurring around the world) but for the decision they made last week on the late discovery of an additional positive case , I’d hope our club and players are thankful, our fans that still think they should have played us might never think that. Let’s hope our one case is/was truly isolated and the SPFL ( the clubs) can deliver a path to navigate thru this metaphorical minefield I doubt, path 1-39 passing every number en-route is achievable in the current timeframe , but equally I’d like to see majority of points awarded being for actual games , even if there is less off them
  9. I see them as two different cases, 1: have they been unfortunate to have an outbreak at their club that due to the incubation period of this virus and even with protocols in place can still go player to player in training whichhas dragged on over a long period OR have they as a club and employer/employees breached all the guidance to let it happen And then 2. did they make up the potential risk last weekend to gain some advantage ? Or did they act responsibly on discovering the new case. and safeguard a cross team/region outbreak The SPFL investigation can look at how they manage their club and the staff behaviour, but I think they should be given credit for not putting our players at risk again we’ll disagree on a few things , if the SPFL find wrong doing I’m for punishment, but this virus is very contagious, protocols or not , one case in a club from any player or staff members public interactions can lead to a steady spread through the business due to the contagious nature , but also the variable incubation periods and due to that even with testing it’s still a partial lottery, hence public health will often enforce at least two week lockdown on businesses that have that type of event
  10. So can we all agree , that St.Mirren took responsible action last weekend isolating the additional players and staff , then declaring they couldn’t play the match because of that action. had they not isolated those players in addition to the one positive case on they day... and played the match with all those asymptomatic players that have now subsequently delivered positive results At best we’d all be questioning if they had caused our one case
  11. Again , spidering , on the information available you have just made all of that up based on your opinion, non- controversial opinion - ? See my response, you agreeing with it doesn’t make it non- controversial his point was correct- ? Your opinion , shame his bosses are having to deal with his comments SPFL have forgotten rules - ? Keep shouting it , as it’s only remotely believable if all the other made up scenarios are proven, and I’d back any breach hopefully game goes ahead , other clubs have taken advantage- ? So you say edit - this is the one that amazes me, who took advantage, St.Mirren? The club due to play us , but had a concerning positive result and isolated players to protect public and our entire club? Yeah that St.Mirren who you and others shout foul play at , but only a few days later have another 4 positive cases ? Imagine they hadn’t took those preventative measures, his comments start debate , SPFL - they had already instigated need to take control
  12. Is , he? Or is it just his opinion that you agree with? either way, youre a punter , you can do as you please he's a club employee, he should be more controlled. The absolute clusterfuck that was the end to last season was largely due to club employees mouthing off instead of the business being managed , if Motherwells stance is punishment and forfeits then there are only two people I’d expect to hear that from and even then i would hope it was only shared after ‘having engaged with the governing bodies’ id be shocked if , it is, as it would be a complete lottery of when a club is impacted and what points would then be gifted to potentially direct rivals for position, but then Scottish football does surprise quite often
  13. Possibly, I just thought even an injured player, could be interacting, with staff, e.g Physio, covid testing staff, and to a lesser risk the likes of dining staff, hopefully a quick recovery and no lasting effects on whoever it is
  14. Our turn: One player tested positive, (on Tuesday & again on Wednesday retest) no contacts identified by procedure * rest of squad now being retested (Friday) * I fail to see how this is possible, unless , the procedure simply doesn’t include contact at training
  15. I read it that Christie and Tierney were caught under the 14 day requirement, as they weren’t exposed within their own clubs controlled if every player now requires 14 days , even less reason to be ‘at it’
  16. not if , follow up testing (and the shortened isolation periods allowed by the elite sports protocols due to test frequency ) declares enough players available. It’s pretty concerning at the significant lack of understanding displayed by so many individuals in this and on other some social media threads im not sure if it’s just because of the football competition that folk are losing general common sense or if as some have mentioned it’s just confusing and perhaps people are clutching at anything to justify behaviours (of others and themselves) it’s like the new football handball rules , they are ridiculous because associations are trying to put absolute definitions to fluid events. close contact does have some definitions documented out there that refer to distance and time, but those are nearly always related to tracing more general contacts in public, if you just spend a moment thinking about it (and read the documented most likely forms of transmission) momentary face to face conversations are one of the highest risks (hence shields and masks for public interactions at points like tills) then touch contact and it goes on from there , the notion that the virus waits 15 minutes to transfer is not even notionally realistic, but in terms of tracing the tracers will question about direct close contacts and then for the less traceable interactions they have to call on the definitions that some above have quoted. Footballers by the very nature of the job , are at high risk if a team mate or opposition player or even the official have the virus Too many are absolutely convinced the opposition are ‘at it’ and some are then creating scenarios to try and justify it I've no idea if St.Mirren or Killie were at it, I cannot see the real benefit to exaggerating a very serious scenario that could shut their business down. If they have breached any rules I’d hope they are held to account but if st Mirren had a player reporting covid-19 positive on Friday or Saturday, I’m glad they isolated anyone that had been in close contact, to prevent spread to our club , and hope those infected recover, and equally there isn’t any other cases
