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  1. If new signing rumours are based in who Flow's following on Twitter then he's just started following Stuart Bannigan
  2. Whilst I appreciate the need for revenue I think the statement sends out the worst possible message to Well fans and Scottish football in general. We can't complain when the media and others put the 'Old Firm' on a pedestal when our club does it the second Rangers get into the top league. The amount of gloating h*ns on social media thinking they're now vital to the game is sickening. On a personal basis the fewer games against them at Fir Park the better. I don't want my 5 year old to hear the bigoted p1sh they come out with.
  3. He resigned as Vice chairman a couple of years ago but retained his directorship,now he's resigned as a director.
  4. I wondered about that as well but the Companies House record shows he resigned on the 1st Feb.
  5. Notice that Luke Watt is only on the bench for the U20's this afternoon, if fit you'd expect him to start.
  6. SNSPix has pictures from our first day of pre season training. Most intriguing is one of Marsh with the goalies, Dan, Ross Stewart, Max Currie and Brett Long. No Hollis or Neilsen.
  7. Moore, Erwin, Murray et al playing for the Under 20's today. So why couldn't they be on the bench yesterday?
  8. Murph does indeed get the No 11 shirt Jamiemurphy89 Jamie Murphy First day done! Good to see all the boys again it never changes! New number aswell this year! #number11
  9. Going by the Spurs website he's only 17 so presumably he's a youth team signing
  10. Do Motherwell FC own the ground and land though? I seem to remember hearing that when we went inti administration John Boyle transferred ownership of the ground to himself?
  11. The seven out of contract are Hollis, Craigan, Ross, Jones, Jeffers, Casagolda and Meechan I think? So Hollis and Crags to get new deals?
  12. The Express story is about John Rankin
  13. Anyone know which of our Under 19's took part in the SPL exist trials and won't be here next seasom?
  14. From Twitter: STVgerry Gerry McCulloch #motherwellfc sign USA striker Mike Grella from Leeds on loan till end of season

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