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  1. Posted 07 December 2013 - 08:51 AM i heard a few tims got jumped on after the game on there way down to airbles station What part of jumed on by a group of Well fans is not the truth? And i suppose there was no damage to Accies stadium just the media with an anti-Motherwell agenda? But hey you know best don't you being such a legend and all. The best parts of your posts are the ones you post on the sevco forums. Hope you got your Christmas card from McCoist for being such a loyal supporter.
  2. Lots of claret & amber specs on here. Cries of what did the Well fan do whilst at the same time declaring the Celtic fan guilty as charged. Just coz some of their fans ripped up seats doesn't mean this guy was one of them. Him and the Well fan might of had a set to before or after the game & his arrest has nothing do to with the seats being destroyed. But according to some here he's guilty as sin but the Well fan is a victim of police corruption It was on this very thread someone took great delight in announcing some Celtic fans went home with sore faces after being jumped by a group of Well fans. Still going with no Well fans were involved in trouble and don't deserve to be arrested? Wasn't that long ago Well fans ripped up seats in Accies ground but that's conviently forgotten coz Well fans are all angels & don't get involved in trouble. Reminds me of when a ned gets killed crashing a stolen car & his family come out and say he was a wee angel & we'll just sweep the car theft part of the story under the carpet. Everyone who was involved in trouble at the match will get their comuppance irrespective of what colours they wear and to suggest it's a conspiracy against Well fans is simply bullshit. Unless of course you subscribe to the party line of Well fans are all angels and it's the opposition who have the troublemakers
  3. Nothing new about it but it seems this seaon that everytime we are winning it's squeaky bum time right up until the final whistle is blown.
  4. The 'hanging on' comes from our inablility to kill teams off. You kill the game then it doesnt matter how many kitchen sinks they throw you will see out the game comfortably. I don't think there has been a single game this season where we have been able to say well that's the game won before the final whistle.
  5. Great 3 points but let's not get carried away. By all accounts we were once again left hanging on praying for the full time whistle against what is probably the worst team in the league right now. So yeah a great 3 points but nothing about it makes me anymore confident about beating St Miren next week especially as our record against them is quite poor. Just hope the win gives them the little confidence boost they need to push on next week.
  6. Bit harsh to say the strikers have a point to prove. We could have Van Persie up front but if we have no one in midfield creating chances for him then he's not gonna score. Compared to Van Persie our strikers are pish poor so what chance have they got of scoring if we have no one supplying them with quality balls. The problem the team has is in the middle of the park we have no creativity, we are as slow as treacle and if we don't pass it sideways or backwards we inevitibly lose it. How many times have we lost a goal from a breakaway from one of our attacks but when we are trying to breakaway the opposition has time to have a cup of tea, a quick shag and still get back in time to defend our breakaway.
  7. Having an annual lotto to win a car isn't going to do anything to attract ex-pats to sign up.
  8. All i want for Christmas is a shot on target.
  9. If McCall kicks their arse & sends then out with a rocket up their arse and then the players proceed to go out & not try a leg and play with zero confidence how is that the manager's fault? What else can he do? He can't threaten to drop them as we have no one to replace them with. However what McCall has to do is work on his tactics and ffs after all this time please get a plan B for when plan A inevitably goes out the window when the opposition score. He got away with it previously as the team had the pace that worried other teams so plan A was generally good enough. I said away back at the Euro games the writing was on the wall when the team was crying out for someone with pace and McCall signed Lawson Lazy arsed players with no confidence and a manager with the tactical ability of a haddock is going to make for a long season. Just for the record i like McCall but i have never rated his ability to change a game when plan A is out and his insistence of playing players out of position so he can use his favourite 11 is insane. And don't get me started on his substitutions or lack thereof.
  10. Not even remotely surprised our goals for ended in 0. Not even surprised we had zero shot on goal. I said before the game i'd bite your arm off for a shot where their keeper actually has to make a save. If i was a manager i would be playing my reserve keeper against us to get some game time coz it's not like he's going to have much to do. Still amazed that folk on here actually thought we would score tonight. Zero goal threat against Albion Rovers but we will score against Celtic!! Seriously that's gone way beyond optimism and landed staight in delusional. The men in the white coats will be around to collect you presently.
  11. Of the 3 players you mention i think it was Vigurs for Law, Anier for Ojamaa & Aisnsworth for Humphrey. Are these players as good as the 3 they replaced? No they are not. Has it worked out as McCall hoped? No it's piss poor but you can see he did try to match like for like. Oh and don't suggest Lawson is a waste of a wage i suggested this way back in the Euro ties when he was already a bench player also stating we were already well catered for in his position and got lambasted for such a statement.
  12. Unfortunately we have more chance of getting some magic from Paul Daniels.
  13. Amazed that some people are predicting we will get beat something 1. Right now i'd bite your hand off for a shot on goal that their keeper has to actually save.
  14. Pretty much agree with everything already posted with the exception of the couple of posts saying play the youngsters as we are safe because of Hearts points deduction. Remember this year there is a play off which we would lose on current form. I don't believe we will have to worry about being involved in that but worth keeping in mind that you want to avoid bottom 2 not just bottom.

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