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  1. Doesn't look like it, us paupers need to listen to the wireless lol!
  2. Accies win, all it will take is a note to their players and they'll realise that we're pish lol!
  3. That note that Brian Rice sent on to Gogic in that Accies game has ended our season! Wonder what it said?!
  4. £60 a year to listen to games I can't make it to? Sportsound it is then, I'm skint!
  5. Cheers, guess we're stuck with Radio Scotland, mon the 'Well!
  6. Any working links? I've only just tried but I can't see anything that works on the usual sites!?
  7. I'm hoping that David is anxious to pull on the Motherwell jersey next season! All the hype he'll get now will attract the attention of the kind of clubs ie. continental teams like Madrid, PSG etc. that would suit his style and then the bidding war can start, happy outcome for all concerned. Fuck going to Celtic, what a waste!
  8. Gorrin for me, thought he looked like a spanish Jack Leitch at first but he's growing into the role.
  9. Who cares, as long as he is a safe pair of Hans!
  10. Looked like frear got there 1st then took the hit! Unreal.
  11. Any links to watch the game? I can see it listed on vipbox but I can't get past the ads coz I'm on my phone.
  12. Heard she was away to celtic reserves!
  13. Dicky Tait couldnae tackle a fish supper!!
  14. You must sit next to Tam Cowan wae that patter!
  15. Not seen the replay yet but I thought there was a coin chucked at him after taking a corner?
  16. Thought that too till I watched Ayr v Dundee, Hearts game etc. on youtube!
  17. Is this why there are very little of the highlights now, I'm no too keen on this Story of the Match cop out!
  18. Aye, and the upper tier so we don't get "rained on" again!!!
  19. Beaten to it, thought I had jinxed it there too!!
  20. Mixlr is decent tonight, don't know how to link it to here though!
  21. Who's going to wear the Steelman outtfit noo!?
  22. Vintage Stevie Hammell tonight! Best he's played for years.

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