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  1. I've got 2 tickets available not seated together though, anyone still looking?
  2. Needing 4 tickets, will take them separate/together, singles, pairs anything at all, went down to the Ticket office today to find the allocation had been returned, gutted.
  3. The keepers had a 'mare for his goal.
  4. Impressive, a negative/hate Motherwell parody account on here.
  5. Yeah me too and me either but I think attaching that to the drum isnt right either. Daft wee boys and lazy Police, no? With the drum and east stand young boys comes attention seeking wee hanger on types.
  6. The SI stigma rolls on, plus attaching themselves to "the drum" boring beyond belief. If that has happened its wrong but the big tarring brush doesn't help anyone.
  7. when is the Celtic game at FP might take a trip up?
  8. The majority of Motherwell fans wanted him to sign. Myself included.
  9. What did he do wrong out of curiosity?
  10. We'll twitters just exploded with Motherwell youths greetin. Heres a wee warning it could and has been a LOT worse than that. The shape never changed once they went a man down. The attacking was toothless and lazy. ZFA had yet another poor game. Bob McHughs a waste of a sub. Disappointing night all round. Roll on Sunday. Carswell, Hutchy, McMannus and Las all pass marks.
  11. Ha ha brilliant. Could you imagine having 60000 instead of 4-6000 fans though oft!
  12. that the European tour cancelled for this round anyway
  13. Lasley might not be the quickest but his work rate is second to none and although hes maybe not shouting and steaming in head first hes only second to big Hutchy on the hardy/take no prisioners side of the game.
  14. Think its the green rolex ones hes been rattlin
  15. Tops all over the place... Not a fan of white shorts Socks are smart its all a bit mixed up. It'll still be bought though ha
  16. Well lets all remember get you currency form CC for the CL away leg and your summer holidays too! Usually the best rates about which help too... MOAN THE CASH CONVERTERS!
  17. Naebody bothered about this draw today then? In recent year this draw would have had this place buzzin'
  18. This might already have been said earlier but for me It could be claret and amber polka dot. if its a motherwell top I'll buy it regardless...
  19. Would have prefered it with a collar and either the shorts or the socks in the blue/green colour... I'll still end up buying it though
  20. We've obviously got more money than sense just now. Were a bawhair away from the Shed being blow away with the next crappy weather, the roofs got more holes than a tea bag that and were getting a Reading Garden... I can just see Hutchy perched out there with his Dandy Annual...
  21. Steviereidml1

    Vs Hearts

    Looking forward to this even more now. This seasons been great so far hope it continues on.

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