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  1. My good ladies brother drove Ainsworth to the station in his taxi. Heading back down south to see family. Seemed to love being up here and commented on how good everyone had been with him. Probably counts for fuck all but there you go.
  2. dosser1886


    Found this on YouTube in JD's after the game.
  3. Was done with Carswell after the Thistle game, was only on for a few minutes shit attitude and had a "mission accomplished" look about him when he got sent off.
  4. Exactly, he left us for money it didn't exactly work out but his bank balance must be looking good. Fuck him, old news and nothing to do with us anymore. Oh and much more importantly all the best to Josh and his good lady on their big day.
  5. dosser1886

    Baraclough Out

    That is a good point, one of my real concerns if we went down was that any "good feeling" would be lost and as a result season ticket sales and WellTrust membership would stall or even reduce.
  6. Well done Flow, excellent on Radio Scotland Sportsound tonight.
  7. I've read some shite on this forum over the years, but it usually gets a bit of balance with differing opinions. To a man/woman/three eyed frog they are losing the plot and just making shit up - fucking unbelievable. As entertaining as it was reading some of that I think that my IQ has dropped even further by looking at it.
  8. Rangers mate that I was talking to was saying that they were amazed to see Mohsni finally get something on target.
  9. Down by the hair a few rapid to his puss, old school.
  10. dosser1886

    Baraclough Out

    Mission accomplished for Bara by keeping us up, now we will be able to see how good he is given a full pre season. Really don't want to be in the same position next season.
  11. Strange how people see things differently, Laing did a hell of a lot of stupid things yesterday but could turn into a major asset for us if he stays and cuts out the mistakes.
  12. I was certain that we were going down when we found out that it was going to be Rangers in the playoffs. Never been more happy to be a mile out in my life.
  13. That is funny as fuck watching Bell trying to punch the ball for the 1st goal.
  14. It was nice to give them all a wave as they left.
  15. dosser1886


    I am never going to get sick of watching any of those video's fucking class. Hats of and total respect to all that went and the support that they gave all night. Wish I could have made it and been one of them. You make me proud to be a 'Well fan.
  16. Appreciate all the best wishes, no matter where they come from.
  17. For those that feel the need to get the boot in just now do you not think that you should maybe wait until after the playoffs? Until then, as the presenter at Fir Park says. Lets hear you get right behind the Well.
  18. Maybe a wee heads up that this would be the case for those setting up the Direct Debit could have prevented all of this and my paranoia cutting in.

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