  17. This is just pure utter pish you are torturing yourself (and us) with a complete lack of appreciation or deliberate denial of what contact is and the risk of transmission there is no way a positive case in a first team at a pro football club means only one player misses that days work, or the next day, , all who were in contact with them in the work place, will miss work until their retesting clears them for work. anything less is putting all , the other teams players at risk as well
  18. No point in discussing with lunatics, if you don’t believe ‘others’ have to isolate after a positive test result , you’re clearly a pair of moon howlers The players at any club aren’t operating as individuals, they have to interact as groups , the protocols can reduce risk of transmission, but even in highly controlled environments there is still transmission. and at very least the group they were operating in has to isolate
  19. All the hatred and screaming for points comes from a total distrust and literally made up scenarios, with no evidence and not even indicative sources. St.Mirren have another outbreak, no surprise further testing reported other positive results IF they then isolated additional players that had been in contact , I thank them for not putting our squad at unnecessary risk, and doing what every expert and fair minded person would want. calling for forfeits or repercussions is madness during a pandemic, what if it’s our team next ? Sure as it’s looking it’ll impact us with fixture backlog, I cannot imagine, that will not be the same for majority of clubs. Certainly st.Mirren aren’t going to be better off in that sense. the best I could hope for is the clubs agreeing to the number of fixtures being reduced, to allow the time to have them played, along with cups, international, European games etc 22 league games seems possible, play each other home and away, maybe even with the split fixtures thereafter. chasing the full league calendar from the outset was madness imho, but hey, it’s the club’s that decide, no point howling about the league
  20. Full blown Batshit crazy they had NO players to play against us, None , zero, nada , ziltch In the cup they only effectively had apprentices/ trainees youths, so like any responsible business and within the predetermined rules, they declared they couldn’t participate in that fixture Now for the next cup game, they’ll have six senior players, and are hoping to put a team out, for the livvy game , they feel it might be too much for the recovering senior players and kids, so requested a postponement, any other year a team would’ve been granted that, this year the league are doing what they can to keep the possibility of fixture completion alive, so told them to jam it! Ps the rules exist and are being applied consistently, where there’s no external influence
  21. Their entire first team squad was instructed to isolate... how do you get to them being at it?
  22. And today Angela Merkel has been meeting with German mayors, “One can consider whether to again allow fewer people into football matches or none at all.” the clubs have been operating with fans in a testing period and despite it not yet been finished, already the transmission rates (not proven yet to be specific to football fans) are too large in most areas the next 3 games in Munich will be with no fans Steelboy, is that the full set of countries you advised the SFA and SPFL to be sourcing information from , now shutting down crowd experiments, ‘Sturgeon’ really needs to be made aware
  23. You might have read or seen the briefings that point out , there is an element of risk in every interaction , more so in public with people from different groups/families/areas that would allow the illness to spread. so the government has to choose which activities to open up, as simply opening everything would mean too much risk of it spreading quickly and overwhelming society, so put yourself in a position where you have to choose which you can allow to operate : public transport and all that it offers to allow society to function, ie workers including nurses etc getting to work and public getting out albeit in a limited sense or football with a few hundred fans in each side of the pitch Not really, telling you it couldn’t happen safely, as every group event carries risk, even small family gatherings, more they are telling you , that until this is under control, then choices have to be made, the choices to date have been work, education, hospitality, very limited entertainment in small groups hundreds if not more things still haven’t been restarted with crowds, not just football, rugby, theatre, concerts, horse racing, darts, athletics, public events like gala days , fetes, etc all sidelined, some not able to operate at all, unlike football that has been given special exemption, but at some costs to put in measures , to operate the test events last month will hopefully show, that a number of fans can gather, but now when there’s exponential growth in cases being reported it would be irresponsible to open up more gatherings with that risk no matter how much we all want to see a game (p.s I’m not sure that many would enjoy it quite as much as their enthusiasm to return would indicate, in the sterile silent manner that will be required short term)

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