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  1. I've not been able to get on Livi's site for around the past 2 hours. Given everything I'm reading - I might end up giving this a miss. That's 1 adult and 2 kids' money they're potentially losing out on.
  2. I genuinely don't know what our game plan is anytime I see us play. This is the first I've had a season ticket in about 11 years and I can honestly say I was bored today. How hard is it for a player to bring the ball down with their chest and pass? The number of times I've seen the back 3 panic and hoof it out or just head it anywhere is unbelievable. I hate sounding out a manager to be sacked, as I genuinely don't know who we can get in to replace him, but there is no football being played, no creativeness, no genuine style. Cadden is doing all his running defensively and your taking any threat out of his game. If I can see that, why can't Robbo and change it? I always said when I finished playing football myself I'd get me and my kids a season ticket. There were times today I wondered if I've done the wrong thing in getting one.
  3. Agree with the points you said there AL as well as Clancy having a bit more pace over Craigan for when he did make a mistake. Anyone else fear for an OG when Craigan came on last night?
  4. Delighted with the game last night. Couple of points, other than the ones before me. Clancy was a bit hot-cold I thought. Obviously his mistake will be highlighted, I thought he should have been off with his two footer in the 2nd half on Osbourne. It's one of those where I think it's a good tackle but players know the risk that they could get sent off. Oh and he also loves a diving header to clear the ball! How did Scott not get a red for the elbow on Hammell. I know when you jump you need leverage, but it seemed to be a straight forward decision. I suppose you could also say that the ref did well allowing 11v11 but the inconsistency is there as per. And Ojamaa's stepovers in the corner - superb!
  5. Kenzie

    Cup Final Tickets

    Obviously ST holders should have first choice - thats a given. However, people like me, who play on a saturday, and dont make every game, pay at the gate and go whenever possible. To reiterate, names will be stored from who attended the semi and Odense etc - could these be taken into account for the ballot. Would like to be encouraged by Sieb's post that if a well fan wants a ticket then they will get one - maybe im just looking at it half empty.
  6. I was under the impression if we lose the Cup final then the Euro spot is handed to the next place in the league - due to the poor performances of Div 1 teams who entered it.
  7. Weird. I bought a top on Thursday and didn't recieve a free top.
  8. I'ts fucking weird but when the ref made him retake I said to my dad he's putting this in the top bin! GET IN THERE!
  9. Kenzie

    Man Utd

    He is? Maybe he could have came along with Darren Fletcher. On your point anyway, isn't the Scotland team based in Loch Lomond?
  10. £20 from me as well.

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