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  1. My father, who has not long relocated to the south west of England and got a season ticket at Exeter, would concur with that. Chasing promotion they may be but apart from Nicky Law and one of their wide players, whose name escapes me, he isn't massively impressed and more often than not his post-match summary will be along the lines of "pish", "dire", "dross" and so on.
  2. Cowan will always have his place. I think it was Dunfermline we were 2-0 down to at half-time in one of the relegation battles of the mid-late eighties that Stevie had his starring role. There were a few games to go so it wasn't do or die but a win for the Pars would have put them in a strong position and us in real bother. I think Cowan got a double in the second half as we came back to win 3-2 and it seemed to knock the stuffing right out Dunfermline. We beat Morton, who were already pretty much doomed, the following week and didn't look back.
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  4. I'm not so sure the first part of that remains the issue it once was now League Cup has been rescheduled to run in July. We played our first League Cup game on 13th July this season, Aberdeen played their first European game on 11th July. We were playing friendlies in June. Your second point is absolutely valid however.
  5. I noticed that myself and you can actually expand on it too in relatively recent games. We also conceded within 5 minutes of the double change against Celtic in midweek and within 3 minutes of the change against Hamilton at the turn of the year. So that would be five games since 31st December we've conceded within 5 minutes of making a change. You can argue that the momentum was already with the opposition, it is coincidental, is just bad luck etc. but there must come a point where organisation, lack of awareness of intended shape and comes into play if that continues to be a trend. It should also be noted of course that the change at Ross County in introducing Ross MacIver had a positive outcome when he equalised within a few minutes of coming on, the kind of positive impact that Robinson's changes often seemed to have earlier in his reign.
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  8. I quite enjoyed them losing in a slightly gut wrenching manner if I'm honest. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
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    I don't know how used they are or aren't but I do think if they had the space one of boxes could be converted to a , how you would say, almost like a Motherwell daft weans bedroom to be more attractive to families for occasions like birthdays. Something a bit more homely and personal than the standard box. I have in my minds the walls with prints of scarves, team photos, players, pennants and the like on it. Maybe like the cloakroom having old shirts hanging on the hangers. You open the Motherwell curtains at the front of the box and then watch the game. If there's room have a screen with the live game on, that is linked up to a console for the weans to escape to. That kind of thing.
  11. Andy_P

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Your arse is making buttons to see how this trial goes isn't it? I wonder if your new found interest in assault cases will last any longer than your previous interest in legal matters when you were so desperate to take up the cudgels on behalf of the the Oldham player who accused Robinson of bullying.
  12. Andy_P

    2019-20 Rebuild

    It's perhaps not the way to develop the team at grass roots currently. It is fairly well documented that we are well off the pace compared to many of our peers in terms of the facilities available that play a part in actually recruiting and developing said Academy players, and indeed first team players for that matter. It has similarly also been well documented that it will be largely on the back off player trading that will enable such infrastructure to be built. The proceeds of Scott's sale I am certain aren't going to be sitting in an account to make the balance sheet look prettier.
  13. A fourth successive clean sheet from Gillespie and we'll take things from there...
  14. Fortunately much like fanzines when they came along, blogs the explosion of podcasts in recent times means there is a wealth of really good material on football be it Scottish, English, European or whatever that means you can skim over/ignore the output that doesn't take your fancy on radio or TV. I accept there is a desire for immediate discussion of a game and reaction from the key players following its conclusion that virtually no pod can provide but give it 24/48 hours and there's loads of stuff that will keep you occupied enough to ensure you won't feel too bad about missing Derek Ferguson's latest insight on what a great wee club Accies are.
  15. With the hindsight of seeing the Aberdeen result yesterday this wasn't too bad a weekend at all. Yeah, an opportunity missed perhaps but another game ticked off whilst Aberdeen and Hibs failed to gain any ground on us isn't bad. There are also the positives of the game time afforded to the likes of Illic (albeit I still remain to be convinced about what he offers at Premiership level) and the first start for MacIver who didn't look out of place. The experience will have done both a power of good. There were also a series of pretty good displays across the team and even Seedorf managed to get beyond his defender for the first time in a wee while. On the game I thought we were comfortably the better side and unfortunate not to win. There are days when pretty much everything you hit goes in and then there days like Saturday when every other shot seemed to be blocked when it looked to set to go in. The second half was both a worry and relatively pleasing at the same time. They had the clear cut chance that seemed to hit the post and go along the line before being hacked clear and one or two other moments where you wondered if the momentum might swing to them and they would capitalise on our failure to get in front, but credit to the team on each of those occasions they wrestled back the initiative on each occasion. I also thought Robinson got it largely right with his substitutions. You always hope that changes make a positive difference, but as we saw against Hamilton, that doesn't always happen. I thought Robinson got it right between trying to make a change to give Hibs a different problem but not being so overly bold as to leave us wide open chasing a winner. I've said it before already this season once or twice that I've seen us fail to win games we've played well in, and won games we've not played especially well in, and this was very much one of those.
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  18. Noticed in the weekly local rag over this side of the M8 Willie Kinniburgh is managing Airdrie junior side Gartcairn. Took up the position just before Christmas.
  19. On O'Hara, where he finished the game last night when Donnelly replaced is where he offers most. He's been filling in for Donnelly but whilst he can play there it isn't where he is most effective. But all things being equal he isn't going to be replacing Liam Polworth. What I will say for him is that despite losing quite a number of headers to his opposite number, and whilst not necessarily having a scintillating game, he didn't hide and continually made himself available for the ball; and when assuming Polworth's position after he went off injured made several runs that weren't picked up by his team-mates. No questioning his attitude or desire for me and perhaps a similar vein to Richard Tait last season just because he was playing left-back doesn't necessarily mean it's best position. On Seedorf, I think I posted something along the lines of this prior to Christmas, somewhere if not here, that he looks to have lost something by not being involved as frequently as he was at the start of the season. The wonderful goals at Palmerston, against Hibs and at Tynecastle feel a long time ago. He really does look like he's regressing rather than improving. It is has been said that Stephen Robinson prides himself on making players better. It will be interesting to see if he turn Sherwin's form around in the months ahead. On Hartley, he concerns me a good bit. I remember an incident at Dumbarton in the League Cup where he looked so far off the pace he looked done. For him to build on that, get back in the side and perform (largely) as well as he did deserved immense credit. But he seems to be at the stage of his career that it takes him longer and longer to be at his optimum level. And when something knocks him off kilter you are back to that cycle of taking however many games to get back to his peak again.
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  21. Hold your breath Dave (maybe) it's unreserved seating so that should in theory give you a degree more choice of seat.
  22. Andy_P

    2019-20 Rebuild

    By all accounts we have already adjusted more than minimally simply to avoid standing still. With the best will in the world I cannot foresee that budget being upped to match spending levels of perceived top six teams. The leap between our existing budget and that level would by no means be considered minimal.

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