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  1. Given we haggled over Carson coming here for literally a few grand I can't imagine we are paying very much for Kelly.
  2. coylealan

    Signed Shirt

    Hi Folks I picked up this signed shirt recently, can anyone identify all the sigs on it, I know some are obvious but just so I know them all. A
  3. Does anyone know what game will be on in the Cooper pre-match?
  4. Any Well fans travelling from Cumbernauld or surrounding areas help me out with a lift to the game tomorrow?
  5. Don't know whether I should take the plunge and get a ST for the Cooper stand tomorrow.
  6. Yeah, got my train tickets through yesterday, managed to rope my brother into making the trip as well
  7. coylealan


    He was 1/10 with one firm earlier in the day, now 2/1 if that means anything. My link
  8. Don't think I've ever felt so proud of the team than I do today, would encourage me to come back and get a ticket for next year, really would.
  9. coylealan


    Seen the club have a deal on the Hospitality for the Aberdeen games, anyone been in the Centenary for a hospitality package? Was wondering what kind of menu they do and if it was good??
  10. Anyone getting tickets for Tynecastle on Saturday, was hoping to save £6 if someone can get me two lol
  11. Can someone confirm the remaining words for me: I made out... Humphrey, Oh Chrissy Humphrey but couldn't make out the other ones...
  12. It certainly felt as though we had plenty of spells in the game. I can't say Celtic outsang Motherwell, we clearly won that contest, Celtic fans only really came out their shell after each goal and the occasional huddle. I think what got me as the game unfolded was the fact Sutton was out on his own continually, though it didn't come as suprise to me. I had hoped he would change things sooner but we may have ended up conceding again if Jeffers had come on earlier. When it's all said and done i can see what the gaffer was trying to achieve, nick a goal and take it from there but even with Celtic playing within themselves, they still took 3 off us, and I knew before the game we would probably need 2 to win, I think that's where McCall got it wrong. You can't win a game without scoring and I thought the first two goals we lost, coming from professional players, were just a lack of concentration, especially the first, and you can't really afford to make mistakes when you're operating in a Scottish Cup Final.
  13. You always like to be optimistic before such a big game, the reality is, as the players should know, when the whistle goes, your emotions, feelings, thoughts and dreams can go out of the window. The truth is you can't go out and imagine what it would be like to win the game, you have to go out and play to win the game, for 90 minutes, extra time and penalties, because when it's all been said and done, if the players haven't given everything they have in a positive spirit, we probably won't win. To beat the OF, especially in a game like this, you need 110% minimum, 120% as a guideline to go with. It also requires mental discipline. If games were talked about, we might have won by now. It's great to imagine a win, it's harder to win. I don't know if I would play Maurice Ross after the Rangers game but I'm sure whoever plays tomorrow will show their steel and determination. 1-0 or 2-1 for me, maybe after AET, Sutton or Jeffers for first goal. Probably need a swift drink before I take my seat in the singing section. Wherever you are supporting Motherwell, the best to you and to the players. Just imagine if we won this... (x it by 1000) and punch the air...
  14. Horseshoe in Glasgow for me (if i get a ticket lol)!
  15. Anyone know anywhere I can get my hands on the old fluroscent yellow and black top we had in 1998-2000, I've had a wee look on those Classic Football shirt websites but have had no luck, they don't make em like they used to!

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