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  1. Thanks for clearning this up, I'll phone Gavin tomorrow and hopefully that should be the end of it.
  2. Still awaiting confirmation whether the e-mail is dodgy or not, managed to get through to Motherwell FC today but the guy that it looks like it came from isn't in but will be back in tomorrow. I'll try again then to confirm. In the mean time forwarded the e-mail to the club for them to investigate. Hopefully just a really poorly drafted e-mail. Anyway back to the game, didn't get a ticket for tomorrow unfortunately. After my last visit not too gutted, but will be if we win obviously Like the rest on here getting a bit nervous/excited as the games get ever closer. Hopefully nice and tight after the first game to make Sunday do or die. All the best to those going tomorrow.
  3. Hopefully I'm wrong but in the present situation and the standard of the e-mail it is not an unreasonable assumption. Anyway will find out for definite in the morning. Good idea about not sending my details, never though of that.
  4. Not sure what you are on about, what difference does it make now at least other Dossers are aware and know what to look for. Admins can leave as is, unless you fancy the job?, not your decision to make.
  5. Checked the headers and they look ok, still think it's a scam though.
  6. Work in IT so yes I am paranoid about security - with good reason. Well aware of the abilty to spoof e-mails, just takes some well crafted malware or trojan to be downloaded, not exactly as difficult as you are making out. Going to contact the club in the morning in the meantime I would advise everyone to hold fire on responding to an e-mail like this until I get confirmation from the club thatit is legit.
  7. Nah the more I read it the more dodgy it looks. Hi there, We have received your pledge to The Well Society. Many thanks for deciding to contribute at this time. Your contributions will be totalled and you will be entitled to benefits under the new structure. Please note that the new structure takes effect unless you are an existing member under the old structure and have paid your renewal payment for 2015. In the mean time, if you could provide me with details of your address, phone number(s), DOB along with any other information you feel is relevant for our records and for the sake of correspondence and issue of documents. If you are an existing member, we would appreciate if you please provide your membership number in order to update your file Your contribution is invaluable at this important time for both the club. Gavin Maclure The Well Society Motherwell Football Club Fir Park Stadium Firpark Street Motherwell ML1 2QN Tel: 01698 333333 Direct Dial: 01698 338006 Email:[email protected] Web: www.motherwellfc.co.uk Like us on Facebook facebook.com/MotherwellFC Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/MotherwellFC
  8. Got an e-mail from what looks like a legit motherwellfc e-mail address after signing up for the Direct Debit a couple of days ago. Looking for confirmation of address, phone number, DOB & Well Society membership number. Is this legit or is some dude coming the cunt?
  9. When did we start doing polls for friendlies?
  10. Nah it was a proper bit of old school setting about each other a few punches to the head then the boot going in while on the deck.. Happened in front of the church at the corner. Anyway sounds like you saw something different.
  11. Never though I would say it but Straker by a mile.
  12. Drove past JD's after the game and saw a guy with a walking stick fighting with some dude then a few others getting involved. Anyone know /see anything about it?
  13. Baraclough was sitting there like a spare prick, didn't have the look of someone particulary happy to be there or that could understand why he was there. A bit like us wondering why he was there, he would have been better off not attending and working with the team to get his tactics right for once and get the team up for what is to come. Maybe the conversation should have veered off for a bit to ask him some questions as I don't think that we will ever get that opportunity. By fuck someone needs to start asking him some hard questions.
  14. I was there last night and while it might sound bad from what some have said it didn't come across to me in that way. He could have sugar coated the reply and come out with some bullshit but what else do want him to say. As with everything in life if you can't afford it you don't buy it. I guess that he hasn't managed to make a few million quid in his business life by beating about the bush.
  15. Was going to ask about the managers contract during the Q&A, not sure why I didn't. Maybe didn't want to add to the negativity that is already about the place with the playoffs coming up.
  16. My summary, We are/were/always going to be in deep shit financially, no real surpise. Need around 2000 Welltrust Members paying in by monthly direct debit to demonstrate to Les etc that we are serious about wanting to keep our club going. Doesn't see himself as the owner but just facilitating our transition to fan ownership. (We knew that anyway) Has sunk a decent wedge into the club (around £1Mil) already but expects to get it back eventually sees it as an interest free loan. Contract negotiations with players are ongoing but don't want to distract players by going into it too much at the moment. Didn't want the manager to get a hard time so didn't allow him to take any questions. (Fuck knows what the point of him being there was then) Slight but not massive reduction in player budget. Season ticket prices unchanged, Tam Cowan finally found out that the dude sitting next to him for 5 years is from Germany and a friend of Dirk Lehmann. Anything else I missed?
  17. Thought that it was a good enough night well hosted by Tam Cowan. Not sure what the point of the manager being there was if he wasn't going to be allowed by Les to answer any questions.
  18. Chat around this is all over different threads. Started this to try and keep it coherent and in the same place.
  19. dosser1886

    Baraclough Out

    After listening to yet another post match interview with his usual pish. He can fuck right off. You usually expect a bit of a bounce when a manager comes in but this hasn't happened. Managerially and technically he has improved nothing for all of his pish about improving coaching techniques, fitness and positive thinking the same basic crap has been happening on the park game after game, defensively especially we are no better than when he arrived. You would hope that when you are constantly shipping goals he would at least have made us harder to beat. He has been better supported financially that any manager has for a long time and just about all of his signings have improved nothing. We seem to like managers who are aware of the lower leagues in England but only if they know what they are doing and have a real eye for a player.
  20. Seen absolutely nothing this season that makes me feel that this bunch, including the manager, have the bottle or ability to win the playoff against whoever we get. Fan numbers and allocations are the least of our worries.
  21. McDonald, class above tonight.

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