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  1. From twitter - there were mixed messages in the replies to say if it worked so may or may not still work come the weekend
  2. My son's just shown me a post from social media suggesting the new kit will be on show at 5pm. Not sure how genuine it is but he seems to think it's legit.
  3. Ha! Trafficlight with a rating of -1,000,000 Wasn’t on here much around then so don’t know what happened there but know he has a reputation
  4. Speaking of tickets: due to a change of plan, myself and my son can no longer make it to the game. I'm looking to sell on my 2 match tickets (1 adult, 1 juvenile) and 2 official bus tickets. £40 for the lot. Let me know if anyone fancies taking them off my hands. I'm putting it on here for a bit then I'll try social media of there are no takers.
  5. I did notice that the Oxford manager had a bit of a go at Cadden’s agent in the official statement. Surely that’s going to burn some bridges.
  6. Because it would just look as petty as the conspiracy theorists from Glasgow . Just putting it out there so all the fans can join in on the seige mentality of 'no-one likes us, we don't care' is not MFC media's style. That said, I've no doubt it will be mentioned by management or players in the future when there's talk of poor decisions against certain teams.
  7. It was literally men against boys. You need to take a step back, take a deep breath and come back to the real world. This isn't a computer game or a tv show.
  8. scoojy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Mind Chris Porter had one leg longer than the other and, therefore, was pish!
  9. scoojy

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Perhaps Turnbull just has the confidence, as Faddy did, that he will get his move no matter how long his contract has to run therefore getting the club the biggest fee possible.
  10. Craig Clay wins POTY & Players' POTY for Leyton Orient
  11. Surely the correct decision, in your eyes, would be a corner? No penalty, no goal kick, corner?
  12. Mentioned it today at half time - Ball in the air, Turnbull in the middle of his own half, scans over his shoulders, takes half a step back and pulls the ball out of the sky and has 20 yards of space to decide what he wants to do with the it. If that had been Aldred, Dunne, even Campbell they would have stuck the head on it and sent it 20 yards up the pitch but not Turnbull. Absolute class.
  13. Prize money just been officially announced apparently SPFL announce breakdown of prize money for this season. Premiership 1st £3,350,000 2nd £2,400,000 3rd £2,062,500 4th £1,812,500 5th £1,687,500 6th £1,562,500 7th £1,437,500 8th £1,375,000 9th £1,312,500 10th £1,250,000 11th £1,187,500 12th £1,125,000

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