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  1. Communications specialist Mr Wilson
  2. I’d be chipping into the Kilmarnock legal fund , if he tries to apply new punishment to them that wasn’t applied to Celtic or Aberdeen Besides he’s been on a self important rant today, saying nothing to gain public support to move forward
  3. Sorry Dave but what evidence of inconsistencies ? St.Mirren outbreak, was what, one working/training group (within government operating protocol) , 3 players, all from the same working group/bubble , two maybe three households at most isolated and contained spread. Kilmarnock outbreak, details still vague, 6 positive cases , it appears it’s to have spread further into the squad from initial 3 , so now into different groups/ bubbles , at least double the households and still not confident it’s contained , squad advised to isolate Aberdeen Eight , squad riddled with it, squad advised to isolate seems fairy consistent risk based approach in the advice , Too many frustrated punters crying out for something or someone to blame, as COF pointed out , rules and regulations as they stand are being applied, and consistently... it confuses me that , when it comes to football people try and twist any snippet of a potential grievance to escalate to some sort of shitstorm The league is the clubs the association again are the clubs, the clubs realise , a pandemic is all around us and individuals are going to get infected
  4. Jermaine Hylton announced as Ross County player
  5. Fascinating wee insights into the fine balance of an individual and team and the role of chance that can lead to success or failure
  6. Was that for their previous game v Dundee Utd so expect it’ll be the same , unless clubs do some sort of mutual deal
  7. Seem to... https://ppv.kilmarnockfc.co.uk/events
  8. not sure what you mean by authorities, but your dig at government would indicate you include them, I’d argue it’s the football businesses, and the associations that have to be coming up with the solution, there’s no doubt a few hundred in lower league and junior grounds could be accommodated, that might help save some operations, but it’s football that needs to plan/ act not the government, who can only then review proposals, totally agree that enthusiasm is dwindling, No it isn’t, Is it? from your (and most football fans perspective it might seem like it) but it’s simply not the case. What other spectator sports are operating events with crowds? rugby? horse racing? motor racing? pro golf? athletics ? , swimming? Cycling? Marathons? Pro-Darts? moving away from sport what other events with crowds are operating? Concerts? Wedding? Funeral? Gala days? Religious gatherings? Clubbing? Festivals? im not aware of any quantity of event types with crowds that could suggest that football is being singled out. I’ve see attempts at comedy gigs with around 20 people or ‘drive in’ events that look shite I believe there is opportunity, for 2-300 , increasing to maybe 500, and maybe more, IF transmission rates drop again , and IF clubs , leagues, associations , each as groups and individual businesses put together detailed risk assessment and mitigation plans and detailed proposals of operating practices, but from what I can see , football isn’t doing any of that, seems quite happy to hide behind blame being pointed at government guidance, and for the top clubs , hundreds of fans , just doesn’t seem to interest them . shame as they really need to be putting long term plans together to deal with this pandemic, everything so far was panic firefighting
  9. And we humiliated the most successful club in the world ... twice bring it on! *some of the above is unsubstantiated
  10. ET FT 0-0 penalties to decide fate if it’s still an option
  11. Be a load of beer fans pishin themselves in Israel just now FT 2-2 full time fitness should carry us through, however...
  12. And then go 1-2 in 93rd minute, edit: and Hapoel Beer Sheva win tie in injury time, winners in Coleraine will face thm
  13. Hapoel Beer Sheva equalise in the final minutes 1-1 over there , into stoppage time
  14. Laci , have taken the lead 1-0 on 60 minutes in that game
  15. Good to see our, non- football staff, Club directors and special fans? , are out there reinforcing the untrustworthy image of football in a pandemic. I hope they get the message and get no where near the club transport home if it puts them in contact with the squad and football staff
  16. You should definitely get onto the government to shutdown supermarkets
  17. in all the usual, unofficial , places in mid August, and almost all said it would happen in September , still not been reported by either club , player or agent

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