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    Faddy said it in a piece that was in the sun last year when andy devlin interviewed him for some scotland thing i think. So he has gone on record for saying he wants to come back to motherwell, but it wouldnt surprise me if he doesn't and he ends his career with one of the OF
  2. Humph couldn't even deliver a pizza let alone a decent cross
  3. My best memory of Craggs is any time one of his Baresi-esque long balls leads to a goal!
  4. Im not really worried just now about it, The only reason i called yesterday was because i was told i would get it last week. I just do that and go into the ticket office with my mandate because its me and my brother and my mate who all sit together and not one of us have got anything yet. The ticket office do a good job i remember earlier last season i lost my season ticket, so i went to the ticket office and was told for a tenner they would print me out a new one and when i went in the women was really helpful and just made me a new one and didn't charge me.
  5. I called the ticket office 2 weeks ago and they told me that it would be with me last week. I called again yesterday and the women told me that "because i pay with a DD then it takes longer to process my season ticket and they will be getting sent out soon" I dont believe what she said, it sounded like a lie. After a chaotic ending to the season it's not making the beginning of this season any easier
  6. Still waiting, have been since the 25th of May
  7. I dont think Saunders will play for Scotland again while that speckie fuck is in charge, i still dont know why he got called up against the Faroes. Not that he's not a good player but just levein doesn't seem to like our players unless they have dundee utd connections. This signing of Nicky Law is i think one of the best the club have made. I seen a few of his games for Rotherham and he has some level of skill that will make him a star up here! I just hope he stays with us and then if he wants to move he goes to England and not the ugly sisters
  8. Did i hear someone say we need a good backup striker? I heard this guys not got a club, is meant to be a goalscoring machine!
  9. I would totally love a Motherwell theme nightclub! Dougie Arnott pulling the pints it would be amazing. Sadly it would probibly only me who would go to said nightclub At least i could always crash at the hotel though
  10. When did you put your order in postie? it might just be the time it was put into the club at
  11. I see what your saying Ladywell and your 100% right, the club was soooo busy with final tickets that everything was put in the backburner. What i just dont understand is that some tickets were issued out weeks ago (people on here have been saying about their tickets) and then nothing has happened since then. As long as i get my ticket in before the first game im happy
  12. I called the other day and they told me that the tickets would be sent out this week at some point. The point about the 3rd payment is confusing because i sent my standing order form in late this year and had a payment taken on the 26th of May, then one on the 10th of June and another one is coming off on the 10th of this month. Well i was told it was the 10th of every month, if thats the case i should have mine next week at some point? I think its run really poorly this season
  13. :huh:It would be good if i had my season ticket in yet.....still waiting for it
  14. I would invest about 10 million in the club, then raid England for a lot of footballers who used to be good but are rubbish now. I'll spend thousands of pounds on wages for goalies who are about 40 and were out of their prime 5 years before I will buy strikers who have scored a max of 5 goals for their previous clubs and then take them to court about loans they didn't pay back. I will do a lot for the community and fans and gain praise in the SFA for my work to get a bigger crowd. But then it'll all go pear-shaped and i will be forced to release 22 players and put the club into administration then noone will buy the club so i will stable the club, then progressively make the wage bill lower and lower every season!
  15. Already done http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_Junior_Cup#Sponsorship Emirates Airline sponsor the Scottish Junior Cup we're sponsored by Cash Converters and they sponsor a Junior Cup
  16. That and in his first 11 he took Las out
  17. I heard that the deciding thing in Zaine signing was that SM gave him a fiver to spend at Wimpy but didn't know the one up the cross got closed down so theirs only one left down the park but noone at MFC knows about it
  18. I love the Football Rumours website 29 Jun 2011 23:22:22 Motherwell to re-sign Yassin Moutaouakil and Chris Porter. McFadden also to return on 6 month deal to regain fitness after injury.
  19. See i thought Law was coming in to play on the left wing? well thats what i got the indication off because he played mostly on the left wing for Rotherham
  20. Well you could look at it like that but thats not what i mean. Nacho has been soooooo pro Rangers his whole life and thats fine and i dont mind being a stepping stone/next stop in a players career that has ties to either of the Old Firm. I just wont feel right cheering for him against say Rangers. I would be going "he's not going to give 100% in this game" Players like Kevin McBride and Jim O'Brien and Rosco played with the OF but they werent as massive players for one of them like Novo is apart from maybe Malcolm. It's just me talking pish i mean this is coming from the guy who said he wasn't happy with the signing of Randolph when we first signed him haha
  21. Yeah he would be a good player for us, i just dont like all the baggae that comes with it. Ive already got Selic fans in my work saying "well he can go to the h**s of Lanarkshire" but that's a different conversation i guess.
  22. I hate Nacho Novo, it would be a terrible move for us if we signed him
  23. I agree with Busta Nut, moving from the Stadium is to much for me, We fear change, i still cant get over that they got rid of the curry pies from years ago and replaced them with the healthy option of a bag of mini oreos.
  24. http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=450&fid=215&sty=2&act=1&mid=2117110751 Here's a link to the Rotherham fan board where their talking about the whole Nicky Law tweet thing, Makes a quite interesting read

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